Thursday, July 01, 2021


 it's another FREEZING start to the day.

OMG I don't even want to get out of bed.

I might jump out, turn on the heater and then get back into bed until the house has warmed up a bit!

I have the third carpet company arriving this morning to do a measure and quote.

I can't wait to see what the cost is gunna be, and what difference there will be between the three companies.  They are all quoting on very similar (and in two cases, the same) carpet.

They are giving me a 'break down' of all the different 'parts' of the quote too.  Like, the cost to:

- take up the old carpet.

- removal of old carpet.

- install new carpet and underlay.

- take up old lino in the kitchen.

- install new lino tiles in the kitchen.

So, it's going to be very interesting to see what the differences are.

I've not got much else lined up for my day.  I might just do some housework!  It never ends.

Can you believe we have entered the 2nd half of the year already?

When I say 'FREEZING', I mean : I think it's freezing cold.  Not necessarily that it's actually FREEZING cold outside.  Yes, it gets damn cold here, but our pipes don't freeze.  This morning we were -1 degree C.  
Where I lived as a kid the pipes did freeze, and I'm sure in quite a few places they still do.  But not right here, at my home.

Yes, I will ask Stew to turn the heater on before he leaves for work from now on.  It might entice me to get outta bed earlier! Who knows?

11.10 am:  And the last carpet company has been and gone.  The lady was just lovely.  She had a 1 year old Shih Tzu (boy) in her car, so I got to have some cuddles.
OMG talk about a hyper active little boy!  He was nuts.  I didn't introduce him to our girls as I'm sure Marley would have ripped his head off.  Coco?  She would have loved him.

Now I'm going to relax for a while.  I've been on my feet doing jobs around the house for the past two hours.  

I have decided to attend an FBG Social event this evening.  It's called "Knitter, natter with a platter".  
So the idea is to gather at a local Cafe/Bistro which is open till 9pm.  Take along some knitting, learn to knit if you don't know how and want to, and yak and enjoy some nibbles.

I've not been on any walks (in Cambridge),  in a few weeks due to the weather, and just not feeling up to it, so going to a few of the social events will be a good way to keep contact with my Cambridge  friends.

ABOVE:  The invite said "Bring knitting needles".  LOL.... I'm taking these.  And some 'normal' ones too of course.  😋😉😊

10.08 pm:  I'm home from my FBG social knitting evening.
Being out with friends was so good, it lifted my mood tremendously.  And I had FUN.  Lots of yakking, and just enjoying the lovely company.
We are doing it again next Wednesday night, then monthly after that.
Photos tomorrow.
Going to snuggle down and watch Coronation Street before heading off to bed.


  1. 5.30 and I am up to do 3 hours cleaning. Thank goodness heating is left on overnight in the buildings

  2. The house heater thing is confusing to me. When you say “freezing” do you mean as in water would freeze outside? Don’t you worry about your pipes? Or do you mean chilly?

    Other people have mentioned it, but it seems like a programmable thermostat that kept the house at an even/low temp all night and then turned it up just a couple degrees in the morning would be more cost effective.

    In US, totally realize we are very different. But not having the heat in at all would be frozen pipes exploding here.

  3. Anonymous8:58 AM

    I realise I say it is "freezing" when in fact it is colder than usual - I grew up in England where it was definitely freezing during the winter and pipes and even the toilet cistern sometimes froze during a bad winter. The milk was delivered in bottles and the milk froze on the doorstep with about 2" of frozen cream sticking out the top. Idea: Perhaps Stew could turn the heater on when he leaves for work and the house would be warm enough for you when you get up. Audrey

    1. Oh Audrey You just bought back memory of my childhood?..i had completely forgotten our milk too would freeze and the top would pop and the cream would expand out the top..that was in Christchurch New Zealand.

  4. I used to live in an old farm house in North Canterbury. In winter the pipes from the water tank to the house would freeze, they finally thawed by early afternoon, only to start re freezing again about 4pm. I had to go & shower at my parents place before work. Also there was no insulation in any part of the house. Heating was by a fire in the living room or the wood burner in the large dining room - it was a very strange house, they just kept adding bits to it so it was a jumble of floor & ceiling heights & quality of building.

  5. It was a good frost this morning, but our house was lovely and warm - son worked all night so he kept the fire going all night. Bonus!

  6. I live in North Canterbury, it does freeze but we have ducted heating on overnight 18 to 20 degrees . Our pipes don’t freeze as I think they are better insulated these days. But I do remember in our first home when we wouldn’t have water flowing in the mornings. Still I do love a good frost in the morning as it always means a beautiful day ahead

  7. Love your knitting needles for giants! 1 C is brrrrh way tooo cold for me, I would have had to stay in bed all day. I am in Malaysia, summer all year but it can get tooo sizzling hot in the afternoons, 32 C daily!! The Shih Tzu is adorable and it takes the cold well too. I thought it would have come in a winter jacket. Hope you got some knitting done in between the yarns (threads and stories)! Following your funny blog on life.

  8. Anonymous5:33 PM

    That sounds like fun Chris. Enjoy your evening. Kj

  9. Can't wait to see how the giant knitting needles go over!

  10. Enjoy your evening out Chris...hope you've left some sports on the telly for Stew

  11. Kiwionholidays6:28 PM

    Love the Giant knitting needles and catchup,
    Living in A mild climate now ,,,,can relate to feeling freezing ,,but was in Sth isle then,,,, but inland nth isle got its share too,
    So nice to catchup on what you are up to in the mighty Waikato 👍

    Love all the other ones comments on here can relate to most of the areas that we lived in , a wee while ago now

    New carpet is always fabulous ,,,,You do your homework always Chris,,,so will make the right choice I am sure

    Cheers 🥂

  12. I fear Chris has impaled herself on her giant needles!

  13. Aw! Look at that cute NITE NITE picture.

  14. Hanging out with friends is great for lifting your spirits!

  15. Glad you had a good time. Nothing like spending time with friends just relaxing & having a laugh & a chat.


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