Wednesday, July 28, 2021


No sleep in for me today.

We have the plumber arriving bright and early with our new hot water cylinder.

OMG it's going to be wonderful having hot water again!

With any luck the new cylinder will have heated up by this evening, I bags the first shower.  😅😆😊

ABOVE: This is the old cylinder.  Our new one is going to be a bit smaller.  It will be interesting to see how much smaller it is.

While the plumbers here, I will get on with making the new voile curtains for the family room.
And not cut them into four!   Gosh that was a close shave, I had the scissors in me hand, about to cut when I realised what I was about to do yesterday.  Phew!

Right, I better get a move on.  Catch ya later.

12.20 pm:  And it's done.
The plumber arrived bang on time, 8 am, and immediately got to it.
And he finished at 12.
He reckons we should have hot water in a couple of hours.  Bloody awesome.

ABOVE:  Steve called it to check on progress.  And to give some advice on where to put the strapping.

ABOVE:  While that was going on, I cut, sewed and hung the last of the voile net curtains.

Now I can enjoy them for a couple of months before they will have to come down for the painting to be done.

ABOVE:  I have missed this lovely view from my sewing machine desk.  Such a lovely day today too.

Now... it's lunchtime and I'm going to buy a club sandwich (or two), from the local hot bread shop.  Been craving them!

6.50 pm:  headache... all afternoon.
So annoying.
Did nothing.
Took panadol but it didn't work.

Stew got home to no dinner.  He's having baked beans on toast.  Poor man.

This is what happens when you have too much on ya mind and don't get enough sleep.
I'll be going to bed early tonight.
Busy day tomorrow.  Sorta.

But for now, I will say...


  1. Hot running water is a blessing that one should never take for granted. We lived without running water for years. It was very difficult and now we "spoil" our water. Nice faucets, sinks, and all things water related!

  2. Thankfully it hasn’t taken the expected weeks to get your new hot water system. Daughter is getting a new one today as well but they still had hot water except when the pilot light went out

  3. We really learn to appreciate the little things when we no long have them. Enjoy those showers!!

  4. Enjoy that first shower 🙂

  5. We need photos of that first shower!! 😂😂😂😂

  6. I still cant get over ppl coming to your window an peering in your windows....enjoy your shower

  7. Oh Chris the curtains look lovely! Hope you enjoyed showering in your own home.

  8. Kiwionholidays8:02 PM

    Loving the curtains
    Yep things have probably caught up So hope you get a restful night,,
    Cheers 🥂

  9. So happy for you having hot water again! Hope your headache has done. They are the worst :(

  10. Congratulations on getting your hot water back. Hope you are feeling better. Take care.

  11. Wow that was a long time with no hot water! Glad it is up and running now

  12. Uh Oh! A grumpy cat night night pic! I hope tomorrow (or today) is better for you. And I hope the BUSY is not of the stressful nature! Take care of yourself - just like Simone Biles!

  13. The main question, Chris, is did you get your hot shower last night??


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