Sunday, September 26, 2021


Good morning!  Kids slept well last night! They even went to sleep fairly quickly, without too many shenanigans.  Bloody amazing.  I was expecting them to be little shits. 

ABOVE:  I shall not be confusing the Baking Powder with the Baking Soda ever again. 

So today... well Lacy and Keera are off to the farm for the day.
Steve is coming over to help with the family bathroom, taking out the vanity in there etc.
Then we can prep that room for the new flooring (about 2 weeks away), and the new vanities and toilets.
I mentioned that we were looking at a new lounge setting to replace the dark brown one in the family room yesterday?

So, thinking about it yesterday afternoon and evening, I've pretty much decided to also get two new recliners for the family room.

The two recliners we are using right now will go into the lounge.

That way we won't have two different sets of furniture in the family room like we do right now.

All that could take a bit of time, depending on how long it takes to get the new suite.

It could be months before they are ready for delivery.  (5-6 months, or more!)

But that's OK, I don't mind waiting (much).  It will be worth it.

ABOVE: This is the lounge suite we are contemplating for the family room.  It will fit in the corner perfectly.  It has a recliner on the right hand side.  Not 100% set on the colour yet, but it will most likely be a light tan if not that actual colour (above). 

ABOVE: That's a suite in blue.  What do you think?  Yeah?  Nah?  I'd love it in blue, but probably wouldn't 'go' in our home.  Sadly. 😂😊

Right, that's it from me, for now.  Time to feed the grandkids their breakfast, and get them ready for the day.

 10.05 am:  Daylight saving kicked in overnight.

We had kids awake at 6 am, so 7 am adjusted.  Not too bad.
Lacy has been and picked up Keera.  I'm sure they will have a neat day together. 

12.15 pm:  And Steve has been and gone! The vanity in the family bathroom is gone.  Now we can get the flooring and new vanity put in early October.  We shall be repairing and painting the walls in that bathroom ourselves.

The boys have left with their parents, so it's just Stew and I again.  QUIET!

So, the place that has the lounge suite we liked?  SALE ends today.   Typical.

So we went back in and sussed out recliners.
AND... bugger bugger bugger.  The recliners were not big enough for Stew to be comfortable in them.
So we reassessed our choice of suite. 

ABOVE: That's the three seater, BUT... we are not getting a three seater.  We are getting a corner setting, with recliners at each end, plus two recliner armchairs.

AND YES!!!   We bought a pale blue lounge suite!
It almost looks blue/grey in certain lighting, but it is blue.

We chose this suite as it is very comfortable, and the reclining armchairs were big enough for Stew.  So many are too small for him.

Delivery isn't for approximately 5 months, maybe a little sooner.  
That's ok, it gives us time to get everything else finished in the house. 

It's lunchtime.  Stew has gone to get us a pizza.  We will be having pizza left overs for dinner as well.  My job is done.  😂😄😆

Well... it's now 10.27 pm. Stew and I  had a quiet afternoon, did bugger all really.
We had a silly bugger dinner with Miss Muppet.
She's now asleep and it's almost bedtime for me too.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Hmmm.... I am trying to decide if I like the blue or not. I know you like blue - so I don't understand why it wouldn't "go" in your house. It just seems like humans everywhere have "beige" furniture. Why don't we have more colorful furniture? If you like the blue - you of all people - could make it work. Just thin about it (I know you will).

  2. Anonymous10:46 AM

    Blue would be good for your house but that suite is the wrong blue - it wouldn't go with your new carpet. There is so little furniture these days that isn't either cream, beige or grey - great for people who want those colours but some of us would like something different. BTW, you mentioned your white walls - white walls are perfect for displaying pictures and other decorations - I have nothing against white walls, lol. Lots more shopping time before you find exactly what you are looking for. Audrey

  3. Love the colour of the suite and it looks really comfortable.

  4. I know you are not buying the thing that Stew is sitting on. But - are you buying matching pieces? Is it that pale blue/gray leather? That will look nice and be a bit more subtle compared to the REALLY blue set.

    1. Yes, the same suite only in a different configuration. Corner suite and two recliners.

  5. Love the colour of the suite you chose. Blue, but not "out there" blue. And it's not as if you will ever NOT have a blue decor, is it?!

  6. I really LOVE the colour, really really love it!!!

    1. Thanks, so do we. It's totally different to any other suite we've had before. (in colour that is)

  7. Anonymous4:18 PM

    Is that Stew sitting on the couch? whats he done to his knee? Kj

    1. He twisted his knee on the sloping back lawn yesterday, while mowing it. Only he could hurt himself mowing a 5 minute lawn! lol

    2. Anonymous9:39 PM

      Ouch! Hope it heals fast.

  8. Anonymous4:22 PM

    Like this colour - it is definitely more you and Stew. Which shop is it from? Audrey

    1. Nick Scali at The Base, Hamilton.

  9. I love the colour of your new suite. Bet you can't wait to see it in your home

  10. Lovely colour couch ohhhh exciting everything fingers crossed be done by Xmas I foresee a relaxing time by then surely…..

  11. We had pizza for tea on way home from an awesome weekend in chch at a craft workshop.

  12. Wow you have lots going on with decorating your home. Such a luxury to have painters do the work. You certainly deserve it. You have a very colourful decorative style so your lounge should suit your home. You sound excited and happy. That’s fabulous


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