Monday, March 07, 2022


 Right.  The start of a new week.

Stew would usually be heading back into the office today, but as he's stuck here with me, he's still working in the dining area.

I asked him to bring in the screen, so when I'm moving about the house, his co-workers can't see me on their ZOOM meetings in the background.

ABOVE:  That should work.  I can stay in me nightie now if I want to. 😋😊😉

ABOVE: Does anyone remember this quilt top?

It's been 'on the go' for about 5 years now.  I simply can't get it's dimensions right.  It keeps coming out far too long for any bed.

So.  While I'm restricted in what I can do physically due to exhaustion, I'm gunna sit and unpick most of it and start again.

It actually started life meaning to be a table cloth!  But I got ambitious and made it bigger and bigger.  DOH.

Now I think it might end up as runners!  I do runners best.

So, let's see how much I can unpick today eh?

1 pm:  A pretty late update I'm afraid.

I stayed in bed until around 9.30 this morning.  I simply didn't have the energy to get up.

Then once I got up I headed straight into the sewing room and got to work on that quilt top.

ABOVE:  Here I have 7 runners ready to be put together with batting and backing fabric, and quilted.

ABOVE:  Another 3 ready for the same treatment.

ABOVE:  A small pile of 'scraps' that will probably become coasters?

ABOVE: And then there's this 'central' piece.  I'm not sure if I should cut it up into 5 runners, or leave it as is, and call it a small quilt or table cloth?


Right now though, I've run out of energy.  Actually feel shaky so will rest for the remainder of the afternoon.

Lunch next I reckon.

Well... lunch today was ice cream.  Cos that's all I felt like, and it slipped down me throat easily.

I just got an email from the Concrete Company, and they are coming to start working on the driveway in 3 weeks.  

I said to Stew last night, every job that has been done here over the past 6 months has gone wrong somehow.

The painters did a very average job, the Carpet Company dicked us around and then the driveway company from hell.

I told him I was really NERVOUS that something would go wrong with the concrete driveway too.

But he reminded me, things happen in THREE'S, and we've had our three already.

So... let's be totally confident that 'G' can and does do an amazing job on our driveway.

We have seen a driveway he did a couple of weeks ago, just down the road from here, and it's GORGEOUS!  Utterly faultless.  So, high hopes he does an amazing job here too.

4.35 pm: Starting to have an issue with a neighbour.  They are burning rubbish in their BBQ late in the afternoon, early evening.  Seems like 2-3 times a week at the moment.

They have started doing this in the past month or so, not before then though.

It is SO ANNOYING, as it invariably means it wafts all over our clean washing, and into the house via open windows and doors.

Stew and I just rushed outside to get the washing in, and close all the windows, AGAIN.

Might like to point out there is a TOTAL fire ban right now. Obviously that does not mean for BBQ's... for MEALS.   

I doubt you are supposed to be burning RUBBISH, even in your bloody BBQ!

So, I've sent her a text, just asking her to let us know before she burns rubbish, so we can get our washing in.  

I wonder if she will reply?

Yeah, the reply was he was doing a BBQ.  Yeah right.  Burn the rubbish FIRST, then cook a BBQ... cos we said something.

Not impressed.  But she did apologise and said she would give us warning next time so we could get our washing in.

I'm not in the mood to be dicked around with right now.

Stew and I had some lovely Chinese for dinner tonight.  Bex went and got it for us and delivered it to our door. 

She's done like 3? or 4? trips for us already since we had to isolate.  Now she's also fetching and carrying for Lacy!

I will owe her a huge hug as soon as I'm Covid free.  

8.49 pm:  And that's a wrap on the day.  We are doing good... thanks to good food, helpful family, Netflix and PANADOL.

Lots of Panadol.


  1. Sometimes it is fun to take something apart that didn't work out and make it into something different :)

  2. Good morning. Aside from fatigue, I hope you are feeling better and that the painful things like sore throat have gone away. The quilt will make great runners or placemats. Nautical themes should be great.

  3. I have been blurring my background due to working in the kitchen. I finally got an office so didn’t have to, hubby walked in during a meeting, bent over and used the printer, all of a sudden there’s a bum (he was wearing pants) in my meeting, I quickly turn the camera off, my co-workers are trying not to laugh and hubby realises and is mortified. When I turn the camera back on I’m red faced for the rest of the meeting. I have moved the printer.

    1. Be thankful he was wearing pants 😂😂😂

  4. I remember that quilt top!
    As you work at unpicking it new ideas will come to you.
    Have a good day

  5. Water proof backing to make a picnic rug for you day trips to the beach etc?

  6. I vote for small quilt it table cloth. What you have done looks great

  7. Oh kewl so does that mean working men in the driveway to perv on...ops I mean that's awesome 👌 hope they do an amazing job 😀 😅😂

    #TheAwesomnessInTheStudio 😂💙

    1. Anonymous4:17 PM

      Haha! I hope they’re hot for your sake! oh and do an amazing job

    2. I think you mean “supervise” Lacy. Someone needs to make sure they do a good job 😁

    3. Haha thanks ladies 😂😀


  8. Leeann4:17 PM

    So glad you said you have seen the concreters work and it's good! That's a relief. Happy you are feeling better too, but don't work yourself till you feel shaky again. Do you have an oximeter? I just bought one in case I get covid. Did your Dr give you any special instructions because of diabetes? My husband has diabetes and I worry about us catching covid because of that. We are 3x vaxed though so hoping will be ok.

    1. My phone has an app called Samsung Health, and I can test my Oxygen Levels, Heart Rate and so on with it. I'm fine. No special instructions from the Doctor at all, just to ring if I feel worse.


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