Thursday, September 09, 2021


Well.. it's bright and early.  The weather is utter shit.  It's supposed to be a shitty day like yesterday.  We had hail yesterday afternoon, it got damn cold as.

 I'm freezing already, just thinking about getting out of bed!

I plan on staying in bed for as long as me bladder lets me.

And me feet.

Cos once those buggers start twirling around, it means I have to get up!  It really is the weirdest thing.

I get this twitch on... and no matter what I do, I just have to get up and get moving.  No point lying here in bed any longer.  My Mum said it was a 'family trait' on her side.  😂

But thankfully, the feet are behaving right now. 

When I do get up, I've got all that stuff I bought yesterday, for the sewing room, to put away. 

Then I'm going to sew the edges of those net curtains, where I cut them into four drops. Yesterday I ordered a curtain rod and some finials and brackets to hang them from.   I've no idea when they are likely to arrive, I didn't even think to ask.

*sigh*  If they have to come from Auckland it might be a long wait.

There isn't much housework to do today, I got most of it done over the past couple of days.

So, after I've done the curtains, I think I will pop out and check out a couple of things I didn't get on me list yesterday.

Probably just looking today.

7.51 am. Ha! Looked outside and its not looking too bad. Maybe its gunna be a nice day? 
I bet Bex is happy. The boys go back to school today.

I just decided to go out to Grandmothers Garden. Its a big fabric shop in Gordonton. About 15 - 20 minutes away. 

So... I'm up and rearing to go!

2.10 pm:  Soooo.... I picked Brylee up so she could spend some time with me.
We went to Grandmother's Garden... and I had fun selecting some fabric, while Brylee played with their two boxer dogs.

ABOVE:  I managed to find some really lovely fabric and panels, and this:

ABOVE:  A really cute metal thread holder.  I shall keep all my variegated threads on it.

After Gordonton, we visited some more shops, a plumbing shop and another carpet shop.
I'm getting another quote from a carpet shop that's having a good special at the moment.  No harm in getting another quote.

Then we went to The Base and I got a few Christmas Presents.

ABOVE:  I had a bit of an accident in Acquisitions!  First time EVER, I turned around and my handbag, which is a backpack style, swiped a coffee mug off the shelf and it broke!
OMG I felt so bad.  But the sales assistant said not to worry about it... accidents happen.  Nice girl.

ABOVE:  We were walking into Mitre 10, and before I could give it a second thought, I thought, my god, how the hell are you supposed to fit much in those sheds???
Then it come out me mouth too.

And Brylee just cracked up at me.

And then I realised.  Those are just for display, they are NOT the actual sizes of the shed.  I felt like a right blonde.  

It's not like I had not seen them before even!  Derrrr.

So, quite a bit of 'window' shopping today.  Walked so much my feet hurt.

We grabbed some food from a bakery and ended up at Bex's for lunch.  
After that, I took Brylee home and now, here I am.  Telling you all about me day.

I'm tired.  I'm gunna potter in me sewing room now, and put all that stuff away.

TWO.    HOURS.   LATER,  and it's done.
That took way longer than I anticipated.
Just sorting through all my cottons (thread) was a mission and a half.
Next was the fabrics.

THEN I tidied up my work desk and work trolley. 

I think I'm ready to sew something tomorrow! 
I will not be cooking dinner this evening.  I'm knackered.

So much shopping/walking!  Good exercise though.  😊

ABOVE:  We ended up at Lone Star for dinner.  I had the pork and Stew had steak and mushrooms.  Both were lovely.
The restaurant had VERY VERY FEW guests in it.  Social distancing was evident.  Everyone had masks on unless they were eating.  We felt perfectly safe.

Now we are home and watching some telly till bedtime.  A very pleasant night.


  1. Yea I am a little happy for a wee break from the kids lol and I get to visit spotlight today alone 🤣 have fun at grandmother's garden.

  2. New Zealander's must be a lovely group of people. If you closed a city in the USA there would be a mass exodus! I really hope your Covid outbreak completely ends!

  3. Loads of excellent buys there
    Have an awesome day out and about

  4. Fabric!!!! What are you making now? I did see your impressive thread stash yesterday! I think I am off to listen to a Podcast and Puzzle.

  5. Grandmother garden sounds like a wee Chris haven hope you enjoyed it

  6. Sounds like a lovely day out. I probably would have made the same comment about the sheds before I clicked - I have not seen them like that either. ALSO - they would be very handy in a narrow space to keep the gardening tools so not completely stupid :-)

  7. Kiwionholidays8:08 PM

    Love the fabrics ,,,look so neat n tidy for your crafts etc ,,
    Seems you had a busy but fab day
    Good stuff

    Cheers 🥂

  8. You’re so funny BUT when I read your shed comment I looked at picture and thought oh you could store garden tools in it down a narrow path !!!!
    Blondie1 by name but not by hair colour. Lol

  9. We have progressed to the point where we will get carry out. I have not gone in a restaurant and sat down since Jan/Feb 2020. Even if we were the only table filled, I do not think I could do it. (And here, now, no one should be.)

    So I think that is another benefit of how NZ has handled things. You are able to lock down and then still be careful but have confidence and be able to go back out both physically and psychologically.


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