Tuesday, September 21, 2021


 Well, even if I wanted to, there will be no more sleep in's for me for a while.

The painters are due here at 7 am!  Damn early start, but not as early as they could have been.

On some jobs they start at 6 am!  Bugger that.

I'm not getting out of bed that early for anyone.

I have no idea what the guys will do today, so it will be interesting to see.  I am so damn thrilled this is finally getting done.

I hope to have some 'progress' photos during the day.  Wouldn't that be awesome???

I wonder what they will get done today?

We have a small change to the job too.  They are now doing all the interior walls, AND the door frames and skirting boards.

That way it all looks fresh and clean.

I will be painting any interior doors that need it, later on as well.

Shit, look at the time!  I really better get outta bed and get dressed, comb the hair etc.  Can't be looking like an old hag when they arrive.

8.16 am:  Well those blokes were not kidding.
They arrived at 6.50 am!
And straight into it.
OMG they are so on to it.

ABOVE: That's 'S'.  He said I'm damn lucky he's letting me take his photo.  He doesn't even like his Mum taking his photo.  Nice guy allowing me to not only take his photo, but put it on me blog.  (I've now bleeped out the painters faces for various reasons)

ABOVE:  And this is 'P'.  He's full of knowledge.  It's just so neat seeing how quickly they are getting on with it.
I can't see them taking two weeks to get this done somehow. 

ABOVE:  The house is now stripped back to bare basics in the majority of the rooms.  Feels weird.  When I was packing all the glassware from the cabinet in the lounge I was like, far out, I only did this two years ago!

And this is all because I didn't like the wallpaper!
Sure spiralled out from there!

11.36 am:  I decided to go shopping with Bex and Brylee.  Grocery shopping.
I needed curry powder and spaghetti.

I spent $200 on them, and a couple of other things.  😒😝
Home now, put the groceries away and in awe of how much these guys have done in just a few hours.

ABOVE:  The smell is pretty strong, so I'm probably going to be spending my time either in the sewing room, or at someone else's house!

It will be interesting if we can sleep with the paint fumes tonight?

3.50 pm:  Gosh busy busy!
I had lunch with Bex, then whipped over to Mitre 10 and picked up the new toilets.
They await removal from my car by Stew.

Then Bex and I walked with the dogs over to pick the boys up from school.  Got caught in a little shower of rain on the way back.

I don't think the dogs were too impressed with the rain, but too bad.

Now I'm home, and the painters are about half an hour away from finishing for the day. They've done a huge amount of the prep work today!

I've had a beef curry cooking in the crockpot all day for our dinner.  So no bother with cooking dinner tonight.

Well dinner was just so so tonight.  The rice was gluggy, overcooked.  And the curry was a little overcooked too.  A fail in other words.  Luckily I don't do that too often.

I am damn tired as.  We will be in bed earlier than usual tonight for sure.

I watched Marley after we put them to bed.  She went outside and barked like usual, but no one came and fed  her.  She kept barking for a while then gave up.
I'm now wondering if the weight gain is due to something else?  *sigh*  It's rather frustrating.


  1. I think it will look fabulous, a nice neutral backdrop for your art/glass, very clean and contemporary.

  2. Wow - the progress is already impressive. Excellent start!

  3. OK, I would never have thought you wouldn't be getting all the trims done at the same time! I'm glad they suggested it because that's what will make the whole thing look like new. How exciting, I love new stuff (like you do too).

  4. Anonymous11:13 AM



  5. Anonymous11:51 AM

    Did they have to prep the walls first before they started painting. If they are painting already they are very impressive. It will look so good when the carpets and the vinyl are in - and the bathrooms - it will be like a brand new house. Audrey

  6. Wow....
    Hope paint is not to strong foe sleeping tonight.

  7. It is weird to see your house so bare.

  8. Anonymous4:59 PM

    Very exciting. I can't stand the smell of paint now so I'd have to move out. Kj

  9. Laura Miceli5:59 PM

    Hi Chris, I'm trying this again. Every time that I've sent you a comment in the last month or so, they never show up on here. I'm not sure why, so I'm trying again.
    If it turns out that no one is sneaking food to your dogs, you might want to consider getting some blood work done. When I was a veterinary nurse and someones dog would have un-explained weight gain, we usually suspect intestinal parasites or Cushing's disease, which is an endocrine thing. Anyway, I just thought I'd mention that to you. I hope this will post this time! Good luck with the babies.

    1. I wondered about taking them to vet too. But you are smart to rule out neighbor first.

  10. Oh how wonderful to have a competent team to do all the work. All the best for a quick finish and a result you love

  11. Hope you manage to solve the mystery of the dog's weight gain. If it was just one dog, I'd suggest she might be eating the other one's food (that happened when one of our cats got much bigger than her sister!), but as it's both, that doesn't work! How old are they? I don't know about dogs, but cats nutritional requirements change with age, so it may be they need less food now, or a different balance of food (for example, less dog biscuits if they are fed them). Again, that was an issue with our cats and weight gain at one point. Good luck!

  12. Walking with dogs over to get Bex and then walk to get boys at school regularly is really good idea. It would help schedule your day. It would be daily walk for you and dogs. It would give you catch-up/socialization time, especially with your various levels of lock-down.


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