Saturday, September 18, 2021


 Today we are going to forge ahead and try and get the bathrooms as ready as we can before the painters arrive on Tuesday.

Stew is hoping to get the old vanities out and the new ones in this weekend!   I hope they can, cos that would be a really big step forward.

Gosh it really is starting to happen.  

I had hoped for Stew and I to have a weekend away, but with the renovations starting it just isn't possible.

The fabric shop in Rotorua will just have to wait until after the painters have been.

There's going to be a 2-3 week gap between the painters finishing and the carpet being laid, so maybe we can get away then?

I hope so.  I feel like it's been just one thing after another the past few months.

Looking at the calendar, we might be able to get away for a few days in mid-October.  And that will mean we've not had a break away in 5 bloody months.  Pfffff.  It's about time it happened.

So I will get me thinking cap on and work out somewhere nice to go.  (with a fabric shop or two  😂)

ABOVE:  OH, this is the cake I bought yesterday.  DELICIOUS, one of the tastiest cakes I've ever eaten.  Just sayin'.

So back to today... we shall be pottering around here in the house, and not much else is on the agenda.

Catch ya later.

DANG!  Spotlight are having a 50% off Patchwork fabrics this weekend.
I think I have to go...

ABOVE: And that was almost a waste of time.
The selection of fabrics was kinda dismal.
The amount of people in the store was crazy... well over the 'allowed' 50.  The carpark was full to bursting.
The traffic was crazy too.

I managed to find a few fabrics that filled some gaps in my colours.  But not many.

Home now and awaiting Steve's arrival.  We tried taking some of the tiles off the bathroom walls.
Whoops.  Stew made a big hole in the plaster.  

Yeah.  Let's wait for Steve.  😅😆😊

4.20 pm:   And it's been a busy afternoon here.
Steve, Bex and boys arrived at lunchtime, with lunch for all of us.  Nice one.

Then Steve got onto destroying our ensuite bathroom.

ABOVE:  Once he'd ripped it apart, he patched the holes in the walls.  The plumber is coming at the beginning of the week to sort out removing the old vanities and putting the new ones in.

It turned out there were some parts that were not included with the vanities and sink tops, so we need a plumber.
The plumber will also advise me on what toilets to get.

Then, when the flooring company comes to put the new flooring down, he will come back and install the toilets.

Ducks... ducks... lining them up.

We are all just relaxing now.  Dinner this evening is going to be chinese takeaways, seems it's the most popular choice today.

Well dinner went down a treat.  It's now wind down time.
I'm in the family room watching tv, and Stew is in the lounge watching... rugby.

And I get this on me phone:

Rather sweet eh? 


  1. That cakek looks and sounds delicious
    It doesn’t hurt to indulge occasionally, it’s all in moderation

  2. That is exactly the same cake my daughter bought for my birthday cake, it was AMAZING!!!!! I love lemon anyway but that was the best. What fun getting your place completely renovated. You love living there and now you will love it even more.

  3. That cake truly looks good. At least you aren't the only one poking holes in the walls! Cute doggy.

  4. Chinese takeaway ... be still my beating heart!

  5. Kiwionholidays8:46 PM

    Hey nice one you are on a roll ,
    Well done to the Whanau who call by n help ,
    Will be fab when it’s all done
    Ours is on hold and running behind due to lockdown n Whanau who are doing the building for us still In lockdown so although it’s hugely delayed will all come together in the end,

    That cake sounds delicious,
    Will look out for it here in Aus,

    Take care
    Go the All Blacks ✔️✅🥝🏉

    Cheers 🥂

  6. I love anything lemon looks amazing, what I find neat is the things Steve has learnt in his trade is rather useful 😂 he’s a good son. Stew is so funny

  7. Did you always have plans to renovate the bathrooms? Bummer the replacement window you were looking at was so expensive - some renovations just aren't worth it, unless you win the lotto! Love the look of the lemon cake. We had a cake stall today as a fundraiser for school camp, and I think about 75% of the contributions were lemon based! It was very amusing

  8. Sweet note from Stew. Awww.

  9. Anonymous6:46 AM

    Ooh you two rock! Kj


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