Sunday, July 25, 2021


 Today I will be continuing to sew the voile curtains for the lounge and dining area.

With any luck I will get them all done today cos they ain't fun to do, that's for sure.

I didn't show you my lovely Bacon and Egg pies from last night did I?

ABOVE:  Uncooked...

ABOVE:  And cooked.

I made so many, Stew and I have enough left over to feed us all day today, and two more evening dinners.

Ya got to love that, cook once, have dinners for 4 nights.

I really should do that more often.  

Right, time to go and make a start on the day.

And just like that..  we decided to go out for a day trip.

I wonder where we will end up?

ABOVE: There's a  hint..  

4 pm:  And we are home... from Auckland.  😊

ABOVE:  It was a totally spur of the moment decision to take a drive up to Auckland.
To our favourite mall.  Sylvia Park.

ABOVE :  It was crazy busy there!  Some new shop was opening, and there were queues of people waiting to get in it.
It looked like it sold shoes/clothes etc.
Like there needed to be ANOTHER one of those sorts of shops in Sylvia Park?  

ABOVE:  We went to Garrison's for lunch, their 'The Works' pizza is lovely.

ABOVE:  we got Stew a couple of new shirts, one was 70% off.  SCORE.

After a bit more window shopping, we headed home.  It was a nice break away from the house for me.
I did find myself getting very tired after walking around for a while, so was glad to get back in the car to come home.
Bloody fitness... I can't wait till I can really get back to walking more.

9.33 pm:  And... it's that time of the day.
Been watching some of the Olympic Games, well Stew has.  I've been playing Free Cell on my computer and half watching the telly.
Kinda boring this evening, I love watching the gymnastics and diving the most.
Anyway... I shan't blabber on... catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Your bacon and egg pies look great. If you want an alternative which are lower carb, instead of using pastry, use shaved ham (packaged variety are perfect circular fit) to line silicon muffin cases. Very yummy. I buy 12 individual silicon muffin cases on E-bay or Ali Express (looking for free shipping) and then sit them in my metal muffin trays for stability while cooking.

    1. Paula, would you please add specific instructions for your whole recipe/process for crustless option?

    2. I will certainly try that Paula!

  2. Chris, can you please post recipe for the ones you just made with crust ?

    1. Flakey Puff Pastry. Lightly beaten eggs, chopped up onions, chopped up bacon, grated cheese and some parsley. Quantity? To your own taste. You can also add tomatoes, but NOT too much, as they have a high water content.

  3. Nice work on the baking 👌👍 have you thought of getting the windows tinted? We're getting ours done in the kitchen it gets so hot and the neighbours have subdivided 2 story. Just a thought it's not very expensive either 💙

  4. Enjoy your day trip wherever it takes you. Those pies look deelish. Great to take on a picnic!

  5. Picnic lunch maybe with pies...have a lovely day out. I'll be thinking of you while im making cards...bitter cold wind so only time ill be going out side will be to put the wheelie bin out, such an exciting afternoon

  6. Kiwionholidays3:13 PM

    Is that on way to or from Auckland
    Have a fab day love the baking ahead for time saving later ,
    Cheers 🥂

    1. Tip Top Corner, on our way out of Auckland.

  7. Anonymous4:07 PM

    Nice shirts Stew. Would look lovely in a quilt lol.

  8. The pies look delicious! Sounds like a great day out. I have not moved off my lounge today with a self inflicted headache after a party last night…. Was so much fun at the time, not so much today 🤣

    1. Self inflicted misery girl! And that is why I virtually never drink. At least you had fun.

  9. Ohhhh I’m going to cook those pies up they look fab
    Wish I was driving to Auckland.
    Nice shirts

  10. That Pizza looks amazing. Plenty of toppings.
    I am watching the Olympics now. I was reading a bit about Simone Biles, (US Gymnast) and how they intentionally "unscored" her amazing skills so she doesn't win by "too much". Which stinks because they are not willing to give her credit for reaching new and astonishing feats in Gymnastics, which is exactly what gymnasts are encouraged to do!! Regardless - this should be fun to watch! I hope nobody else gets Covid. Lots of athletes are already out of the competition.

  11. Spur of the moment road trips are the best. Sound like you had a nice day.


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