Monday, March 14, 2022


 I've been 'sick' for two weeks now.

It didn't affect my appetite at all, in fact I felt quite hungry the whole time.

And I craved sweet stuff more than usual.

I ate HEAPS.

I was a bit scared to get on the scales, but did so yesterday morning.

LOST 2.6 kilos!

Like how the hell does that happen when all you do is eat and lie around acting like ya dying?

I don't suppose I should complain.  It could have easily gone the other way!

ABOVE:  So how do I feel two weeks down the track from contracting Covid?
Still very easily tired.
Mild headache, non stop.
Still got the cough.
Still a bit snotty.
Still got sore eyes.
But all are LESS than they were.

I had thought of going on an FBG 20/20 walk tomorrow morning.  But maybe not.  Something tells me it's still too early to be thinking along those lines.  Bugger.

So.  Stew is working from home this week, even though we are not in Isolation anymore.

He's still well.  That is beyond amazing to me.

My plan for today is to potter in the sewing room.  I've got 8 runners to make.

Catch ya later.

I just made Stew take another RAT.  Cos you know, someone can be asymptomatic and still have it right?

So, here's hoping he stays that way.

It's another glorious early Autumn day... still hot as hell out there.

Any thoughts of chipping asphalt are gone.
Any thoughts of sewing right now are gone too.

I got bugger all sleep last night and feel like shit.

Talk about a friggin boring blog lately!  Sorry for moaning so much.  Sorry it's not full of sunshine and roses.  

12.10 am:  And I've finally DONE something today.  I hung out two loads of washing, and have two more to go.
I also tidied up the back door area, it was looking decidedly shabby.  More like the 'dumping ground' than anything else.
I might get some pots around there to make it look nicer eventually.

Stew is busy working away in the dining area.  And I'm now eating chocolate mousse and fruit.
Cos it does down easily.  Still got a sore throat!

ABOVE:  Something I live by.  Also add Your political views.  Your religious views. 
Though I do have a few things to say on our politics.  
But not here.

ABOVE:  I Soooooo want to make this.
But (😦😣😟)   ... I have so much else to finish first.  

I tried to have a nap this afternoon.  Ha ha ha!  Fat chance.  But I felt like lying there was better than nothing.
Just taking it one day at a time, hoping that every day I feel a bit better.
I think I'm in for a longer recovery than some.  

Lacy is doing well.

Mike and Joyce are too... thank goodness.  Joyce is almost back to 'normal', and Mike isn't too bad.  Sounds like he will be all good by the end of the week!

Tonight I am going to drag Stew out for a 10/10 with me... as soon as it's cooled down a bit.  Right now it's bloody diabolical out there.  NO wind to speak of, and stinking hot.

I have to start somewhere.  This lying around doing nothing is doing my head in.  Small steps must help eh?

*snort*.  We didn't go for a walk.  We ate puddings instead. We are such a worry!
Now... watching some telly before bed.
Fingers crossed for a decent night's sleep tonight!


  1. Great news Chris and Take It Easy. For Ages!
    We don't care if you only post pictures of your feet from your chair for the next few weeks, as you recuperate!
    Christine in Wellington

  2. Your eyes are still a tiny bit red around the edges - but thankfully you look much better!
    That emoji truly captures your look and personality. So cute!
    Congratulations , not for the loss per say, but for getting on the scale in the first place. Something I am hesitant to do at the moment!

  3. Hope by end of week u r on the mend...takes a lot to knock u down take is slowly coming back up

  4. Anonymous9:12 AM

    Yes, you look better, not well, I can still see it in your eyes. Rest as much as you need to, that is all that matters now. Have you tried pedialyte or gatorade to replace your electrolytes? I like the mixed berry flavor. might help with the headache. Keep on keeping on, you're almost to the homestretch. XO Ky Girl

  5. You look a lot better Chris!

  6. Continued hugs and healing wishes for you and Lacy.

  7. Anonymous12:18 PM

    Just rest Chris, don't make come over there.
    Trish from Oz.

  8. Please keep taking it easy and taking good care of yourself.

  9. Your blog is never boring. It's real. And if real is sitting around GETTING BETTER so be it.

  10. Anonymous1:47 PM

    Chris. Your blog is never boring and we all care about ya see! I love love that quilt. One day. Try Suduko on your phone. Kept me occupied when I couldn't do much. Kj

  11. Everyone around me has covid. My daughter, her husband and one of the kids and also Stu. They boys were staying with us and I've been around everyone but I am still negative. It seems quite common too, I have friends whose partners have remained negative. I'm sure my positive test will come soon though!

  12. That quilt is amazing. If the things you need to finish aren't bringing you joy, set them aside and make the quilt. Life is too short.

  13. Anonymous3:35 PM

    Oh wow, that quilt is gorgeous! 😍

  14. You would rock a quilt similar to that!
    Your blog isn't boring. It's fun because it is EVERY day. So whatever you are up to that day - that's it. In sickness or in health....

  15. Put your feet up and take it easy!! You've gotta look after yourself!!
    Start crocheting again... armchair stuff 💕

  16. Hope you are back to your old self soon!

  17. Good news that the rest of the family is managing with Covid. Hope you are back to yourself shortly. Take care.


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