Wednesday, June 30, 2021


 Well, I'm going nowhere today.

Instead, I've got two carpet companies coming to do measure and quotes.  I have a third company coming in tomorrow as well.  Three quotes is par for the course eh.

Kinda exciting now that I've made a start on getting this sorted.

It's still going to take 2-3 months until it all happens with the carpet though.

We are getting the interior painted first.  Talking of painting, I will put the two new colour samples on a wall today, so we can 'debate' which one is best.  Or if we need to get more samples.  Far out, it's such a process!

And it's made so much harder when there's SO MUCH CHOICE!  It does my head in. 😒😆

But for now, I best get a move on, can't be in me nightie when the carpet peeps arrive.  Not a good look.

ABOVE:  I've not had a chance to check the news yet.  I wonder if there was any damage done overnight, with the forecast HUGE ocean waves expected to pound areas around Wellington?

9.20 am;  OMG... FREEZING!  Frost this morning.  It's only 10 degrees C in my house!  So, the heat pump is ON and I've got me thermals on until it warms up!
Looks like Wellington didn't get battered too badly by the stormy seas.  That's so good.
Though, they do expect more today.

I'm about to put the paint samples on the wall somewhere...

10.40 am:  The first carpet company is here measuring up.  The second one is due at 1 pm.  I've locked the dogs in the garage, Marley is going ballistic!
My house is finally feeling a bit warmer.

Brylee has been away on a little trip.  She flew to Wellington, then her cousin D picked her up and they went up to Palmerston North.
Today they are travelling up to Tauranga.  I was a bit worried because of the horrible weather and snow closing the Desert Road yesterday.

But, seems they are doing well... and are not too far away from Tauranga now.

ABOVE:  Brylee thought the snow was beautiful.  She probably has no memory of being in the snow as a little girl, so it's nice she got to see it again.

It's nearly 4 pm, and I'm just doing boring shit like finally getting the washing done.  I've had towels hanging outside for about a week!  Every time I thought about bringing them in, it pissed down with rain.  So, today has been fine and they finally got dry enough to bring in.

It's incredibly QUIET on here.  Is everyone that busy?  Or is this post just incredibly boring?  😏😆😅

I know life is very quiet right now, but hell, I'd rather that than stress and drama.
I'm really enjoying the peace.

MARGARET:  I've not had any quotes submitted yet, so the cost is ???  Not much idea really.

DOGSTARS:  Yes that's in the North Island of New Zealand.  We are a good three hours drive from the closest area that gets snow.  In our South Island there is snow virtually everywhere over winter.

9 pm:  Well Stew was a very happy man this evening.  I made him nachos for his dinner... with a side of mushrooms.  
I didn't have any  as that would have given me dreadful heartburn all night long.
I'll have some for my lunch tomorrow.

Watching TV, can feel the house cooling down.  Totally expect another frosty start tomorrow.


  1. Poor Marley doesnt understand y u let man in the house and lokks in garage so cant sniff them to bits lol...hope quotes are close to your ball park figure...a lot of places give free laying as a sales booster

  2. Very hectic today End of financial so haven’t had a chance to breathe or take a proper lunch break :)

  3. Still sick doing nothing lazing around. Hope the carpet quotes are as expected. Not a cheap exercise eh?

  4. There is nothing wrong with peace and quiet. Enjoy it. It was odd seeing Brylee in the snow! Dumb question , but is that in New Zealnad? How far is the snow from where you live? Ugh. I forgot about snow. I live in Northern Minnesota. About 1 hour drive from Canada. We get plenty of snow. The piles left from the snow plows can be as tall as a house. Don't remind me!

  5. Reading but not commenting. :)

  6. When we did our renovation, we were advised to get floors done before painting as they sometimes chip walls etc when laying the flooring. But we had timber, not carpet, so that would make a difference! Good on you for getting three quotes. I often don't bother these days as sometimes it is so hard to get people to come out to quote and do the job - but that would vary widely depending on the service. Great to see some snow pictures!

  7. Did they bring samples / advice etc? Hope so

  8. Kiwionholidays6:05 PM

    Exciting times ahead for you guys re carpet n new painting throughout,
    We are in for a bigg Reno again soon making space for extra family member but completely separate only in the plan drawing stages this week
    Fab to see Brylee on the desert road stunning area
    Cheers 🥂

  9. Just busy... work work work... plus madam has NCEA exams etc so life's been crazy. Still read each day but im so naughty at commenting 💕

  10. Lucky the Desert Rd was open. I am sure Brylee is having a ball, regardless of the bloody freezing weather.

  11. Work for me...reading in my lunch break

  12. Anonymous8:12 PM

    I was reading Dogstars comment and saw she was from Minnesota. we really enjoyed the TV show and movie Fargo set there. We live in Australia.


  13. I went to my local yarn shop for a knitting group this afternoon. And my computer is being an arse.
    I wish we lived closer to snow. I'd move to Tassie but I'd have to go on my own. Hubby would move to Qld but he'd have to go on his own. Ya never know!!!

  14. Busy busy here! Hope you get some good carpet quotes!


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