Saturday, March 26, 2022



First thing today, before anything else, we are heading into town to get a new printer. I am totally over my printer not working, then working, then not.... does my head in!

 Then, home to do... jobs.

 How many weekends have Stew and I been working on our back yard now?

It feels like forever.

If we work hard this weekend, maybe we will make some big inroads, and actually see the end in sight?

I bloody hope so.  I know Stew is sick to death of it hanging over his head.

So, obviously we will be working in the yard today.

I will get the washing done as per usual, along with any other jobs inside that need doing.

AND we will be cleaning the pool cover, and putting it on the pool.  No one is swimming any more, so time to cover it up till next summer.

And that is all for now.

Catch ya later.

10.30 am:  And a new printer was not purchased after all.  At least not right now.
I want to check exactly when we bought our current printer, I'm sure it wasn't that long ago.  Maybe it's still covered by a warranty?  Though just my luck it is JUST out of warranty right?

Stew has gone down to the supermarket to get the usual weekend supplies.  Which always means DIET COKE in bulk.  lol

I'm about to drag out the pool cover, spread it on the driveway and hose it down, in readiness for going on the pool.

WOW!  I rang Harvey Norman's, where we bought the printer... and SHOCK!  It's still under warranty.  So once Stew's home we will take it in to be looked at.
I'm super impressed.  Most things only have a one year warranty.

12.45 pm:  Excellent morning!  The printer is now in to be either fixed, or replaced.  I wouldn't normally bother trying to get a printer fixed, as they are so cheap.  But the printer I bought was NOT cheap, so well worth taking it back.

After that Stew and I had lunch at The Foundation before coming home.

TO PUT OUR FEET UP! Yep.  Stew reminded me that he has all of next week off work... so there is no rush to do anything.

When we arrived home, I said to Stew there is a load of washing ready to be hung out.   He went to do it, and BOOM!  Lacy had already hung it out for us.  Such a lovely surprise.  Thanks Lacy.  

Steve just rang.  
He's cooking our dinner this evening.  How did we get so lucky with him AND Lacy eh?  Those two are always doing stuff for us.

YES Lacy has been a problem 'child' for years, but she always makes up for it somehow.

ABOVE:  Just did me nails... such funI hope they last longer than a week.

5.25 pm:  And the smells coming out of my kitchen right now!  Drooling.

ABOVE:  Steve and Bex are cooking a Shrimp and Bacon Fettuccini.  And we are having pre-dinner wine.  

ABOVE: Don't mind if I do.   I just love our bubble glasses.

ABOVE:  And THAT was delicious!  After that we all had a Magnum Ice Cream for dessert.

Completely full now! 

It's been a super lovely day.


  1. Hard workers both of you. Once it's done you will be proud and can kick back and relax 💙💙

  2. I love it when the kids do stuff like that 😁. To be fair both of mine are pretty good at doing things 💕

  3. YUSS GO STEVE AND LACY 💙💙 I just backed a horse for ya "Shameless Tart" 🤣🤣🤣

  4. Oh man my kids are hopeless 🤣 they are really good at dropping their toys and clothes around the house.

    1. Haha, they will learn, their Dad is setting a great example 😁

    2. Haha he's just as bad as the kids 🤣 😅

  5. Yummmmmmmm..... that sounds so delicious.

  6. Pretty nails! And I love your pink ring!

    1. Thanks. It's the only ring that fits my finger right now without spinning around and around like crazy.

    2. The blue sapphire has to come off... it's driving me crazy spinning around.

  7. Sounds like a perfect Saturday. Love how the kids pitch in.

  8. Anonymous9:14 PM

    So jealous. My son has covid along with gfs kids and now gf. Everyone has it down here so I'm staying home. Got no leave left till July.

  9. Printer under warranty, dinner cooked for you and wine, sounds like a good day to me.

  10. Yummy! I want someone to come cook for me haha


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