Thursday, September 16, 2021


 Bex sent me an instant message yesterday.

And a photo.

ABOVE:  Bex said " My fence needs yoghurt, cos it has thrush on it"!  I had to smile.

ABOVE:  Sometimes I feel really guilty about how often I drag Steve over here to do little jobs for me.

This is the third time since we moved into this home that I've asked him to move the dog pen's configuration!  I hope like hell I don't want it changed again!

Today... well I'm sure I will find 'something' to do around the house!  I didn't think I had much to do yesterday, yet I managed to keep myself busy all day!

So let's hit 'REPEAT'.  😊

I don't know how I do it... but it just happens.
I've been very busy this morning.
The garage has been tweaked a bit more, I moved a shelving unit so it was not blocking the power board.  THAT really needed to be done.

Amanda popped in quickly.  Which was nice.

Then Lacy came over, and she went with me to Bunnings to pick up the two bathroom vanities and basins.

That was a mission I tell ya!

First up, I simply could not understand the man who we had to check in with, to be allowed in the loading dock.
I just kept saying "I cannot understand you".  

I get so damn frustrated by people who work in a customer based industry, who cannot speak good enough English to be understood.  DOES.  MY.  HEAD.  IN.
But... somehow we got through!

ABOVE:  Loading them in the ute (borrowed from Doug, thanks mate).
This one got stuck ...

ABOVE:  Problem solved, the 'Lacy Way'.  She crawled in through the side window and yanked it over the obstruction.

When we got home, I knew Lacy and I would not be able to get them out without damaging them, so I rang Steve.

ABOVE:  And of course, he dropped everything and came over.  It is just so wonderful to have such helpful family so close!


ABOVE: Yep yep... getting all my ducks in a row.
So much fun.
I love being busy, productive and happy.
Cos yes, yes I am   ..... HAPPY.

Ya know what?  It has been very quiet on here the past few days.  It's like... oh Chris is just fluffing around in the house, we shall just leave her to it!

I'm actually slogging away getting this house ready for the painters.  But tomorrow I am taking a break.  

If you thought today/yesterday was quiet and boring... wait for tomorrow!   It will be just as quiet!

Dinner tonight will be leftover stuffed chicken breast with rice and veges.  Yaaa, I don't have to cook.

Dinner was so-so, a left over dinner that wasn't better second time around.  Live and learn on that dish.

I'm knackered, so looking forward to bed tonight.
It will be good to take a break from the house tomorrow.


  1. Sometimes it takes awhile to find the right configuration! I keep redoing my fabric storage lol

  2. Love Steve's Shirt!

  3. Haha omg it looks like im falling out of the side window of Dougs ute lol 😂 dont worry i wasnt, i was doing that fling jump thing out of the window 🤣

    And no thanks needed, its what family do xx
    #Lacy 💙

  4. Only Lacy cracked me up

  5. "Doing that fling jump thing" of course!

  6. Haha lucky your mum had you there and that’s a good job done and out of the way….

    Before you know it jobs be done and painting carpet done back to enjoying family summer sun swimming snd more family time
    Tick tick tick.

  7. Omg...I loved the pic of Lacy doing that "fling jump thing"

    1. Haha thanks Jen, but you know the 'jump' im meaning aye, like you fling yourself over, i do it on our fence gate all the time lol 😂 just prey for a safe landing and its algds xx 😊
      #Lacy 💙

  8. Sorry I haven't commented chook. A bit flat over here. Everyone needs a Lacy in their lives. And a Steve. You are blessed. Most of the time!!!!!!

    1. Haha Steve is the Muscle/Comedian and im the Twat that gets in all those silly spots lol but will not back down lol, we are called Family 😁
      #Lacy 💙

  9. You're super organised!! I've been doing long hours and I'm knackered... vanities look good... so exciting 🙌

  10. Kiwionholidays7:15 PM

    Lost my last msg saying we dont forget you n read daily time difference sometimes gets In the way n we in big Reno’s atm n only partially done due to lockdown
    Hopefully next few months will be better
    Take care
    Cheers 🥂

  11. We're just on the home straight of having our entire house
    painted. 2 more days! Hopefully yours will go quicker.

  12. I have learned the same with left overs. I find the more liquid the better the left overs. Otherwise it can become dry and bleh.

  13. I think I need you to export some of your motivation and energy for house things down here ... I seriously don't know where to start here. 🙂

  14. How nice to have such great help. Can't wait to see once the work is complete.

  15. Anonymous7:14 AM

    So exciting it feels great to be productive 😊 surrey


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