Friday, September 24, 2021



I don't have to jump out of bed as early today.

The men are not arriving until around 8 am this morning.

I can see us having the lounge and family/dining/kitchen rooms done by the end of today!

That is their aim anyway.  

While they work, I am going to cook some scones for Stew and his work colleagues, then take them into the office for morning tea.

It's 'BLUE SEPTEMBER'.  Aimed at bringing awareness to Prostrate Cancer, so I shall be colouring the cream BLUE.  

After morning tea I will be coming home to get on with my housework.

Then adjusting the chair covers I bought yesterday.

ABOVE:  That's how they look right now... need an iron badly!   I'm going to cut them up!  Wait and see... later.

ABOVE:  I made this 'thing' yesterday.  It's to stop the dogs coming from the back seat of my car into the front.

Coco nearly gave me a heart attack the other day, by jumping through the gap and onto my lap while I was driving through a busy intersection.  The 'barrier' should stop her doing that again.

I put pockets on it, front and back, which should prove handy.  Masks, hand sanitiser etc.

This afternoon I will be going out to pick up Keera from school, as it's an access weekend for Lacy (and us).  She will be sleeping on a mattress in the lounge this weekend, as the bedroom we usually have her in is full of the painter's gear, buckets of paint, ladders and so on.

Dante and Archer will be coming over tomorrow and staying the night, so all three kids can have a sleep over in the lounge.  They will enjoy that.

Right, I better get up and get moving.

Need to get dinner in the crock pot (Pulled Pork), then cook those scones.

9.17 am:  crazy busy!

Didn't have any milk to make the scones, so I had to rush out first thing and get some.

Then, because I was feeling rushed and a bit stressed, I made a mistake.

ABOVE:  I was JUST ABOUT to put the 4 trays of scones in the oven, and was tidying up the bench before I did that.

I had used BAKING SODA instead of BAKING POWDER.

See how alike those two containers are? 

Yeah.   I was furious with myself.

Those scones are now sitting in the garage fridge, I will cook them up this afternoon and see how they go?

I very quickly made another huge batch of scones, and they have just come out of the oven. 
They look great.

ABOVE:  Well morning tea went down well.  The staff loved me scones and blue cream.  So did Stewy.

After that I popped into Carpet Court, paid their astronomical deposit and booked them in to do the vinyl flooring in 2 weeks.
The carpet has to be manufactured before it can be put down.  Probably late October or even November now.

Steve arrived to check out the painting job.
Brylee has arrived to pick up a picnic rug.
Lacy arrived to... ANNOY me, she's coming back at 3.

ABOVE:  One chair down, 3 to go.
IF I can get the 4th one ordered from Spotlight, as they only had 3 yesterday.
The adjustment was cutting the piece that goes up behind your head off, and making it 'free' from the base bit.  It was too short and kept falling down.
I also bound it in me nautical fabrics.

ABOVE: WHY?  How can blue cream make you think of 'Blue Balls'?  She found herself highly amusing.  What a mini twat.

ABOVE: Cuddles with Marley.  Coco was going ballistic on the floor, trying to jump up on her lap too.

Well, it's been a fairly busy afternoon.  Before picking Miss Muppet up, I went into Spotlight to try and order a 4th chair cover.
No luck, they don't have any more in that particular colour, so I got two in a slightly darker brown.
They can go on the two recliners in the lounge.

Then I went and got the kid and we spent the afternoon with Steve, Bex, Lacy and the boys.

Now it's after dinner and all is quiet.  

The house painting is probably half done.

The painters think they will be finished around Wednesday next week.  I am looking forward to putting paintings back up!  Most of the other things in the garage and sun room will just have to stay in there, until the carpet is done.  

Right, time to sign off for the day.  I'm damn tired and REALLY looking forward to a sleep in tomorrow.


  1. Prostate cancer sucks. Lucky work colleagues to get your scones though. Can’t wait to see your finished home, I’m sure it will be gorgeous.

  2. We have two dogs and buckle them when driving with seat belt attachments made for dogs. One end hooks to their harness and the other plugs into seatbelt lock/mechanism. We only use with strong harnesses, never their collars. It protects them in case of wreck, plus keeps them in place in backseat.

  3. Anonymous9:47 AM

    That is annoying about the scones...lucky you are so capable to make more so quickly...I put salt in instead of sugar once for a cream scone recipe...ha ha. Its the prostate....not so many people make that mistake. Enjoy your weekend with the children...


  4. Oh hahahaha, I feel your pain. I made pikelets one day for mothers day (mums favourite) ... twice, and they were horrible...ummmm salt and sugar in same containers, no labels.. felt like a total goof. :-)

  5. Could those long bits over the arms be shortened and then held in by elastic? You wouldn't see the elastic because it would be under the front and back of the arms.

  6. Anonymous5:21 PM

    Stew obviously enjoyed them. Blue mustouche lol. Kj

  7. Brylee is so pretty!

  8. Those scones sure look good. Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. Wait. What? A sleep in? With three kids in the house having a slumber party??? Good Luck with that!


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