Wednesday, September 01, 2021


 And yaaa... we are now at Level 3.

And nothing changes!

We can get drive through takeaways, and get some takeaways delivered.

Some people can go back to work under strict conditions.

Steve is going back to work in his office, so we will not be expanding our bubble to include him and his little family.

That will have to wait until Level 2.

Which is fine.

We can still see them from a distance, because we live in the same local area.  As I've said before, they live only a few minutes away from us.

Stew will be working from home until we enter Level 2, so I get the pleasure of his company for a bit longer.  It's nice having lunch together and seeing him whenever I like.

ABOVE:  That made me laugh.

Lots of things make me laugh lately.  I  have far too much time to scroll through facebook and social media!  

BUT.  IT'S.  FUN! 

I started watching Clickbait on Netflix yesterday afternoon.  OMG very interesting.   I'm up to Episode 3... might watch more of that later.

And I will definitely get back to my sewing today too.

ABOVE: Yep... another season rolls over.

Daylight saving starts at the end of this month.  I'm NOT ready for hotter days, thank you very much!

I like winter.  I don't like all the rain, but the cooler temps, yep, love it.

Oh well... time marches on and I better get moving.  

10.42 am:   And I'm already sewing.  Such fun.

ABOVE:  Back to doing hair.  It's a laborious process I must say.

ABOVE:  I had a bloke visit today.  We wore masks and kept our 2 meter distance from each other.  
He's measuring up our driveway for a reseal.
We have cracks and loose stones... so another job will be ticked off the list in a month or two.

ABOVE:  Diligent guard dogs.  They bark and growl at EVERYTHING that moves or makes a noise.
Cats. Dogs. People. Cars. Birds.  SNAILS.  Leaves. *sigh*  DILIGENT. 

ABOVE:  One down, five to go.  
But for now... it's lunchtime.
I'm off to make toasted sandwichs for Stew and I.

Lunch - Tick
Down time - Tick

Then back to the sewing.

ABOVE:  Now three gnomes are done.
Tomorrow I might do the other three.
We will see.  My butt hurts from sitting so much!

Time to take half an hour 'off' before I have to cook dinner.  😏

Dinner this evening was Pork Sausages, Coleslaw, boiled eggs, cheese, beetroot and Chinese flavoured rice.

And now... it's finally time to just RELAX. 


  1. We just finished Clickbait... I enjoyed it. Spring - I love spring and summer but not that our great big hedge grows and everything needs trimming. I hate bugs too but do love summer (mainly because of air conditioning). We too see family from a distance and I don't see anything wrong with that. I bake for the boys and drop it off and see them close enough to chat (but at a distance). We've all had negative covid tests too. F had to get three tests done poor sod and they stuck that thing so far up my nose this time I thought they'd pop my eye out!

  2. ahhhh favourite season.

  3. Anonymous12:34 PM

    Wow!! I love the gnome. That hair is fantastic, Chris. You are such an artist and I always love seeing your creations. Happy 1st day of spring! Ky Girl

  4. Oooh thats really cool 👍👍

  5. That is a serious beard! Very Cute!

  6. Anonymous3:41 PM

    Omg that gnome is so cute!

  7. Oh they are gorgeous too……
    A stunner of a day here 5am start when the sun rose the snow mountains were a dusky pink just glorious….
    I’m a bit shattered but happy to be at work

  8. Love the gnomes - very cute :-)

  9. Weird the default is back to opening on the correct blog page again not December made no changes but pleased.

  10. I love those gnomes, especially the middle one! For some reason they remind me of the dwarves from The Hobbit films. Would postage to the UK be absolutely horrendously expensive?? First day of Autumn here but already the leaves have been turning for a couple of weeks.

    1. FYI: my runners are $60 NZ, and I can suss out what postage would be once we can go to the Post Office, if you are interested.

    2. Thanks Chris, yes please I would be interested :)

  11. Happy Spring! Great Gnomes. Enjoy the longer days.

  12. I started watching Clickbait yesterday too! The gnomes are so cute!

  13. Trish in NJ6:02 AM

    I love your gnomes, they're absolutely adorable. You're so talented.


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