Sunday, September 05, 2021


 I decided late yesterday to tidy up my sewing room before starting a new project.

That involved first and foremost cleaning the sewing machine.

McDreamy has been working perfectly, but the automatic 'empty bobbin' message had stopped working, which meant it was dirty under the footplate.

So, out came the vacuum cleaner and a tiny brush, and off we went, sucking all that shit outta there.

Now I'm sure me empty bobbin message will work again.

After that I vacuumed the floor.

Next was tidying up all the fabric.

There was one job I had been putting off for almost an entire year!

September the 30th, 2020.  I was in Australia with Mum.  And she decided THAT was the day we were going to sort out all her fabrics!

I say WE... but in reality, she lay there and got me to hold up each and every single piece of fabric she had, and 'we' discussed what I would do with it!

Yep.  Every single piece.   I ended up throwing ideas out there left, right and center just to please her.  I might add she had her own ideas too 😂😃😊.

I had no option.  She was insistent on knowing what I was going to make it into.  And once it was all sorted, she told me to take it all home with me.

So I did.

ABOVE: When I finally arrived home, I washed all the fabrics and put them in a tub to sort out 'later'.

Yesterday was LATER.  Yep, it took me nearly a year to get to it.  I must admit I had been putting it off.

ABOVE:  But I did it.   I folded it all up and put it away in my fabric cupboard, to be sewn up one day, as I told her I would.

What made it extra hard for me was that I can remember being with Mum when she bought a lot of those fabrics, and her delight in them.  She was like me in loving gorgeous fabrics.

Not that she did much sewing... but she had good intentions.

I must admit I shed a couple of tears, but they are healing tears.  Mum's one year anniversary is next month.  I am going to make it a NICE DAY for my family.

Not sure what yet, but we will mark the day in honor of Mum.

Today... well I really think Stew and I need to stretch our legs and get out for a walk.  The dogs will LOVE that... I'd like to check out an area we  have not walked before.  There's so many neat areas around here (our local area).

OH ... I just remembered.  HAPPY FATHERS DAY DARLING.  Your gift is coming... in November we hope. 😊

VICKIE:  Ahhh I wish.  But no.  No more grandbabies for us by the look of it.  Barring a miracle.

Stew and I went for a walk mid-morning, before the sun came out properly and roasted me.

ABOVE:  Because Stew is suffering from a very sore lower back right now, we adjusted our aspirations, and only did a short walk.
It was still lovely to get out and about though.  We really enjoy looking at all the lovely homes in our neighbourhood.  So thankful we live here.

Now... it's almost lunch time and I shall make us a sandwich then go into me sewing room.
I plan on making 2 more Gnome Runners, then probably 2-3 Wonky House Runners.
That shall keep me busy for a few weeks for sure.

ABOVE:  Bex's car had a flat battery, so they jump started it and took it for a run.
Then popped in to say 'Hi'.
They kept by their vehicle and we kept by the front door.... social distancing of course.

Though that really makes me laugh, when you go to the supermarket people are sure in hell not keeping 2 meters apart!

In fact, I've had people bump into me!  So the family visiting and keeping a distance is just fine by me.

OMG my house smells amazing!  We have mutton chops cooking in the oven... in thick mint sauce.  The smell is making my mouth water.

8.05 pm:  Well our dinner was fantastic.  Mutton chops and lamb shanks.  With veges and thickened mint sauce from the baking dish.

Now... I'm actually feeling really exhausted for no reason... so am going to bed early.


  1. It is fascinating how different your Mom's fabric pile is from yours. All beautiful. But definitely Different.

  2. Awwwww there’s some lovely fabrics there x
    Glad to see you’re seeing again.
    I get to unpack me FBG runner it arrived squeals so excited.
    For a minute there I thought you were gonna say spread ya legs
    In my defence I’m tired 😂

  3. Baby on the way?

  4. At least they care enough to stop in albeit from a distance 💙 just made a lasagne weather is sooooo warm here. Guy lost his job yesterday 🥺 all good though Logging Truck Operators are in short supply especially ones with 40 years experience!

  5. We just went to see our kids (took more baking) and chatted on the driveway. As you say it's socially distanced. Heck when we go for a walk there are people everywhere up at One Tree Hill. Yesterday we didn't even go into the park as it was too crowded. We do wear masks when people are around like that though.

  6. South island holiday?? Great you can see Steve and Bex and boys. Xxx

  7. What a colourful stash of fabric, I can just see you and your mum shopping for fabric...what wonderful memories you will remember as you sew them.

  8. I don't think I have ever seen mutton. Only lamb.

  9. That's why it was so ridiculous here when they had everything "closed". Hanging out with everyone you don't know at the grocery store but your own family isn't ok.


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