Friday, September 03, 2021


 Well..... I did it again.

Another runner done and dusted.  That makes 5 made in the past 12 days.  I'm really happy with that.

I got the gnome one finished last night:

ABOVE:  Stew really loves this one.  It's bright and cheerful.  In the photo it looks a bit 'bare', but in person it's just lovely.  Chole's Nan, if you want it let me know.

I'm not sure if I will start another one today or not.  I might need a break.  My lower back is killing me.

So maybe a lazy, watch a movie type of day?

I'll see how I feel a bit later.

FONTS:  Well after experimenting with a few... I think I will stick with my usual one.  It's easiest to read.

Can't have you all squinting can I?  😂😅😆

12.28 pm:  Well... I've had a lazy sort of morning.
I slept in (OK, lay in bed) till 10 am!  Then I went down the road and posted a parcel.
Came home and shortened a dress's hem.  I feel like quite a few of my dresses are just a bit long.

ABOVE:  I took about 4 inches off this one.  Now I have about 3 more I'm gunna shorten a bit.  Maybe not quite as short as this one though.
This one is probably an inch or two too short.

ABOVE: Spring really is coming!   This is one of my most favourite trees ... and it's getting leaves.  
ABOVE:  It's a fling open the windows sorta day.

ABOVE:  Bex has these little boys out walking down by the river.

ABOVE:  A beautiful photo Bex!

6.15 pm:  I finished watching Clickbait this afternoon.  OMG I loved it!  Such a good watch.
Totally recommend it to anyone who likes a 'who done it'.

I forgot to cook the pork belly AGAIN!  I'm a bit  useless.  So... KFC here we come.

Correction, Stew is going to get in a humongous queue and get it.  

I'm gunna find another good one to watch tonight.  Anyone know of a good 'who done it' on Netflix?

CHLOE'S NAN:  I will hold it for you until I can get it weighed and a price to post it... which won't be until we are in Level 2.

And it's another day done and dusted.
Busting for a piddle, so better move!
Anyone else wait until they are literally about to pee their pants before going?  I do it all the time.  😂😅😆


  1. I love the gnome table runner. So cute. I would love one just like that in greens, not that I'm expecting you you to do that and ship to me in the states, but it is really nice. Definitely a favorite, although, I like your quirky house table runners also. I'm glad you're back to creating again. Hold on to the happy times. Ranee (MN) USA

    1. You are in Minnesota? Me too! Howdy, Neighbor!

  2. Hope your movie day is going to plan.

  3. I agree about dress length, I feel so frumpy if it's too long! Around the knee is best for me.

  4. Looking lovely Chris. You look healthy and slimmer too. Whatever you’re doing it is working 😊

  5. You have lovely legs. Show them off.

  6. Lovely photo of the river. I like your finished runner as well :)

  7. Nice set of legs girlfriend 💙💙 and you look tanned 😍 boring weekend ahead am wanting to visit my parents but still can't sooooo frustrating 🤬

  8. Anonymous4:07 PM

    It has been a beautiful day here too but not good on my I'm in a coat lol when I go outside. Lol love that dress Chris. Show off those gorgeous legs. Hopefully level 2 next week!

  9. I think the dress in the photo would be a lovely tunic (long shirt) for me! It would be darling with black leggings.

  10. That dress looks fabulous on you. I wish I had your legs!

  11. The Gulf is a NZ police drama. Quite good! Click bait is in my list!

  12. The runner is lovely, yes please :), depending on postage costs of course. Thank you.


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