Saturday, September 11, 2021


 Today we are piling into the car and heading out for a day trip.  There will be Stew and I, Lacy, Keera and Brylee.

I will show you where we are going .... once we get there. 😋😏😊

Last night I discussed with Steve what we needed to do in the bathrooms.

He ended up making a start, and taking the mirrors and strip lighting down.

ABOVE:  Griffin gave him a hand.

Now I can get the last bits of wallpaper off the walls, and get the old tiles that are above the sinks off too.

Steve found the new mirror I want for our ensuite online too :

ABOVE:  It's so cool!  It has LED lighting all around the outside, and a demister feature too.

I'm going to look around for a different one for the 'family' bathroom.  

Now that we have some sort of 'timeline' for the reno work, I can start really getting into it!  So much fun.  And work.

At some point, we will have to put all the bedroom, lounge and family room furniture into the garage and sunroom.  We're not looking forward to that bit.

But... the way it looks now, it could be all done by Christmas.  How neat is that!   Then we can actually sit back and enjoy our home.

Now, back to today.  Time to get up, have breakfast, get some washing on, pack some snacks etc for the day... and then head off.

ABOVE: So we drove over to Tauranga so I could visit the Bernina shop. 
And ... the damn thing is closing down, reopening in a new location at the end of the month!
Worse, they have NO patchwork fabric left in the old shop. 
I'm like..  faaark it!

So now we are gunna go see if the fabric shop at the Mount is open or not.

Home.  4.50 pm.
The fabric shop at the Mount was gone.  No doubt another casualty of Covid.

We visited a dear friend of mine (Pip), who used to live in Cambridge, and is still an FBG walker like me.  

She has recently moved into her new home in Mount Maunganui ... which took forever to build.  It is an amazing home...

ABOVE:  Even her front fence is AMAZING.  Lots of friends and others have contributed to it... adding their own panels.

I am doing one too.
It will be a wave.

ABOVE:  There is a stand of trees behind me as I stand in front of this section of fence.  You don't realise it,  but behind the vertical wooden cladding on the house is a coloured painting of one of the trees! What you see is not just a shadow of the tree.

ABOVE:  Pip has an amazing slide going down from her upstairs area, to the foyer below!  It's the fast way downstairs.  😂😅😆

Pip is very much like me, and loves lots of colour.
We didn't stay very long as she had family visiting.

Stew and I will visit her at a later date and have a really good look around her gorgeous home.
She is about a 5 minute walk to the main Mt Maunganui beach.  Lucky, lucky tart.

ABOVE: That is an amazing, HUGE door! 

ABOVE:  Keera loved racing around the house and sliding down the slide with Pip's three grandsons.

Now... just a few happy snaps of the beach...

ABOVE:  Although the sun was shining, it was cold and blustery.
But not so bad that an ice cream wasn't appreciated.  😊😋

ABOVE:  A quick bathroom stop at Te Poi.  Loved the Stone shop's sign.

Now... time to unwind.  Relax for half and hour then think about what to cook for dinner.

MEH... we got fish 'n' chips for dinner!  Just couldn't be arsed cooking.
Relaxed in front of the telly for the remainder of the evening.  


  1. Awesome work Team Harvey 💙💙 am heading south today to catch up with my parents sooooo excited haven't seen them for ages. Taking some homemade food because cooking is becoming a bit difficult these days 🥺

  2. Kiwionholidays1:42 PM

    What a fab place to go , hope the Mount delivers the goods,,😷✅
    At least you can enjoy sitting back on way home with stunning views all around you guys

    Enjoy the weekend
    Cheers 🥂

  3. Sounds like a lovely family day out. A shame the shop you visited in Bernina shop in Tauranga was in the process of relocating. Hopefully you had better luck at the Mount 🙂

  4. Your photo reminds me of a story I heard recently about a Collie that was ejected from a car in an accident and was found two weeks later herding sheep. HAHA. My Collie would totally be that dog!

  5. Such Beauty everywhere. That is the coolest house EVER. A slide? I want one! The pics of all you humans are lovely!

  6. Anonymous5:34 PM

    What an awesome house, it's a work of art!

  7. Anonymous6:11 PM

    You both look gorgeous. Love your blue top Chris. Kj

  8. I always enjoy ice cream in winter tiohot to eat in summer melts to quick

  9. That house is amazing!!!!! What a lovely day out :)


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