Thursday, September 02, 2021


 During Levels 3 & 4 you can go to a store and do 'Click & Collect'.

Last time we were in hard lockdowns, I never did click and collect.

Yesterday was a first time for me... 

ABOVE:  Mitre 10 gives you a 30 minute 'window' when you can pick up your items.
Mine was 2 - 2.30 pm.
So I joined a huge queue...

ABOVE:  I just scraped in during my time slot.  

It is rather a neat way of shopping I must say.  No walking into the store to find what you want, they bring it out to you.  I liked that.
Maybe not the long wait though.

I doubt I will need to do it again.  We might only be in Level 3 until next week all going well.
Then the shops will open again and everyone can go mad after being cooped up at home.

I wonder if my parcel of fabrics will arrive today?
Be neat if they did.  I'm dying to see what she chose for me!

I will be working on the next 3 blue gnomes today.  I've not even cut them out yet!  So... that's me plan.
Housework, then sewing.

I'm fairly consistent in what I'm doing lately eh?  😉😊

1 pm:  Awesome news!   Our Covid numbers came down a good amount today.
Fingers crossed that continues.

More awesome news... me parcel of fabric arrived...

ABOVE:  LOOK AT THEM!  So awesome.  I'm not going to run outta grey/silver Christmas fabric in a hurry now.

ABOVE:   THE boys doing their school work. PHOTO SENT TO ME BY bEX.
And oh shit... now we have trouble!
I just discovered more fonts that I can use!
How much fun am I gunna have now!
Ha ha ha... this is gunna be AWESOME!

Karen :  tis the season, Whitianga.

The shop owner's name is Robyn, and she is just lovely.

6.20 pm:  Ha ha ha!  I had pork belly out for dinner.
Got sewing... forgot to put it in the oven.

We are having Fish 'n' chips for dinner now.

No different from 'normal' really.  We ring and place our order, and pick it up after about 10 minutes.  The only change is Stew has to pick it up from the shop's front door, not inside the shop. 

Well dinner was really yum.  So nice to not cook and have the kitchen look like a bomb site!
NOT that I clean it up.  Stew always does the dishes.

I'm a bit lucky eh?

And on that note, I'm outta here.  It's 11 pm and I'm tired.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. My son has been using curbside pick up for a year and a half now. I still go to stores but mask up!

  2. Kiwionholidays10:47 AM

    Love click n collect , it’s a nice drive to get there n no seeing other things n buying them while I am there .
    Purpose shopping 🛒 though for me is a new discipline,

    Have a fab day
    Cheers 🥂

  3. Because we are still in level 4 we cannot even do that yet. I was talking to one of my clients yesterday who is hanging out for level 3so she can order paint and repaint her house :-)

  4. I have been doing curbside since March 2020 - pharmacy, Target, grocery and I don’t think I will go back to in-store shopping. Curbside is so efficient and I stick to my list, no impulse. I had a hard time getting my mom (age 80) to try curbside, now she said she is sticking with it permanently too.

  5. Love that you back sewing again, I love seeing your creativity

  6. I've not done click and collect but I have had stuff delivered/posted. So glad to see you sewing again.

  7. Anonymous12:57 PM

    I'm dying to go and buy a few things but I'm making a list. I'm over this lockdown. Been sitting in carpark in sun at Drs for 1/2 hour waiting for my face to face appt!!! $100 gone in a week. Had phone consult Mon. No better. Kj

  8. You're in your happy place when sewing chick 💙 apart from the aches and pains 🥺 am in dire need of a haircut OMG it's worse than last year!! Not going platinum blonde this time though 🤣

  9. Anonymous1:21 PM

    Hi seems like you are back to enjoying your hobbies, you are a really clever with your sewing. We are all immunised here as well, hoping life with return to normal one day.



  10. Anonymous1:58 PM

    Wow those Grey's are gorgeous. Where did you get them from? Kj

  11. OMG - she rocked the gray/silver choices! They are fabulous.

  12. Pork Belly.
    I had never heard of Pork Belly prior to reading your blog. Now - if I EVER see pork belly on a menu (very rare)..... It is what I order.

  13. do not torture us with 36,394 typefaces! As a former professional typographer, I would be in agony!!!!!

  14. Yum I miss fish and chips. We were gona have pork sausages but ended up having pizza lol was so good.

  15. I would love fish and chips but the only decent one is outside our 5km limit. Enjoy!

  16. Our fish chip shop not opening until Saturday night. Made pot chicken and vegesoup tonight so that will fill my tummyfor couple nights

  17. Wonderful news about the numbers coming down. Yum to fish and chips. Keep well.


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