Wednesday, September 15, 2021


 It's almost a relief to say I have nothing on today.

If I do anything today, it will be after I sleep in!

It's frustrating that I still wake around 6 am every day, sometimes I go back to sleep, and sometimes no.

Today, even though I'm awake right now, I might just laze in bed for a while.

It's getting warmer, the mornings are not as cold now.  Makes it easier to actually want to get out of bed.

ABOVE:  My poor dogs... yesterday they followed me around the house while I moved stuff into the garage and sunroom.  I bet they were utterly like "WTF?  Are we moving again?"

Cos this is what I did in Cambridge and Auckland, packed stuff into the garage before putting it all into storage!  Which WE PAID FOR I might add.   

And because I can... changing course: just putting this out there:

I look in the mirror and see an honest person.  I have NO TROUBLE looking at my reflection.  I have nothing to be ashamed of.

There are people out there who must have real trouble looking in the mirror... cos reflected back at them is ugliness of soul and character.

Or maybe they are so corrupt they cannot see or acknowledge their own faults?  If so, it's a blessing they are not in our lives.

Now, that's off my chest. (it was festering)  

Shame I can't say more... but my 'HAND BRAKE' (namely Stew) would make me delete it.  😅😀😋 

I will bugger off and think about what I can get up to today.

OH... I'm also thinking of what Stew and I can get up to this coming weekend.  We've not had a weekend away in a while, so perhaps we will go somewhere?  There's a nice fabric shop in Rotorua...  well there was!  I will ring them later to see if they are still open, or closed thanks to lockdowns and so on.

10 am:  And I'm still in my nightie!

Yep.  Decided not to shower and dress until I'd done a few jobs.  Cos I get hot 'n' sweaty.

Because I took Stew's drawers and mine out of our room yesterday (put them in the sunroom for now), I was like...WOW!  There was so much more room in our bedroom.

It got me thinking.

So this morning I did this:

ABOVE:  I moved my drawers into my 'dressing room'.  I still need to tweak a couple of things, but at the end of the day they fit there perfectly. Rather happy with myself.

ABOVE:  I stayed up until 1am last night.... fluffing around with this couch and cushions.

Yep.  I'm crazy.  I just wanted to get the cushion/throw arrangement 'right'.  😝

ABOVE: This one arrived as I was putting the drawers back in the dressing room.

She managed to (OK... I managed to) whack me right elbow into the drawer she was carrying.  

OMG PAIN!  😖  What did that tart do?


1.40 pm:  I finally had me lunch.  Got me feet up and considering a quiet afternoon.

Or not.  I have heaps I could be doing.

THIS...  line up peeps.

It' so true though.

Well... I fluffed around in the garage all afternoon.  Got it so I actually have somewhere for the vacuums to go. 

The dogs pen had to be re-arranged again.  Steve came over and sorted that out for me.

Photo tomorrow.

Dinner tonight was stuffed chicken breasts, chicken seasoned rice and stir fry veges.  It was bloody yum.  Best thing, there's enough for dinner tomorrow night too.

We are now yakking with Steve 'n' Bex, just enjoying family time.

They will be leaving soon as the boys need to get to bed.  Then Stew and I will watch some telly till bedtime.

I got heaps done today, so am hoping for a good night's sleep.


  1. Good Day to You! It is good to have a "hand break". Good Job, Stew!
    I just feel so bad that someone in your life is such a PIA.
    As in Pain In the A.....
    You watched Clickbait, I recall. I just got done with it minutes ago. As I typed the comment above I realized that the goofy blond sister in the show was named Pia. I just put 2 and 2 together. She was kind of a P.I.A. but it got results!

  2. Omg and im still laughing my head off 😂🤣 but im sorry sure she even tried to fake cry, witch made me laugh even harded witch got her giggling 🤭 hahahaha 😭

    Lesson learnt....stop moving shit around lol **it will never happen ** lol 😂
    #Lacy 💙

  3. Lacy - Is that a tattoo or a henna on your hand?

    1. Hi Dogstars, so long story short, it is a tattoo, i had access to a tattoo gun a few months back, and well being me i did a few in myself, the one on my hand i guess you coyld say i went a bit overboard 😏 iv done a few others on myself, 2 that i actually like lol a few that i wish i hadn't but oh well....we all only live once aye 😊
      #Lacy 💙

    2. I thought it was new - I have had a few hennas like that on my hand but they fade away after a couple of weeks.

  4. Anonymous4:40 PM

    I'm jealous, jealous, jealous, over your closet. I would do twirls in there. :-) Enjoy!! Ky Girl

  5. Lacy you are so mean to laugh at your poor injured mother. ;) You're so lucky you have that type of relationship though, if that had been my mother I wouldn't have been game to laugh, she didn't have much of a SOH. Chris, brilliant idea about the dresser. I have a "makeup room" in our second bedroom, no hanging space in there though.

    1. oxyMoron...

      Sorry i must giggle at you're comment... 'my poor injured Mother' 🤣

      She hit her 'funny bone' so yes i laughted as it was funny, well for me knowing it was her funny bone lol definaly not funny to her for a minute, but then after that even she giggled at me coz i still couldnt stop laughing at her, and im 100% sure if she had of got me the same (accidently) she would of wee'd herself laughing at me 😂🤣 as thats the kind of relationship us Harvey's have lol 😂

      and now remembering it all over again im having another giggle 🤭 lol sorry Ma 😘
      #Lacy 💙

  6. Kiwionholidays8:47 PM

    Love Lacys Jacket
    Such a cool colour ,
    Nice catchup on here tonight
    🥂 Cheers


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