Tuesday, September 07, 2021


 One more day until life gets back to 'normal'.

Stew can go back to work.

Kids can go back to school.

We can see family again, and have them visit.

I can go... SHOPPING.

I really didn't think I'd need much, it's not like we have been in 'lockdown' for that long, this time around right?

But... I have an idea my Spotlight list will be fairly long.  Since I started sewing again, there's been many occasions when I've gone "Damn, I'm out of that".

So, I shall meander around the house checking on what I want to get, and make that list.

As Stew said to me, when you are not 'ALLOWED' to go somewhere, or do something, that's all you want to do.  So true.

Gosh I feel damn sorry for MOST people up in Auckland, who are still in Level 4.  Who knows how long it will go on for them?

ABOVE:  I had a wander around the yard yesterday.  SPRING has sprung.  Though those purple flowers (top right) never stopped flowering all year I think!  

There's so much going on in the garden right now.  This time last year I was preparing to leave for Australia.

While I was away I missed so many shrubs and flowers coming into bloom.  This year I will get to see them all.

Last winter I planted 5 Peony bulbs, but they didn't grow very much at all, and they certainly had no flowers.  

So last summer I dug them up and put them in pots.  And waited.


ABOVE:  Forgive me for showing off random shoots!  But I'm just so happy they seem to be growing this year!  4 out of 5... and there is still time for the 5th to grow.

I love peony's... and those bulbs were damned expensive!  So fingers crossed I can show them blooming in a couple of months.

ABOVE: This shrub is AMAZING...  it looked like this when I went away last year. While away it became just a seething mass of flowers. Brylee sent me a photo.  I can't wait to see it for myself in another month.

It seems to have a few flowers on it almost all year round.

So, that's it for now.  Boring plants.  List making.

Maybe some work in the sewing room later on.

Catch ya later.

MEH.  It's a shitty, wet, miserable day.  Kinda matches my mood.  I have done housework all morning, and cut up those 'horrendous' net curtains that no one liked... and pinned them up in the dining room.
I shall get small curtain 'rods' to hang them from tomorrow all going well.  They will stay LIKE THAT, not drawn across the windows btw.

ABOVE:  Don't you DARE tell me they look bloody horrendous there.  I shall ignore the fuck outta you.

I've sent a semi-crabby email to the painting company.  I really, really want to know just WHEN I can expect them to come and get my job done.
It's holding up EVERYTHING else.  Grrrrrr.

I am NOT a patient person, so having to wait this long... is PAINFUL.
I've wanted this done since we moved in here ffs.

9.30 pm:   Well, I've just been fluffing around the house this afternoon.  Did the washing I'd usually do tomorrow... but that's about all.
Really weird day actually.
Stew is prepared for work at the office tomorrow, and I've got me shopping list all done.

So... that's about it from me today.  Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Love your camellias and azaleas, they are some of my favorite flowers because they bloom late winter/early spring.

  2. Nothing is boring! The flowers are fun and mark the changing of the seasons. We have a few yellow leaves falling. But "fall colors" have not begun at all. It was a lovely warm, bug free day today. So I sat outside with my Mom and a friend and did a colorful puzzle. And tonight there will be a fish fry! Yum!

  3. There are so many things I need this time round during lockdown! We have ordered some things online but none have been delivered. Stu smashed the glass top on our coffee table so we've been using a camp table, our bed mattress springs have gone so we are sleeping on the spare (not so good) bed. I ordered a mobile phone for Fletcher's birthday and that's lost in transit. I have the 'VIP' investigation team looking into that apparently. I'm over it all but happy for everyone else.

  4. you azaleas look great. I finally got my little broken bush to flower this week too! It's a pale pink double like yours, too.

  5. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Your garden is beautiful Chris. Can't wait to see the peonies. I love them too. I especially love this time of the year. New life. Have a lovely day. Kj

  6. Stew is so right. Even if I have not planned on going anywhere, being told I CANNOT go anywhere makes me feel like I really want to. Must be a rebellious streak hidden in there somewhere :)

  7. Anonymous12:18 PM

    If they can't get hold of the sealant then they probably won't be able to tell you when they can do the job, lol. Did your Mum not tell you that patience is a virtue? But who believed it anyway? It isn't that long since you stripped the wallpaper. Audrey

  8. Love the azaleas and camellias. It looks like the purple flowers might be campanula.
    The curtains look so much better there. Enough colour to be interesting but not too busy.
    I want a doughnut. I don't particularly like doughnuts but because there isn't a decent doughnut shop within my 5km that is what I crave!

  9. Well like the curtains
    Spotlight here usually have a 30%off sale when lock downs finish here. I guess they will again when it ends.
    I am waiting on a plumber to turn up to install my new stove and service the gas heater. He was meant to be here last week 🙄

  10. If demand is as high there as it is here and very very short on supplies, companies have long long waiting lists of customers. It is in your best interest to be sweet and understanding or they might just skip you and go on to the next. Waits here are 6-9-12 mos easily. Many many people find that companies just stop returning calls.

    1. I have NEVER been a patient person.

    2. You might have to have a family painting party if you want it done soon, assuming you can get supplies.

  11. Anonymous1:10 PM

    I love the curtains there, they tie it all together. Good job!! Ky Girl

  12. My painter was half way through the job when we got put into level 4 so I have the upstairs bathroom masked off & covered in plastic and the downstairs bedroom in the same state. We need to be back in level 3 so he can finish before Samyson gets back from Canada so he will have somewhere to sleep (apart from the couch).

  13. I like the curtains there too

  14. We have all kinds of shortages here too. My work does things for farmer's irrigation systems and the prices for their supplies have exploded.

  15. The curtains in the dining room look very nice. Love to see pictures of your garden, especially now because it is Fall here in USA and I'm looking forward to Spring already.


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