Monday, March 28, 2022


 DENTIST ... today.


That is all.

ABOVE:  Garden Place this morning.  Deserted.

ABOVE:  Waiting to go into the Dentists.  Last time I was there he said I had one BIG cavity and one small one.  He also said I needed to get the tooth that had a failed root canal done on it 3 years ago pulled out.

I didn't get it done.
I freaked out at the very thought, so cancelled the Oral Surgeon appointment.

Today.  Well the dentist decided I still needed that tooth pulled out, as he's QUITE SURE it is that tooth that is causing me pain, and the constant HEADACHES.

AND he's not even sure I have a big cavity beside the 'root canal' tooth!  He can't see it properly.
That's why he wants the tooth pulled out as well.  *sigh*

He didn't want to touch me today, he  has referred me to the Hospital, so I can be (hopefully), put the sleep and get the tooth pulled and the filling (s) done all in one foul hit.

That's because of my irrational, but very real to me, fear.

I had horrible diarrhoea this morning, and felt like throwing up, coupled with chest pains. All down to anxiety of course. 

So now we wait to see if the Hospital accepts me for treatment,  or not.

ABOVE: What is it with Praying Mantis's and me?
Over the weekend I had one fly onto me while I was sitting in me lounge chair.  Today?  Inside Stew's Car, looking at me like 'What's up?'.

ABOVE: We had a wander around the shops, and saw a new piece of Britto!  Bought it.
Seems they are finally getting more from overseas.  I might have ordered a couple more.

5.25 pm:   WE have had the most lovely lazy afternoon.  Watching tv, watering the gardens etc.

I was wrung out from stressing over the dental appointment, so had a little nap too.  

Now... contemplating dinner.  Pork stir fry.

And... dinner was OK.  Lacy got lucky as I'd cooked a bit much for just Stew and I.  
That will probably happen every so often.

At least she doesn't have to travel far for left overs.  😂
Time to go to bed.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Breathe deeply 💕

  2. Dental appointments are not my favourite thing either - and I too, get huge anxiety about going to the dentist. My last dentist though was so lovely that my fear isn't quite as intense as it used to be (she removed a bad tooth at the back so quickly and painlessly that I honestly didn't know she'd done it - all within a minute or two). Fingers crossed that you can get your tooth seen to soon.

  3. Anonymous2:07 PM

    Hope the hospital accept you for treatment! I am sure once the tooth is dealth with you will feel so much better!!!

  4. The Praying Mantis is a good luck charm meaning you will have good fortune in the near future!

    You deserve some good luck!

    1. We do indeed. Bring on more Praying Mantis then.

  5. Love your new Britto!

  6. When I was about 7 or 8 I think I had to have my 2 front teeth removed as they got absesses in them and the dentist (Mum refused to send me to a school dental nurse) recommended it get done under general anaesthetic. I don't remember a thing about it. I think for you it is the best option because they can do all the work at once. Will your bleeding issue make this a more dangerous option or are they happy it will not be a problem?

    1. A dentist told me a while ago that bleeding issues don't usually affect the mouth.

    2. Anonymous9:38 PM

      They paint your gums with a special solution so there is very little bleeding these days. I used to bleed quite a lot at one time whenever I had a procedure done at the dentist. Audrey

  7. Praying Mantis is definitely a good luck sign 💙💙

  8. I fully understand your fear of dentists. I am the same.

  9. Love Goofy...Love Britto. I have even bought a few pieces I just couldn't resist.


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