Tuesday, September 14, 2021


 It's going to be a 'stay at home' day today.

Lacy is coming over to finish getting the last of the wallpaper/backing paper off the walls in our ensuite bathroom.

I was going to continue taking the tiles off the walls in the two bathrooms, but ummm...

ABOVE:  A  hammer, a chisel, and me.

Yeah.  Might leave that job for Steve!  We don't need any more holes in the wall.

I am a rip, shit and bust sorta person.... not the best attributes for home reno's.  😂😅😆

There is no point moving much more into the garage for now, as it could still be another month or so  until the flooring company can replace the carpet and kitchen/bathroom flooring.

So... I might finish shortening a couple more summer dresses.  And after that making a start on another runner or two.

10.47 am:  Lacy is not having much luck with getting the backing paper off the ensuite walls.  It just will not come off.  Might be a job for the painters next week (fingers crossed they come!).

Meanwhile, I've just had a glazier come and measure up to replace a window in the family room.  We are changing it from a solid, does not open window, to Bi-folds like we have in the sunroom.
That will give us ventilation in the kitchen/dining/family room, which is desperately needed over summer.

Gosh, so much getting lined up to do/fix/change.
And it is still 'on track' to all be done by Christmas.

ABOVE:  Saw this on Facebook... totally something I would do.  Have a laugh.

Tentative quote for the new window?  Way, way more than we thought.  Probably won't be getting it done.  I'll just turn on the AC!

I had a quiet afternoon, moved a couple of small things into the garage and our bedroom drawers into the sunroom. (Lacy helped with the drawers).

Put a mince and bacon stew in the crock pot.  Bought a cheese and bacon loaf to go with it.  Kinda lazy dinner.

Headache.  As per usual really.  I wake with a  headache, and go to sleep with a headache.  God I hope once my tooth is finally sorted I don't get any more headaches!
Wouldn't that be wonderful?

Anyway, I'm gunna take a nurofen (cos they do work a bit) then go to bed.  Really tired.


  1. My husband is a rip it up and bull forward sort of guy too. That is actually pretty useful so don't feel bad about it for one minute. It DOES get stuff done. And the hole will be covered up anyhow.

  2. Love that saying about the clothes. A friend of mine is a stylist (specialising in plus sizes) one of the things she drums into us is that "It is the clothes job to fit us - not the other way around". Basically, if it does not fit, it is the clothes that are wrong, not our bodies because ... all bodies are different shapes & sizes in different areas.

  3. Love that saying. Fair few tops are lying on the floor in my room thinking about what they've done... nothing to do with terrible lockdown eating 🤣🤣 but suddenly dont fit. But jealous of people out there getting fit during lockdown while im working but i am lazy on top of all that too... ugh one day.

  4. Anonymous5:04 PM

    Lol love that saying. I could do that with a lot of clothes and never have to vacumn again. You wouldn't see the carpet! Kj

  5. Lazy dinners are the best.
    When planning any renos I have discovered that hard way that whatever you think something will cost, triple it, multiply by 72 divide by 3 and have a stiff drink.

  6. Have you also seen a doctor about your headaches? Just to be sure it's not your tooth? Sinus headaches shouldn't be that often. Maybe worth a try before spending all that money on your tooth!

  7. Good luck with the renos. Hope you feel better soon.


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