Tuesday, March 29, 2022


 This week we had planned on going on a few day trips, as Stew is home on holiday.

He's got so much holiday time accrued, he had to take several weeks off, scattered over the next few months.

So.  We WERE going to go somewhere today and tomorrow.  But seriously, there is nowhere we want to go right now that we've not been to before.

So we are not going away.

Maybe in April we will try to go away for a week long break... thinking of the South Island now.

So what to do?

ABOVE: Simple.  Get our back lawn done and dusted.  It is totally DEAD now.

We will turn it over today, and get new soil for it tomorrow all going well.

ABOVE:  New hydrangea cuttings.   Oh I hope they grow!  They are ones that produce BIG old fashioned blue ones.  Big round flowers, not the flat tops so many people favour now days.

The little one I brought back from New Plymouth is growing well, so all going well it will be in the garden in a couple of years, along with those ones above.

ABOVE:  Stew would totally agree with this!  😂😅😋

Right, let's start the day.

12 noon:  And we have been out to Mitre 10 to buy a new metal rake, and ended up also buying a new line trimmer/blower.
We seem to go through them about every 2-3 years!

ABOVE:  Now Stew is turning over the back yard in earnest.

And I've chipped a bit more of the asphalt away.

I'm very relieved we didn't go away, as we are now expecting an unexpected visitor.
Very excited to see him again.

ABOVE:  And there he is.  My Brother In Law, Richard.
He's been living and working overseas (Primarily Indonesia and Western Australia) for years.
He's home for an extended period of time now, as he's secured a job in Pukekohe.
His family (wife and two teenagers) are still in Indonesia, but will visit regularly.

I'm thrilled to bits, it means I get to see him more often now.

Last time I saw him was October 2020 while I was in Australia.

He has now left to visit other family, and we have knocked off for the day.  It has become rather hot outside now.
Stew got all the back yard turned over, so tomorrow we will work on raking and getting top soil on it all going well.

8.30 pm:  And that's today done and dusted.
We got some of the yard work done, and will continue with it tomorrow.
The really hard work (turning over the lawn) is done at least.

It's been a hot day, like summer having a last laugh really.  I want winter to be here now.

Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. I need to send that I was thinking thing to my Dad lol

  2. Surely there are places to go? We can't wait to explore every part of the country when we get our motorhome. We had a brilliant time down your way last week... the Arapuni Swing Bridge is amazing and all along the Lake Karapiro is stunning. We were scouting out future camping spots. I think a South Island holiday would be fantastic for you but don't try to do too many areas in one go.

  3. I don't understand why people go for the fancy hydrangeas. Give me the good old fashioned ones any day.

  4. Do whatever you want to do chick some people's opinions are their own end of story. Good thing you didn't go anywhere lovely catching up with family 💙💙

  5. Your hydrangea are looking nice healthy shoots. Your lawn works sounds a big job. I wont offer to swap cause this shifting capper is getting bigger by the day instead of seeing an end to it.

  6. Kiwionholidays11:53 PM

    Fabulous you were home for your nice surprise.
    More memories to make as the days go by

    Take care
    Cheers 🥂

  7. Enjoy your staycation with Stew. Good luck with the plants and the grass. Have a fun week.


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