Monday, September 13, 2021


 Well, we've made up our minds!

For the bathrooms anyway.

I'm ordering two white vanity units today.

And this is what's gunna go on the floors, both in the bathrooms and the kitchen:

ABOVE:  It's Vinyl Planks.  Suitable for both areas, and not super expensive.

Much easier to lay than tiles, and much easier to replace if there is a section damaged.

I'm so relieved I've made up my mind!

I really loathe it when there's so much choice.

Now I just have to decide on the bloody carpet.

First up for today is to drop our granddaughter, Keera, off at school.

Then I will be heading into town for my DREADED dental appointment.

I am pretty sure today is just a consultation, not actual 'work'.  I hope so anyway.

I'm not mentally prepared for 'work' to be done, and I feel I need Stew to be with me for that!

My stomach is utterly churning with dread.

After the dental appointment, I am off to Bunnings to order the vanities.  Then Carpet Court to TRY and decide on the carpet!

Next on the 'to do' list is to come home and start moving stuff out of the way for the painters.  Small items of furniture, the last of the paintings etc.

ABOVE: This lot last night, Stew is so popular.

Lastly for now:

ABOVE: Stew...  HE'S LIKE MY HAND BRAKE!  But, I love him to bits.  I also want to throttle him - often.  Still love him after 36 years together.  Amazing, considering how often I want to stab him 16 times in the chest!  (JJ, family joke).

12.25 pm:  I've had a busy morning.
Once I'd taken Keera to school, I went over to Bunnings and ordered our new vanities.  They should arrive at the end of the week.

Then off to the Dentist.  Who was lovely.
Charged me $258 and said I need to see an Oral Surgeon to get the damn troublesome tooth removed.
Seems the tooth has very long nerves going up to my sinuses, so it has to be removed by a surgeon. 

So, now I wait to hear from the surgeon.
AND I need a filling after that is done.

All up I'm probably looking at $3,000 minimum.

Not to mention the sheer terror I will go through.  I've never had a tooth removed before.

Saying I'm a bit scared it probably an understatement.
But it has to be done.  I am NOT going to live with this pain any longer.

After that, I saw Bex in town, and got some variegated threads from David's Emporium.  She was there and let me know they had the threads I was looking for.  Awesome.  

Lastly before heading home, I went to Carpet Court and  FINALLY settled on the carpet we are getting.
It is NOT the most practical carpet, but it IS one that I LOVE.

ABOVE: Berbery Textured Loop Pile, 100% Wool in the shade of Morocco.   I left the shop and almost cried, so relieved I went with my heart instead of my brain.

I'm now waiting for Bex to arrive with some lunch.  And speak of the devil.... she just arrived! 

6.10 pm:  I've spent the afternoon taking drawers/paintings/mirrors and wardrobe contents out of the spare bedrooms.  It is all stacked up in the garage now.

Because Auckland is still at Level 4 (for at least another week), the carpet factory in Auckland will not be going back to work tomorrow.
SO, that means my carpet won't be ready in early October, as I was told this morning.
It could be late October even.

I don't mind.  It is what it is.  I just hope it can be done before Christmas. 

Stew got home just now, and I've not even started dinner yet.
We are having Chicken Franks chopped into a cheesy pasty dish for dinner.  
It won't take long to prepare, so not a biggie.

I'm feeling a bit jaded now.  It really is time to sit and relax I think.

9.09 pm:  Well... dinner was ok.  Now we are watching 'Surviving 9/11'.  Very sad.  Probably won't watch it all.  Might go to bed.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Those vinyl wood look things have been really popular and are nearly indestructible. Even white or grayish wood would look good in a bathroom with the white mirrors and vanities. But so does the natural looking wood. It's good to know Stew is looking out for you, even if you want to stab him 16 times in the chest!
    My friends and I have a joke of a similar nature. It consists of 3 emojis. Middle finger, skull, flame. Translation : F()ck off and die in a fire. It is a term of endearment, obviously!

  2. Nice choice on the wooden flooring, it will look lovely with the white cabinets in the bathroom.

  3. Good choice on the flooring. I love the color. We have something similar in the gray color range, in our bathroom, and we love them. Easy to clean. Ranee (MN) USA

  4. That carpet is lovely and will look fantastic. I too get occasional toothache that has been attributed to my sinus but luckily I don't get headaches and it's only sometimes. Getting a tooth out is easy because they numb you so much! It's getting my teeth cleaned and scraped by the hygienist that I find the worst of all. I actually cried last time it was so painful!

  5. I think people of our age were traumatised by dentists as kids. I am sure your oral surgeon will ensure you are well numbed.

  6. Anonymous1:42 PM

    It will all look lovely once done. So exciting!! Ky Girl

  7. Anonymous2:38 PM

    Love your flooring choices, your home will look amazing. Jo

  8. You must have some VERY healthy teeth. Never had a tooth removed? OMG. I am so jealous. I have life long dental troubles. BUT ----- When my son was young he had to have a lot of teeth removed because his mouth was too small. (I had that too). But, the oral surgeon was able to knock him out for his "surgery". Thank goodness. He woke up and he was done. Maybe something you can consider, sleeping through the procedure.

    1. It has been suggested. And I might do it too.

  9. The wood and carpet selections will look good together.

  10. Love your flooring choices. My daughter has those planks all through her house...really easy to clean with her 2 kids, cats and dog in and out.

  11. Chris I broke a front tooth up very high and last Friday I had tooth and root removed, a bone graft and implant all in 45 minutes. No pain at all, no blood, have stitches. Now waiting for 4 months hoping the implant “takes” then I can get a crown on top of it. Cost? All up $8000 for one tooth. It is what it is, the price of a couple of holidays which we can’t have anyway

    1. Wow that must have been awful! Sounds like a nightmare to me. $8,000 !!!

  12. Love your carpet choice

  13. I needed a tooth removed not all that long ago and was so scared about it, had suffered for months and months until it got unbearable :( The dentist gave me a script for Valium and told me to take half an hour before and it was easy as! First time I had ever had Valium and it didn’t knock me out but took the edge off!

  14. I love your carpet selection!

  15. I too had to have a large back molar removed,it had cracked into 3 bits from clenching my teeth too much,shitting myself but sick of the pain I went, in and out in 25mins and didn't even know it was out, felt so proud of myself. Surprisingly it was so easy, and im like you I hate hate dentist and I always put off till last minute,

  16. Anonymous3:48 AM

    Like the carpet choice, and the grey vinyl too. We have that in the main bathroom,it looks quite coastal and "seasidey" and I have jade green accessories/towels. On the windowsill I have a glass jar of jade stones from Hokitika beach, some seashells and the paui shell my late mummy brought me from her first trip to NZ. I always get compliments from guests on how nice it all looks.
    Jane G

  17. Anonymous8:56 AM

    Should have said I have the vinyl but in grey. I do like the oak colour you've picked and it's so easy to keep clean (and looks clean for longer than white flooring!) Hope you manage to get everything fitted before too long now that you've got the bit between your teeth !
    Jane G


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