Wednesday, September 29, 2021


 When the painters left yesterday, they said today would be their last day here!

I'm like ... WOW!  That would be bloody wonderful.

I am going to be able to put SOME of our stuff back where it belongs.

Not all of it, as when the carpet is replaced, that's gunna make a bit of dust.  So yeah, probably won't put too much back.

It will be awesome, after today,  NOT having to get outta bed at 6 - 6.15 am, to be decent for the painters!  

And it will be neat not having to strip our bed, and put things like toaster/jug/coffee & computer tables/etc into the sun room to protect them from dust every day.

At the end of next week (all going well) we will have Carpet Court in to lay down the new hard flooring in the kitchen and bathrooms.

That's when the new vanities and toilets will go in too.

Gosh it will be wonderful to have two fully functioning bathrooms again.  Sharing a very small 3rd bathroom (the wet room), with Stew and visitors is a right pain in the bum.

We are both finding it stressful living in a home that is in a state of disarray. I don't know how people do major renovations while still living in their house.

ABOVE: The garage, which isn't quite as full as I thought it would be.

Give it time!  When we have to get all the major furniture out for the carpet to be laid... it's gunna be FULL!

ABOVE:  The sunroom... no much room in here for anything else, and certainly no room to swing a cat. 

ABOVE:  Ha ha ha!   Like I'm ever gunna have a cat in me house!

So, today I will continue doing some sewing, housework, maybe pop out to do some shopping?


Catch ya later.

9.10 am:  And I have finally finished cutting up and re-arranging those chair covers I bought.  With the amount of work it's taken, I should have just made them from scratch myself.

ABOVE:  I put pockets on the side of two arm covers.  Might be handy for ya phone?  Note pad and pen?  Meh.  Just did it cos I had extra fabric.

'P'  just told me he'd have to come back another day (didn't say what day) to finish off a corner in the lounge.  It's taking longer than expected to dry.  He's filled the wonky bumps and dents with filler... and that takes a while to set.  I'm perfectly happy with that, as it means they are doing a good job.

I'm now just sitting in me sewing room, twiddling my thumbs.
I dreamed all night of putting pictures back on the walls!  And fluffing around with ornaments.
I just want it to be back to normal.

1.53 pm:  The painters finished today at about 11.20!  They are coming back tomorrow to finish up one small area.  Otherwise, it's done.

Two of my cousins arrived at 11.20, just as the painters were leaving in fact.  They stayed until 1 pm.  It was lovely to sit and chat with them, I'd not seen either of them since our family funerals earlier this year, and last year.

I've just had me lunch, and now I'm going to relax for a little while, put me feet up.  My left leg has been swelling up quite a bit this past week.  Not putting me feet up enough obviously.

Well, it's now 6.54 pm.  Stew is home.  I've been fluffing around, putting just a few things back in their normal place.

Tomorrow I shall place pictures around the house, ready for Stew to hang on Friday.
He's taken Friday off work so he can have a bit of a sleep in and wind down.

He's bloody tired.  

Crazy man, thinking he will get a rest staying at home!  Ha ha ha.

So, the rest of this evening will be spent doing some more 'fluffing around' I think.  Then obviously ... bed.  Which I'm really looking forward to.


  1. Renovations are soooo exhausting, but the end results always make it worthwhile. Not much longer, and you will be loving your home again :)

  2. The pockets on the arm rests would certainly be used here at my house! I am glad the painting is getting done (better).

  3. It did not take the painters long at all considering it was the whole house. Mine started then when he had a bit to go - lockdown happened so I had the upstairs bathroom out of action as it was all masked & taped off, the downstairs bedroom masked off and all his gear spread around the house. Not his fault of course. He did come in the last week of level 4 and pick up most of his gear so he could do some work at his own place (suitable distanced etc from us). Glad it is all done now and I cannot wait to be able to afford the rest of the place being done, it is so fresh and clean.

  4. Kiwionholidays9:12 PM

    So pleased for you the painters are on the home run,
    It’s never easy having work done while we are living there, but the reward at the end is well worth the effort,

    We are hoping lockdown is over soon for our Reno crew but atm looks like at least 6 weeks ,
    Love the wee birds on the nite nite,

    Cheers 🥂

  5. Wow that’s great going re the painting can’t wait to see all the pictures and everything back, wot be long now until it’s all done.

  6. You will be pleased that you can now tick painting off your "To Do" list. I am dreading the paint fumes when we tackle the painting of our house.


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