Tuesday, August 31, 2021



I'm looking forward to sewing today.

It's gunna be a blue day.

ABOVE:  'Squeals'... the fabrics I have lined up for my next 2 or more runners!  I just love these shades of blue... so bright and happy looking.

Before I start that though, there's a load of washing to hang out (in the garage) first.  MEH.

And that's me for now.

Catch ya later.

9.30 am:  half way through the vacuming and I see wet patches!  (cleaned up now of course)

ABOVE:  A certain 'older dog' doesn't like going outside in the rain to piddle.
And I'm like... FUCK IT!

We will have new carpet in a few months.

So, HOW do I stop her?
She's done this before, even on our bed and sheepskin rug.

I don't want her to become a 'garage only' dog!

Thank You Vickie.  That is a brilliant idea and one I have now instigated.

From now on... a friend of mine is going to 'read and vet' EVERY comment I get on my blog.  She will delete all negative and nasty comments from now on.  She will not even TELL ME about them.
That way, I am no longer having to deal with the hate and malice that these trolls and haters throw my way.

That should make my blogging experience that much better, and I'm less likely to get me tits in a knot.

DOGSTAR:  OMG there is no way in hell I'm putting a dog in a diaper!  Fuck that.  It was bad enough with having to go through 8 kids in diapers over the years!    I dread to think how many I've changed.

Dog shit in a diaper?  OH HELL NO.

Now... back to  my list of jobs, before I can get back to me sewing room...

ABOVE:  Finally in the sewing room!
I spent about an hour cutting out the pattern pieces... time to cut out fabric.

And I just heard from the fabric shop owner who I spoke to yesterday.  My parcel of fabric is getting posted today.  OMG she's fast! I think I love her.  lol  😊😄💜

Well... I've been in the sewing room for about 3.5 hours and I'm done.
Just not got that much energy today... so will pack it in until tomorrow.

I think I get really tired faster when I have stuff on my mind... and my mind is going around and around in circles most of the bloody time!
Why can't it just be peaceful for once?


I have the worst heat rash.  I am getting hot flushes every half an hour again.  And then I'm freezing cold.
I can't win.  
So many things set off a hot flush for me.
And just damn anger.

I am simmering people.  SIMMERING.  

But, tomorrow is another day, another chance to have a GOOD DAY.
And right now I'm listening to music with my earphones on because fucking Stew is eating nachos and corn chips.  RIGHT NEXT TO ME.
I am turning up the volume so I can't hear him eating, otherwise he'd be dead.
Stabbed 16 times in the chest.  

He just reminded me that he gave me 'fair warning' ... pfffft.  But thanks darling.  No stabby stabs for you.  Tonight.


  1. I was just watching a trivia show and they had a question about "fat quarters". HAHA. Is that a term in NZ? It's a quarter yard of fabric cut the "fat" way for quilting. Your photo looks like a bunch of fat quarters. It will be fun to get your "mystery Fabrics". The shop owner can have fun picking them out and you will have fun figuring out what to do with them!

    1. Fat quarters are a world wide term, just like skinny quarters, charm packs, jelly rolls, layer cakes….

  2. I am going through the same thing with my Old Man Shih Tzu. He decided he wants a human escort every single time he goes outside. He has even mastered the fake out. He goes outside, doesn't potty, then barks to come back in - all so he can get a treat! I am not sure what the winter will bring. Last winter he was pottying in the house almost every day! Anyhow - Diapers. I bought some doggie diapers on Amazon. They velcro around his waist. Although - I haven't really used them much.

  3. Haha... it's the old "if a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear the tree fall, then it doesn’t make a sound" scenario. If you never see the messages then they have zero effect on you and even less effect for the person sending them! BOOM. Regarding the dog? I have no idea, perhaps why I don't have a dog :)

  4. You are very welcome. Good piece of mind.

    We have two dogs, neighbor’s two dogs are here a lot too. No dogs go in carpeted areas. They stay on hard surfaces only.

    I do not think you will gets yours to stop peeing, but if she does not have access to rugs or carpeting, at least it will be easier to clean up.

    And if I had to do it over, my whole house would be laminate, no carpeting.

  5. I am cracking up! It's not for poo! Only piddle. My dog has not piddled in one at all. I think the "belly band" just prevents them from piddling and if they do - it's not on the floor. I bought them as a piddle deterrent. OMG. I can't imagine dog shit in a diaper either. Can you imagine what that would do to their fur? GAG ME WITH A SPOON! And my long haired Collie in a Poo Diaper - oh dear!

    1. LOL! Long haired collie shit in a diaper.... Uggggh. Oh and btw, we call diapers Nappies here in New Zealand.

  6. If she is urinating in the same spot/area what about trying puppy pads? That way the urine will be on the pad and not your carpet.

    1. She has piddled all over the place, even ON MY BED and PILLOWS. The thought of having dog piddle pads all over my house would do my head in. I have a fairly healthy case of OCD when it comes to my home being clean and tidy. Wet piddle pads? Hell no.

  7. Our old Maltese has the same issues. Doesn’t like the rain or stairs so goes and piddles in the spare bedroom. 😕 So I put down a few puppy pads in that room and he’s very good with his use of these .

    1. You are lucky then... and must not mind dog pee smell in your house. And wet piddle pads. See, I would hate that.

    2. No we have to be really quick to dispose of the piddle pads!! Just found it’s easier to clean up than the carpet . 😊
      I just sent an email to your Hotmail account on your home page Chris . 😊 Hope that’s ok

  8. our elderly dog is a rescue she has always piddled in the house we have baby gates everywhere to control where she goes. Such Fun. As she goes back to the same spot we have replaced rugs a few times. And my favourite when she’s stressed she eats fabric and has ruined curtains and quilts.

  9. Love all the blues! Can’t wait to see what you make.

  10. I'm loving your stash of blues..you doing more fat bottomed ladies?

  11. I know I shouldn't laugh and I'm sorry you are feeling stressed and angry but I had to giggle at Stew sitting next to you munching nachos and your empty threat to stab him. Thanks for the mirth, I needed it today.

  12. Anonymous11:36 PM

    Can you make a small area outside under cover so she can go out when it's raining?


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