Thursday, July 29, 2021


 I've got a bit on today.

First up, Carpet Court are coming this morning to suss out what has to be done to re-attach the carpet to the floor.

That should be a 10 minute job really.

Then we can get the carpet cleaned. 

ABOVE:  That's how the carpet looks now it's totally dry.  Awful.

Next up for my day, I'm off into town to meet Stew for a business meeting.  

After that..... I will be going to The Base Vaccination Centre for my 1st Covid vaccination.

I am like, totally SHITTING MYSELF.  I have a real fear of needles.  I hope everyone is right, and I will hardly feel it.

It's just the anticipation that gets to me.  

So... home in the morning, then out till mid afternoon..

Catch ya later.

12.20 pm. 40 minutes to go. Sitting in the carpark waiting for time to go in. Got the shakes.... feel like throwing up.  

The carpet court lady arrived nice and early (bless), and did what she had to do.
Next step she will send a bloke over in a few days to tack the existing carpet down.
Then we wait for ChemDry again.

Met with Stew next, and we did our business... slowly getting life sorted out.

Then.  I.  Went.  To.  The.  Base.
And waited my turn to get THE JAB.

And OMG!
What was I worried about???????
I hardly felt a THING!  Slight foreign sensation as the vaccine went in, but it was over so damn quick I hardly had time to register it.

And I am still feeling 100% fine.  
I know that the next one (in 3 weeks) is not going to scare me AT ALL.

I'm really proud of myself for getting it done.  I hadn't planned on doing it.  But, being a responsible person, I changed my mind.
I know I could still catch Covid, but at least with the vaccine, I would have a far higher chance of overcoming it.

With my propensity to getting chest infections/coughs, I decided it was better to be safe than sorry.

Yeah... JUST WOW!    

No pain in my arm at all.  Nothing!  I wonder if it will be sore tomorrow?

It's getting dark, and I've got a bloke from ChemDry coming any minute to tack the carpet down!
Don't know how wires have gotten crossed, we thought Carpet Court was doing it?
Oh well, at least it's getting done.

ABOVE:  The guys tacking the carpet down again.
Now on to the next step.  Cleaning.
That will happen soon I hope. 


7 pm:  OK, arm is now a little tender to the touch.
Idea?  Don't touch it!  😂😆😊

And that's me day done I reckon.  It's been eventful.  But good.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Modern injections with their really fine needles are usually painless. Go for it girl you need that vaccination. Had both of mine months ago. Helen in France

  2. Bring your phone and take a Vaccine Selfie. We are serious about the non existent pain. Your anxiety right now is the worst of it. I am serious, you will be laughing when they are done thinking "that was it? all the build up, stress, waiting, anxiety, and fear" for THAT!!!!!!?????????????? Plus, I at least, feel so much safer. But I will still wear a mask for outings and shopping because of my fellow Unvaccinated Country Men who think science is a hoax. I am not living in the safest country for Pandemics that is for sure. We have more than enough vaccines, but people aren't getting them and instead the hospitals are filling up again. So - get the vaccine. So happy for you. And we, your readers, would not deceive you about the teeny tiny jab!

    1. I agree with Dogstars - I continue to mask up and social distance for outings / shopping because I live in area (Southwest Georgia, USA) that is in area of large amount of anti-vaccers, anti-maskers, believer that covid is a hoax and no worse than 'average flu / cold' and that covid is just 'flu' with different name, blah blah, blah. So I don't trust being near anybody. 47 new cases in 7 days and we went from 9 in the hospital in June to 161 in hospital. So not good. But I never even felt the jab. Better to have some protection that if you do get it (and being vaccinated doesn't prevent you from ever getting covid; it just protects you from hopefully not dying of covid or being ventilated - just like flu shot; you can still get flu, just hopefully not as bad. So you go, girl and get that shot!!!

    2. So true. Hospitals are filling up here in Northern MN too!

  3. My Vaccine was Pfiser BTW. Just to clarify!

    1. I had Moderna. My partner just got his 1st last Friday and he got pfizer vaccine too.

  4. I never look -- just look the other way and seriously the injection is nothing. You really will wonder why you were worried. I find getting blood taken to be much worse because they can never find my veins. You will get a aore arm after though and that will probably last a couple of days.

    1. Anonymous8:50 AM

      Agree with you about blood tests being worse - I have veins that move away from the needle. Didn't feel anything with the Covid vaccine and didn't have a sore arm afterwards (although my husband did for a couple of days). Our 2nd vaccine next Saturday - a bit nervous again so can empathise with you Chris but you have given birth to six children and it is a very small needle, lol. BTW, Dogstars and Dawn P, New Zealand is only using Pfizer but are looking at others. Audrey Rotorua

  5. Anonymous8:55 AM

    Yes it really is a minor thing. The nervousness/anticipation is the worst of it. The achy arm is minor and goes away in a day or two. Get it in your left arm. Blood tests are worse.
    Good luck

  6. I have no fear of needles, but I can honestly say that the needle (I had AZ) must be the finest needle ever, as I didn’t even know that I had been injected, no pain whatsoever. Good luck

  7. Had my 1st Covid shot, never felt a thing, I did ask the nurse to just do it and not say ‘ just a little scratch’ 😆

  8. A friend of mine had her vaccination yesterday and she gets very anxious about needles and asked to lie down for it. They were fine with that and she had it no problems. I haven’t had mine yet (booked in for late August) so can’t speak from experience, but hopefully it’s like the flu shot which is always quick and fairly painless. Good luck xxx

  9. Are you vaccinated yet?

  10. So glad you got vaccinated.....and that it was not bad.

  11. You are so funny - considering all you've been through (babies, operations etc). I'm glad it went well though. My second one was easier in that I didn't get arm pain but did get a headache the next day. All good now though and I'm so glad to have it done.

  12. Well done Chris!

  13. Super effort on your part! 👍

  14. A busy day and a little stressful glad you were brave x

  15. Good on you. My arm hurt that evening, and for the next few days. That was the only effect I suffered. We'll see what happens when I get the next one.

  16. Anonymous7:14 PM

    Good for you for facing your fears and getting the shot. I'm lucky enough to be fully vaccinated, and I had only mild soreness at the injection site after both shots.

    A Fan in Canada

  17. I reacted a bit to first jab, aching etc almost flu like symptoms, only lasted a day. Second just a sore arm

  18. I'm proud of you!!
    Where I live in Oregon, the cases are going out of control again and so many people STILL refuse to get vaccinated! They are too busy screaming about their rights, refusing to wear masks or vaccinate. Crazy.

  19. Anonymous8:52 PM

    Great that you got 1st vac and it was not too scary - told you it would be quick & painless ! I tbink our daughter in Nelson will not get hers until Aug/Sept. The more people who are vaccinated the quicker we can get back to a more "normal" life. Hoping we can get over for a visit in 2022 if your borders re-open. Is Stew having the jab too ?
    Jane G

    1. Yes Jane, Stew has already had his first vaccination, and will have his 2nd in two weeks time.

  20. Good for you Chris on getting the vaccination shot! I didn't have any reactions to the shot either except for a sore arm. For the sore arm, I just took an ibuprofen and that helped a lot.

  21. Congratulations on getting the jab! Hope you don't have too much discomfort. Take care.

  22. I am so glad it was simple and painless and that we (your readers) did not give you false info! It is soooo NOTHING! I had a sore arm the night of. That's about all.


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