Tuesday, September 28, 2021


 Painters are due at 7 am.

Sometime today I expect the 'boss' to arrive.

And we will talk.

NOT looking forward to that.

But, it's best to get it over with and try and achieve what we all want, a good job.

ABOVE:  Last night's sunset.  It was utterly gorgeous, for about 5 minutes, then it was over.

I've got sewing on me 'to do' list today.  And bugger all else.

Catch ya later.

7.31 am:  So far, so good.

The painters arrived at 6.45 and we talked.  I wish now (hindsight is a shit), that we had just talked to them instead of 'the boss'.

They are lovely guys and have already started fixing up the more obvious problem areas.

I will be telling their boss how lovely they are, and how they have addressed the issues immediately.

I'm about to paint that fish painting's frame!  Finally getting around to it.

I'm going to paint it blue.  Funny that.

ABOVE:  It's now done, something else to cross off the list.
Because there was none of that particular shade of blue in the actual painting, I added some.
Now there's a little blue fish inside the green fish (bottom right), and some blue detail on the fish top left. I also made the big bottom fish's top spikes a little bluer too.

That should do it.
Now, back to the sewing. 

I could spew.   And I should have known better...

ABOVE:  I didn't change out of my 'good' top before doing that painting.
Now it's only good for  home.  😠😞😢

I've had to do some unpicking this morning.  Not something I'm used to doing.  But, I stuffed up the first arm rest's binding.  
Back to the drawing board on that one.

On a more positive note, it's an utterly gorgeous day, I'm sewing in me happy place and the heaters on keeping me nice and warm.

Well... I stabbed my thumb a good one at around midday so thought... DONE!
And the dogs and I took off to Bex's for a couple of hours.
ABOVE: while at Bex's Marley rolled in something DISGUSTING. So in the bath she went. And she LOVED it! 
Clearly its just showers she doesn't enjoy.

ABOVE: The fabric barrier worked really well in my car. Coco wasn't that impressed but too bad. 

Gosh it's so nice just relaxing here. My house feels empty and unloved and not homely at all right now.

I came home around 3.30 this afternoon.  The painters were just finishing up for the day.
Once they left I pottered around doing some odd jobs, then prepared dinner for Stew and I.
We had sausages, potato and kumera wedges, mushrooms and onions.

Now... watching some TV before winding down for the day.  I'm freakin' tired!

I got up at 6 this morning, but it still felt like friggin 5 am!  Thanks Daylight Saving.

I can't wait until I can sleep in again.

Sorry, I totally forgot to mention this:  I rang the 'boss' of the painting company and asked him not to come over.  I decided the work was OK, good enough anyway.
The men are working with a closer eye on detail now, and have corrected a lot of the faults.
If anything is still not that good once the job is finished, they will come back and fix it, according to the Boss.


  1. As long as you tell the boss that they are doing a great job, that is the best you can do at this point. Use sticky notes from here on out. haha. If anything is less than perfect. I mean, I can paint walls less than perfect. So could YOU or Lacy or Bex or anyone else. The reason you hired out is to get a professional job done.

  2. You painted your painting? That is clever. Are the painters being nice and doing good work?

    1. Well of course I painted the painting! It's just a little tweaking to make it work for me. I"m sure the artist wouldn't mind. Yes, the painters are being lovely.

  3. Is it waterbased paint? If so it will come out with scrubbing. I've got paint like that out and it's work trying.

  4. Now you need to "paint" the shirt. Make the blue smudge "intentional". Make a flower, or fish, or bird, or ............ Put it in an embroidery hoop to hold it tight and make something cute and blue!

  5. Leeann1:37 PM

    Soak the top in cold water with some vanish oxi-action (pink one) and it may loosen the paint. Don't add hot water as it will set it for ever. I got some paint off last week like this. Hope it works for you.

  6. I love the way you think outside the box. You do have a knack with colour and design. I have a pile of "only for home" clothes because I was too lazy/cocky to change or put an apron on. I feel your pain!
    If nothing else the boss might realise that communication BEFORE the job will save everyone a lot of grief.

  7. Well I hats great news about the painters and it is good to hear rigs chugging ain’t.
    Yes another hob off the list and a new one added soak top..

  8. Another job I meant…..


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