Wednesday, September 08, 2021


 I really don't know HOW I've managed to make such a large list of things I need/want!

I fully expect to be out until at least lunchtime getting it all.

I'm going to:

- Spotlight

- Stevens (kitchen ware)

- The Chemist Warehouse

- Curtain Studio

- Animates

- The Tupperware Shop

And lastly, the supermarket.

So, lots of places, and all while wearing me mask, keeping socially distanced and signing in everywhere.

It's worth it to be FREE to shop again!  Free to go out and about without massive restrictions.

Meanwhile, Stew will be back at work, and when I get home it will be all quiet.  I bet the dogs are going to be lonely ... no sitting in the lounge with Stew all day.

Gosh, it will be dreadful if Covid rears it's ugly head outside of Auckland again!

I better do plenty of shopping, just in case.  😆😊

ABOVE:  Brylee asked me yesterday if I could touch my thumb to my wrist. I'm like, who can't?

(and I bet YOU are trying to right now!)

Oh and... her damn shoulder dislocated again last night when she reached up to close her curtains.  She's pretty upset about it, and so frustrated that the specialist won't perform the surgery to 'fix' it. (YET)  

I suggested she ring him today and let him know about this latest dislocation.  Let's see what happens.  Probably nothing.

ABOVE:  advice for the day/week/month.  😅😂😊

8 am:  And it is absolutely pissing down out there!  Looks like a huge storm going overhead.
And I'm gunna be out in it.  Oh ya.

ABOVE: blogging in the car... waiting for the rain to ease so I can get out without getting drenched!

SPOTLIGHT... OMG spent a fortune. BUT  for once they had the batting I need, so I bought ALL THEY FREAKIN' HAD! 

Rain has easeded a bit, might make a run for it...

RUN.... omg too funny.  I never run!

It's now 2.15 pm, and I'm finally home.  With a McDonalds burger for, yet again, a late lunch.

ABOVE: The batting... it was a right pain in the arse getting it into the car in the pouring rain.

ABOVE:  The rest of my shopping.  I will have fun unpacking it all.  

Bex and the boys arrived just after I arrived home, so we are now having fun looking through my shopping bags.

ABOVE:  Unpacked!  And Wow, so much stuff.  And almost all of it was on my list!

8.52 pm:  Busy afternoon ... once Bex and the boys left I got two loads of washing washed, dried and put away.

Then I had a power nap... Just 30 minutes but it helped after 5 hours shopping!

Then I cooked our dinner, which was chicken over rice.
Stew was impressed with all the stuff I bought today.
I put it all way after he'd seen it all.

Now I'm just watching TV and thinking about what I shall get up to tomorrow.  😊

Catch ya ... tomorrow.


  1. I think the doctor should be told about this dislocation. The only way he will do it is if he knows it is a serious problem. And shutting the curtains? Hmmm..... People absolutely need to be able to use their arms without them falling off all the time. Ok - I exaggerate - but you know what I mean.

  2. Have fun shopping!

  3. Didnt know therecwas a Tupperware shop. Ive got to go to Ashburton today would rather give it a miss for couple days but got a meeting. Enjoy your day out hope weather improves

  4. How does Brylee put her shoulder back when it dislocates? That's awful to keep happening. Yes, I have always been able to touch my arm with my thumb but not everyone can apparently. I also used to be able to put my feet behind my head but those days have gone!!

    1. Anonymous10:03 AM

      Hi Lynda, this is a bit random, have you got that recipe for the diet doctor bread rolls? its the ones with the psyllium husk, i have made your ones a long time ago and they turned out perfect. i think you used the whole egg and not just the egg whites...Thanks heaps! Angela....

    2. On here Angela: myprimalrecipes dot blogspot dot com
      I'm not sure links work here so you know what I mean :)

  5. I wonder if Brylee could benefit from a physio strapping it to give it more support and hold it in place? That must be terribly frustrating for her. Not a long term fix but will help support it in the interim.

  6. Anonymous11:04 AM

    Hi people with hypemobile joints which are caused by loose ligaments are more likely to get joint issues, like Brylee's shoulder it is a whole body condition knees and other joints can also get issues. My son also has hyper mobility.

    My niece who is around the same age as Brylee has had both shoulders done and two knee replacements. Sometime the hyper mobility can also cause stretchy the skin on the forearm can be pulled. up easily...its is all related to collagen in the body not being as can google the conditions related to hypermobilty. Extreme cases are related to a condition called" ethos danlos syndrome"



  7. I can not touch my thumb to my arm. I can do other "weird" things that makes people think I am super flexible ( I am not). It is all dependent on bone structure. I can sit on the floor with the soles of my feet touching and touch my knees to the floor. It is easy for me. Other people in my yoga class have their knees in the air. Bone structure - not flexibility (in my case).

  8. Woohoo. FREEDOM!!! Enjoy.
    Poor Brylee. I agree with Coleen's suggestion. It can't hurt (no pun intended).

  9. Anonymous3:56 PM

    Love your shopping, you brought all that you need and use. Jo x

  10. Hope Brylee gets her shoulder fixed somehow. Looks like a fun day shopping. Keep well.

  11. It looks like you had a great day of shopping. It's so nice when you are able to find everything on your list. Is it possible for Brylee to get a second opinion from a different surgeon since the one she sees now isn't giving her the option of surgery? I am sure it is quite painful for Brylee when her shoulder dislocates and it seems to be dislocating with just day to day tasks.


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