Friday, September 10, 2021


 I feel like this week has gone really fast.

Probably because we came out of Level 3 Lockdown and could get out and about again.

Either way, I'm happy it's Friday.

This morning I am going to be working with these fabrics:

ABOVE:  They will form a runner of some sort.  I'm just not sure what style yet.  Possibly gnomes again?
Dunno yet.

This afternoon I am picking Keera up, we shall be having a lovely weekend with her I'm sure.

I need to ring the school and make sure Keera knows where I will be at 3pm.  I'm not sure if grandparents etc are allowed on the school grounds during Level 2?

Dante and Archer's school doesn't allow anyone on the school grounds, Bex has to stand out by the front gate to collect them.

So, I better find out what the protocol is for Keera's school.

Apart from sewing and picking up Keera, not much else on my agenda today.

NOT shopping today!  😂😅😊

So, that's me for now, I'll catch ya later.

* SQUEALS*......

12.55 pm:  AND... I email from the painting company this morning.

They are COMING in about 10 days!!   They gave me a list of the paint required, so I hot footed it to Resene in town.

ABOVE:  Best thing of all?  They actually had what we needed.  AND... I got a 25% discount through Stew's company!   So all that for under a grand.  SCORE.

Then I heard from the asphalt company!  AND they will be doing my driveway in November.

Those bloody ducks are finally lining up!

I just have to accept a flooring quote now and we are all sorted.

I rang Keera's school, and that is organised too.  You are not allowed on the school grounds, so I'm picking her up at the gate.

I have most of the Hamilton family coming for dinner tonight. Sadly, Amanda and her kidlets can't come. 

While he's here, Steve will give me instructions on what I can do in the bathroom and ensuite, in readiness for renovating them too.

I'm so excited!  It's actually gunna happen!!!!

OH yeah.  I did one other thing while in town today.  Stew convinced me it was time I did it.
I booked a dental appointment.
My troublesome tooth, the one that had a root canal done on it about 4 years ago in Cambridge, well it's killing me STILL.
I have endless headaches.
I am 100% sure they are from the toothache.

So.  Next Monday morning, after I drop Keera off at school,  I am off to see the dentist.  I am shitting myself, but also relieved I'm doing something about the constant pain.

ABOVE:  I grabbed a Moroccan Chicken  sandwich from Volare on my way home.  I asked if it was 'spicy' and they said no, not at all.

Threw it in the toasted sandwich press when I got home..

AND.... it's friggin awful!

Some sort of spice/curry/SOMETHING in it... but I'm so damn hungry I am eating the bloody thing.
My mouth is tingling.  NOT SPICY my arse.

5.45 pm :  Everyone is here for dinner.  It's so neat!!!!

8.53 pm:  And all is quiet again.  Everyone has been fed, watered, nattered to and now gone home.  Miss Muppet is all tucked up in bed.
We will be heading off to bed ourselves in the next hour or two.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Neutrals? Am I on the wrong blog?

  2. SQUEALS??? Spill the beans 💙💙

  3. The fabric screams CATS!!!! I'll buy it. Then I read further and thought maybe ducks - like mallard ducks. But cats cats cats. Go on. You know you want to.
    How thrilling everything is lining up.
    Have a great weekend with the wee one.

    1. CATS? That fabric is far too pretty (and muted) to be cats. If you want friggin cats I will do a runner with cats either end or something, but they will be damn BRIGHT and cheerful. FRIGGIN CATS.

    2. I love you, too, Chris xxxx

  4. Soz but Moroccan chicken is spicy...

    And actually, I agree with Sparkling. Cats. ALL OF THE CATS! hahaha. Sigh. Wish I lived closer :P

    1. We will get a cat runner out of her, yet, Colleen!!

  5. Spicy food is horrid

  6. Awwwww Marley so cute. It’s lovely the family are there and yes a houseful is nice.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  7. Looks like a lovely evening. Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. So nice to have everyone back I'm sure! Steve looks just fine to me! Love his sense of humor.


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