Friday, September 17, 2021



ABOVE:  Every single night.  Yep.

So... I'm awake and about to get up and go to Cambridge for a walk with the FBG's.

Time to get back into walking, and get out of the house a bit more.

I was sent this last night via email (thanks Trish) :

ABOVE:  I get the distinct impression Trish knows me very well!  😅😂😉

Stew came home last night with two little 'sayings' for me:

-Your mind is like a garden.

It is full of seeds, that can grow flowers, or grow weeds.

-A chip on the shoulder is an indication of wood higher up!

Not bad, thanks darling.

Back to today now.

After my walk I will spend a little time with the girls having morning tea, before coming home.

Once back in Hamilton, I have a couple of things I want to get at the mall.  New pyjamas for one!  I can't remember the last time I bought a new nightie... time to get something new and summery.

Right ... time to find me FBG purple shirt, and get me sneakers on.  

Catch ya later.

ABOVE:  Today's walk was in St Kilda, a very lovely suburb of Cambridge.  Some gorgeous homes and gardens to walk past.

ABOVE:  Because of Covid Level 2 restrictions, there were only 10 of us on the walk.  
I had a really nice time, yakking and having a hot chocolate afterwards with the girls.

I'm so glad I made the effort to get up and get moving again.  I really do miss my FBG friends.

Once I got home I did some ringing around... touching base with the painters, flooring company and asphalt company.

All is lined up!
The painters will be arriving next Tuesday and the job will take about 2 weeks.

That's actually longer than I thought, but all good!  It's getting done... and the best thing is I'm NOT doing it!
First time I've ever got professionals in.

I'm sure it will be worth it, because painting the entire interior is a big job.

The carpet guy is coming out this afternoon to measure up the kitchen and bathrooms, then we will be good to go with them come October.

And the asphalt company are tee'd up for November.

Bex had her first covid vaccination this morning... so proud of her.  She didn't faint or throw up, which is kinda what she does usually with injections!  Steve will be having his first one soon, he just has to wait 2 weeks after his last infusion... so he should be getting his next week.
I shall nag him.  Mother's job and all that.

It's coming up midday and I need to pop out again.  Have to return some flooring samples, and get a new phone charger cord.  Grrrrr, my current one shat itself.  

ABOVE:  Today's walk photo.   

I've just got home from the mall/supermarket.
I'm done in.
Just had lunch.
Now waiting for Carpet Court bloke to turn up to do final measure and quote for the kitchen and bathroom flooring.

Once he's been.. I might just have a nap!

The carpet guy arrived late.   Once he'd measured up I tried to have a nap.

Didn't happen.
Hot flushes.
OMG just how bloody long am I gunna have them for?????
It's now been almost 17 years!

I am so over them... and as we head into summer I'm going to get them even more.

I reckon I will have one on me deathbed.  

One of the ladies I walked with this morning has had them for as long as me too.  The other lady beside me has had NONE, and she's in her 70's.

Totally not fair.

So instead of napping, I prepared dinner.  Left over mince/bacon stew, baked carrot dish and baked potatoes.  Should be good.

Yeah... dinner was good.    Afterwards we indulged in a piece of cake that I'd bought from Countdown this afternoon.

We are such bad diabetics!  But... ya only live once.  Better take me pills, they cure most evils.  😂😖


  1. I LOVE that sewing thing. Too funny. And true! Enjoy your walk .

  2. Love the saying about your mind being a garden....... Enjoy your walk-thankfully the weather is nicer today.

  3. I like the garden one!

  4. Enjoy your walk and FBG gathering

  5. Love Stew's saying. Your reno plans sound great. We need to do our bathroom at some stage and I like the sound of those vinyl plank thingies, they look great and would be so easy to lay and to clean. Weather slowly warming up here as well.

  6. all the reno's will be so exciting and SO worth it. It's good that the painting will take a while: a rushed paint job is useless!!!!

  7. A walk is always good for the body and soul. Catching up with friends makes it even better.
    We will be spending an obscene amount on our driveway and garage door so any internal stuff will have to wait. I am itching to update the bathroom. It has a cast iron bath. Looks great but the water cools down very quickly.

  8. It must be so exciting knowing all your reno work is being done soon :-).

  9. Can't wait to see the house once all the work is finished. Enjoy your walks. Have a wonderful weekend.


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