Tuesday, July 06, 2021


 Never again am I going to wait until the dogs need a groom before trying to book an appointment for them!

Seriously, it's takes so long to get appointments.  They should have been groomed a month ago.  Marley can barely see, her fringe is that long! 

Today when I am at Animates, I am going to pre-book their next appointments, so they never get this scruffy again.  I will insert 'before' and 'after' photos later.

While they are at the groomers, I plan on popping into Chartwell Square for a browse around the shops there.

We don't go there that often, The Base is our preferred shopping centre. 

I'm expecting Lacy this afternoon.  I think she's gunna get the task of vacuuming!  😋😊😉

And... I'm off.  Gotta hang out some washing I didn't get out yesterday.

10.10 am:  The girls are now at the groomers.  Coco pulled so hard on her harness she winded herself... several times.  It's a bit scary when she does that.  She gasps, grunts, drops to the ground and can't move!  
If only she would walk along NICELY!  But no, she has to strain and try to run ahead.  Grrrr.

It's bloody freezing.  I'm feeling like shit with a sore throat... it kept me awake till 4 am last night.  So I'm not going to the shops.  I'll just stay home and try to keep the bugs to myself.

ABOVE: I freakin' well forgot the 'before' photo!  So all I have is them in the back of me car, heading to the groomers this morning.

ABOVE:  My girls, looking gorgeous again.  I doubt Coco is gunna leave my feet and blankie any time soon!

Now. The $20 saga continues.  That $20 has gone to and fro a few times in the past week, and when Lacy arrived this afternoon... SHE HAD IT.
I knew damn well she'd manage to hide it and tell me later.

So I kinda gazumped her!   When she arrived, I was hiding down the side of the house.
She came inside and I scooted over to her car and did this:

ABOVE:  $20 wrapped in cling wrap, then taped to the car.  She didn't find it until she got home.
I WIN!  I thought it was pure genius.  

Sometimes.... I just can't get over some people.

And just like that, the day went to shit.  

But, moving on.  It's been a quiet evening, except for me coughing every 30 seconds, and trying not to throw up as well.

Gosh I hope I'm not heading into a long coughing spell.  Some years over winter I can cough for months.

I don't even want to go to bed, cos it only gets worse when I'm lying down in bed.

But I suppose at some point I will have to.  So, catch ya tomorrow, when I will tell ya how my night went.


  1. I am in the same boat as far as dog grooming. Mine are beyond needing to be groomed. The Shih Tzu can not see and stinks. The Collie is so hot he can't even move. I think they could blow dry an entire new collies' worth of fur off the poor guy. I guess shaving a collie is a no no. So blow dry and brushing only for him! It's like dropping a polar bear off in the desert!

  2. I do exactly that, schedule my next appt when at my current appt.

    Regular doctor (6 mos), specialists (annual), dentist (6 mos), hair (8 weeks), service for furnace/air conditioner (6 mos), vet (puppies!), etc.

    So I stay on schedule and my calendar is very tidy.

    In 2020 this habit saved me. I was current on every single thing going into lockdown, if I had been delinquent on any of my appts going in, it would have been really upsetting.

    Then as soon as things opened back up in the summer, I got in and got caught back up again. I got ahead on anything I could, in case we locked down again.

    The best part of this habit - my adult kids do it too, and get all their care regularly.

  3. That certainly qualifies as a "before" photo.
    I am wondering how Covid is in New Zealand? Are you still the only place on earth that doesn't need to worry about it?
    I am also wondering how that puzzle is coming along? I should go back and see what puzzle it is and the piece count. That will test my internet sleuthing skills!

    1. Dogstars (answering your question to Chris)... yes we are the only place on earth that doesn't need to worry about it at the moment. We take it day by day here literally because I think we all know that it will get out into the community again. Hopefully not until we've all been vaccinated though!

    2. Good point! You have a window of opportunity to get vaccinated.

  4. Yip, we were quite impressed by your one lol 😂 had us both searching Mauddy almost the whole way home lol 😂 almost called in the dam Navy lol 😂

    So time to up my game 😉 xx
    #Lacy 💙

  5. You are far too sneaky for your own good :-). Well done on that hiding place lol. Good luck beating that one Lacy :-)

    1. Oh dont you worry Tracy 😉 i most definatly will win the next one ☺️
      #Lacy 💙

  6. It is certainly cold here today have fire on cosy as heading back out to work soon. Yes bet the dogs be glad of a trim but it be cold too

  7. Anonymous3:50 PM

    Dogs look gorgeous but I bet they're cold. I love the photo of them in the car. You are very clever. But I bet Lacey will be thinking hard now. Get Well soon Chris. Lol Karen j

  8. I love the $20 dollar game. It makes me chuckle. I think it will be hard to beat that one Lacy.

  9. Kiwionholidays8:55 PM

    Love it 🥰
    cheers 🥂

  10. Hi Chris, I hope you feel better soon! Your dogs are, as usual, adorable. So funny about the $20 dollar game. You are a sneaky one. ha!

  11. Ugh hope you feel better soon! That's the best thing we had about not going out because of Covid, I made it through last winter without getting sick.


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