Monday, September 27, 2021



While I can't fault the painters on their promptness, and speed of getting the job done... I have had some reservations about their quality of work,  from day one.

I feel like they ARE rushing the job, and cutting corners.  And the finishes?  Not too good at all.

This morning I am going to clarify with the painters exactly what walls are actually FINISHED.  If they say the ones I'm not happy with are 'finished', then I will be ringing their boss and saying how unhappy I am with the quality of work.

He really needs to come over and check it out.  I don't feel I can talk to the painters about it, as I really suck at face to face confrontations.  I find it incredibly uncomfortable.

Luckily, I've not been asked for a deposit on this job, so...  I can and will withhold the almost $10,000 till the job is done to our satisfaction.

*Though, since writing this, Steve has said the 'industry standard' would probably hold up, as from 2 meters away and at a 45 degree angle, most of the walls look FINE.

It's only on close inspection, and under a light that you can see so many of the flaws.

So now I don't know what to do.

Annoying.  Do I wait and see how the total finished job looks, then complain if there's too many noticeable flaws?  Or say something now, before they do the entire job?

I just don't bloody well know what to do.

I'm up bright and early as I have to get Miss Muppet to school.

Once she's there I am going to come home and do some much needed housework.  I'm trying to keep on top of the dusting as much as I can.

That way there is less to do at the end of the week.

I've got a pile of Stew's work shirts to iron.

Some sewing to get done.

And goodness knows what else.

Catch ya later.

ABOVE:  NO WORDS.  She's got her 2nd Covid jab this morning.  I shall be reminding her all morning.

Two things this morning.  
One:  Steve is going to deal with the painters, talking with the boss and so on.  

Two:  Addressing the FOOD BABY, cos there's been QUITE A FEW ANON COMMENTS... ALL DELETED on that score.

IT WAS A JOKE.  She is NOT pregnant.

It's a funny old day.  I don't feel like I'm achieving much, yet I am.
I've finished making the head rests for the 4 Lay-Z-Boy chairs.   I'll do the arm rests another day, cos I am getting really crabby with pins.

I keep stabbing myself. And that just pisses me off.

Only one painter arrived this morning, his colleague is sick.
'S" worked till 1.30 then left for another job.

Steve spoke to their boss.
And 'S' came and spoke to me, wanting to know what was 'wrong' with the job?  Where were the problems?

So we talked.  I showed him a few places of concern.  I felt bloody awful, but it's better out in the open I suppose.

When he left this afternoon he said he'd be back tomorrow at 7.

So will his boss, well sometime tomorrow.

Tonight we will put sticky notes on the walls, indicating where the finishes are a bit shoddy.

Seems there's different LEVELS of finish.  5 being 'top notch', and then ours, which is a 4.  'Residential', not perfect, but good enough?

For the price we are paying, I would have thought it should be damn near perfect!  And no one told me about levels, and what to expect.

It's this sort of thing that just makes me crabby, and ruins my day.  I don't like conflict.  I don't like complaining.  I don't like pissing people off.

I just want my walls to look beautiful.

9.26 pm:  Time to sign off for the day.  I'm falling asleep in me chair!  Talk about getting old.  *sigh*


  1. Are we sure that is a food baby? At least she is being fed out there on the farm.
    I would ask if one of your questionable walls is done. I feel the same way as you about confrontation - but I would prefer someone say something to me instead of going to my boss. Plus, it might not even be done and you are fretting for no reason. So ask for a status update. Then play stupid. "Is this the way it is supposed to look? Will these spots go away when is dries more? Can you put a little extra here and there?" You - know..... Gently "suggest" they do it right. If that fails be bolder! Good luck! I hope they fix it up!

  2. Call the boss is, there is no way the walls should look like that. My paint finish walls are perfect and I'd be so upset if that happened to me.

  3. Anonymous9:24 AM

    I agree with Dogstars, don't call the boss first before asking the painters if it will look different once it is finished. They should probably then say "why, what is wrong or what is the problem". You can either point out the flaws (depending on how they answer you) or ring the boss after. What does Stew think? Remember, you will be covering up a lot of the walls with your pictures, etc. As you say, you can a\ways withhold payment until you are satisfied. Audrey

  4. when we did our major reno 4 years ago the quote for getting our builder's team of painters was something crazy, like really crazy, to do the interior and exterior of the new build. We ended up going with a cheaper team, much to our architects horror. She said their work was rubbish -- and I agree some parts were not good, but overall it seemed OK. She went around the house with about 200 sticky notes and put them all in areas that she thought needed to be fixed. I was mortified and I did bring it up to the painters (my architect had a VERY strong personality) and they fixed a few things. The whole process was upsetting and I feel for you... but you have to live with it for a LONG time, so you should confront them, no matter how awkward it is.

  5. Anonymous11:41 AM

    I would just ask the painters, what are these marks/flaws etc and say you thought the walls would be smoother? etc..just ask nicely at first the walls look different to your previous homes? then call the boss to inspect the work...if you dont like it you have to complain now so they can rub them back again...



  6. So did Lacy have a pizza baby ? Regular readers know it wouldn’t be a human baby

  7. Pizza 🍕 Burger King 🍔 lol and also let's not forget I have my 'friend' so am also a wee bit bloated 😅 but hay it was fun to have a wee giggle with my Ma 😁
    #Lacy 💙

  8. The painter here said it should look fine after all that prep. Are they actually gob stoppers?

  9. Lol gib stopped not gob but hopefully you guessed tgar

  10. Lacy! You are such a good sport. Clearly you need "food twins" one of each! Pizza .... Burger King.....

  11. The $10k for the whole house actually seems really good. I paid over $ 3k for 2 rooms!!

    I think the finishing levels should be explained so you know what to expect, I had no idea that was a thing.

  12. I guess you will get your answers regarding the painting tomorrow when you see the boss it's certainly not "finished" to anyone's standards. Nice one Lacy bet you had plenty waiting to stab ya in the back 🤣 sooooo funny 💙💙

  13. Level 4 is the industry standard, with flaws having to be visible from 1.5m away in natural light (I worked maintenance for a building company for 5 years). I do think the painters should have gone through this with you before starting the job. They can't expect customers to know that sort of stuff!!
    Resenes doi a good guide on how to inspect paint work 🙂

    1. Thanks for that Natalie. I will talk to 'The boss' about it tomorrow. More information means I'm more aware of what is good and 'not so good'.

  14. I had no idea that there were different of painting. I thought a paint job was just that. I have never had to pay someone for a paint job. My fil was a painter but he was well passed painting when we purchased our home.

  15. Lacy you are such a sh*t stirrer. I kinda like that about you;) Chris, when you're paying that much for your walls to be painted it should be bloody perfect. Stick to your guns and insist it's finished properly.

  16. Gee my dad was a painter and well nothing but smooth would be acceptable in his books…
    Tomorrow it will all be sorted…..


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