Wednesday, September 22, 2021



ABOVE: Just before the men left yesterday, they decided to rip out the vanity in our ensuite!

That was certainly not on the list of things they had to do, but they did it anyway.

It made filling holes in the walls where the tiles were much easier for them.

Such nice men.

Today they are going to do the first sanding.

Just to clarify the process, when wallpaper has been the only thing put on top of Gibb board, you have to:

- Strip the wallpaper and backing paper off (I did that).

- Apply a pigmented sealer to seal the Gibb board.

- Fill any holes and defects.

- Sand it back, then skim the entire wall and sand it all again.

- Re-apply another coat of pigmented sealer.

- Apply two coats of PAINT.

So yesterday they applied the first coat of pigmented sealer and filled holes and defects.

Today they will be finishing off that, then  sanding the walls.  I will be locking myself in the sewing room while they do that!

It's going to produce a shit load of dust.

I don't know about you, but we NEVER turn our heated towel rails on.  We just use them as ordinary towel rails.

The rails in this house are OLD as F@#K, so last night I kinda asked Steve to come over and take out the one in our ensuite, so the painters could paint that wall without the rail on.

ABOVE:  Stew is the only person who uses the shower in this room.  So today I might pop out and find a new rail for here.

AND a hand towel rail and toilet paper holder too.

See how it spirals from one thing to another!

9.31 am:  And our lovely painters arrived before 7 am again.  So lucky I got up and put me clothes on.  😃😅😂

Once they were busy sanding, I took off to Bunnings to get some new towel rails.

ABOVE:  I got everything I needed for both bathrooms for the price of ONE heated towel rail!  SAVING!
Well... I have to save somewhere along the line, cos I told Stew I 'just' wanted to get new vanities, and ummmm.... vanities, toilets, mirrors, towel rails, etc etc.   WHOOPS!  

Tis a kinda pricey exercise.

I better not decide to 'just' freshen up the kitchen!  OMG that would run to many, many thousands of dollars.  NOT gunna happen.

I'm having lunch with Stew today.  So a chance to get out of this dust zone.

Oh btw, we slept OK last night, the primer fumes didn't keep us awake, and no headache this morning either.  Awesome.

ABOVE:  Lacy visited to return ??? Can't even remember.
She also 'hid' a $50 in me cutlery drawer but it got 'found' immediately.

She took home left over curry for her dinner.
I hope she checks it before heating it up!

ABOVE:  These guys!!!  Amazing progress.
'P' told me they might be ready to put the first coat of paint on by Friday! 
So damn excited.
It's OK living while ya house is turned upside down, but only for so long.  

I know the carpet won't be done till the end of October, but at least all the paintings can go back up!

There is gunna be a HUGE de-dust of the house done next week.  I will enlist as many family as possible to give me a hand with that.

3.36 pm:  Just home from lunching with Stew, grabbing a couple of items from the supermarket for dinner this evening, and going into the Laz-Y-Boy Furniture shop.

-Lunch.  Lovely company. Food very so-so.  We got a pizza to share at Iguana in town.  Kinda tasteless.  Lovely, lovely service though.

- Grabbed some buns and lettuce, I'm making chicken burgers for Stew and I tonight. Should be yum.

- Went to Laz-Y-Boy to see if they have slip covers for their chairs.  Nope.  So I'm back to making arm rest covers myself.

That's OK, gives me yet another job to do.  lol

The painters have left early today, they have another job to suss out.  They are still making huge inroads into our walls.

I've spent the last half and hour wet wiping surfaces, trying to keep on top of it as much as I can.

On my way home from lunch I also booked the girls in for a groom.  Earliest time possible?  October the 22nd!
So, I think I will go back and book the groom AFTER that one too.  Early January should do it.
They are always so busy.  

And just like that... it's done.  Both dogs have a groom booked for October, and again in January.
Another thing I don't have to worry about.

9.59 pm:  Our burgers were really lovely!  
It's been a quiet evening, and Marley didn't bark much at all after her dinner.
I'm now fairly sure our neighbour is not feeding them.  So we are back to square one on the mystery weight gain.

I will make Stew cut down their dinners some more and see what happens.

Now though, it's almost bedtime.  Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. I use our heated towel rail every other day. After a shower I put our towels on the rack and turn it on to dry them. We reuse the towels and then put them in the wash. So every day it's either a fresh towel or a dry towel from being heated. I only leave it turned on for a few hours to dry. If I don't do that the towels stay a bit damp and I hate that. We don't have one at the beach house so I line dry the towels (to freshen them up) on they days I don't change them.

  2. Bathroom is gonna look amazing.

  3. Your house is going to be so lovely & feel so new & fresh with all this work going on. I am looking forward to the "after" photos.

  4. Exciting times getting your home spruced up and all in time for Christmas 🎄 Those painters sure seem to be top professionals. Bet you can’t wait to have it all finished xx

  5. A warning about vacuuming up the dust, don't use a really good vacuum cleaner as it can ruin it! The particles can get in and affect the suction forever. I'm not sure with they type you have but just be warned. We had to chuck out one used for this.

  6. you are not telling me anything re renovations lololol. I ended up with Analysis Paralysis after choosing about 26,367 new things for our enormous reno. It was thrilling though and we are still in love with our house...... so excited for you and keep the pix coming xxxxx

  7. Anonymous2:23 PM

    Hi I have been using an Essence mascara that Running With Scissors recommended on her Blog which I cannot seem to comment thanks for that tip...if you read this...


  8. Wow super fast progress wow will look awesome.

  9. Kiwionholidays5:01 PM

    Fab whizzing through painting those guys are awesome,
    Catchup late tonight n read today’s newsy blog of yours
    Take care
    Cheers 🥂

  10. Can't wait to see the finished product.


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