Sunday, September 12, 2021


 LOL... here is today's post:

ABOVE:  a 'post' from the Mount, yesterday.

And ... back to today.  Lacy and Keera are taking off for the day, probably to play with cows and other critters on the farm Lacy lives on.

Stew and I have plans to go find that mirror we want for our ensuite.  I've also seen another one that we might get for the family bathroom.

Not quite as swish as the one we are getting for our ensuite, but hey... it will still be nice.

I also want to show Stew some of the bathroom vanities I'm looking at.  I don't want anything mega expensive, just more modern than what's in the house already.

Same with toilets.  23 year old toilets are not exactly pretty.  Functional and nothing wrong with them, but meh.... old.

I'm trying to do the two bathrooms on a fairly modest budget... I think you can get very carried away if you want to. 

Even the flooring can be damn expensive, so I'm probably going to do very basic white tiles.  

It's a work in progress.

Oh and the carpet I'd pretty much settled on?  I HATE IT.

I chose it because it was highly recommended for durability, stain resistance, etc etc... but the colour choices SUCK.  And I just hate it!

So, it's kinda back to the drawing board on that one.  

What I really, really LOVE is a loop pile, wool carpet, with a speckled effect.  NOT that practical, but I love it.  So, I will have to give that more thought, as at the end of the day,  Stew and I have to live with it for the next 10-15 years.

So, there ya go.  Now that we are getting to the serious end of having to make firm decisions... I've started dithering and second guessing everything.  *sigh*

At least the paint is chosen and bought!

And on that happy note at least, I'm gunna get up and feed our granddaughter her breakfast before she goes off with her Mum for the day.

Stew is driving me NUTS. I really want to gag him. 

ABOVE:  Which one???  I'm leaning towards the plain white.  But I'm not 100% sure.
As for toilets, I'm probably gunna leave that one up to the plumber, as long as it's a modern style.

Off out again.... back soon.

ABOVE:  Found the perfect mirror for the family bathroom.  Half the price of the one we are getting for our ensuite.  Very happy with it.

ABOVE:  Stew hung the new thread holder up for me.  It's rather cute.

ABOVE:  A family treasure got returned.  I was just thinking about this chair a couple of days ago. We are so happy to have it back. 
(My 'handbrake' was at work on this comment... Explained tomorrow).

ABOVE:  Our darling granddaughter having fun with her Mum on the farm.  

Stew and I just had lunch, now it's time to do some pottering around, get the last of the paintings off the walls, some furniture into the garage.   All in readiness for when the painters arrive.
I'm not a 'leave it to the last minute' type of person.  Can ya tell!  😂

*snort*... I got cold.  So lay on the couch with me blankie.  Was soooo nice.  Now I don't feel like doing anything.
Lazy tart I am.

9.07 pm:  All is quiet here now.  Keera is in bed.  Stew is watching rugby in the lounge and I'm watching some sort of detective programme.  
Just winding down till bed time.  It's been an excellent weekend.


  1. We built 20+ years ago and put handicapped/taller toilets in our bathroom.
    We were 40 then, 60 now.
    6’ and 5’6” each of us.

    We have been very glad of the taller toilets all these years. Our knees are still doing okay. We both have had various surgeries over the years and taller toilets easier then too.

    BUT two of my shorter daughters (5’4” and 5’) do not like them.

  2. I still say - with dogs (we have 2) I would put hard floors in any rooms the dogs are ever allowed.

  3. One thing I wish I has done when we redid our bathroom was to buy toilets that were flush to the wall and avoid the one inch strip of floor that needs to be cleaned 🤬

  4. Do not get basic white tiles for your bathroom!!! I have them and they are a pain in the arse. They show every single spec of dirt, hair and fluff. I would never get them again, ever. Something to think about perhaps?

    1. Totally agree with you Lynda, especially hair.

  5. Haha fun shopping!! I like the all white - more modern. Have fun and don't kill Stew !!!

  6. I am rather torn between the wood and the white. I think the white is more modern and will look excellent with the light up mirror. So - white!

  7. Personally I prefer the white vanity unit 🙂

  8. White oone for sure can lift it with splashes of colour which can easily be change for seasons

  9. Anonymous12:55 PM

    I love renovating!!! We have done our whole house from top to bottom and I lived every but if it but the one thing I regret is that I selected every single thing except the toilets because I thought the guy doing our bathrooms couldn’t possibly get that wrong ….. well we ended up with a toilet that is so damn low to the ground that you feel like you are falling into a hole every time you go to sit on it and having recently had a knee replacement it is almost impossible to get on and off. So do be careful handing any decisions over to others or at least specify the height. Cheers Michelle from Oz.

  10. Anonymous3:44 PM

    Love the mirror!

  11. I like the timber and it is very on trend at the moment! I’m sure whatever you choose you will make the bathrooms look beautiful.

  12. Anonymous8:23 PM

    You are never a lazy tart lol. Love the mirrors. It's going to be awesome for you both to have it all done. Kj

  13. Anonymous1:53 AM

    Love the new vanities for the bathrooms. I've always like the rule: white cabinets in the kitchen, wood cabinets in the bathrooms. Either will be nice. Happy Day! Ky Girl


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