Friday, April 30, 2021


 I mentioned yesterday that I'd bought some large plastic bags eh?

Well... they are for my markets.  

ABOVE:  Usually I pack all my patchwork, tablecloths, props etc in these large bins.  They take up a lot of room in the car, and are awkward to lug from the car to the stall site.
It occurred to me that large plastic bags would be a better idea (took me a while!)...

ABOVE:  So, there ya go, for the princely sum of $30, I've got me plastic bags, all ready to have my stuff put in them today.

They are going to be so easy to 'fit' in the car, and carry to our stall site.  When empty, we can just fold them up and shove them under a trestle table.  Brilliant!

I have well and truly sorted out my layout now, and am happy with it too.

Today I might sew a white tablecloth it fit my square trestle table.
Other than that, it's all 'go' for Saturday.  The weather looks GREAT!  Probably damn cold early on, but warmer later on.

ABOVE:  Very clever.  

And that's me for now.  Catch ya later.

10.10 am:  And I've been on the go for over 2 hours.
Everything is sorted and packed up ready for tomorrow's market.

ABOVE:  Just have to add the gazebo now... then it can all go in Stew's car.

ANON:  Thank You for that information, I will be sure to repack everything into bins when we get home from market tomorrow, and only use the bags 'on the day', for transporting to and from markets.

I am now taking a break before getting all the washing folded and put away.  Housework is such a fag.

12.15 pm:  And bugger me!  I went and did the grocery shopping!
It wasn't too bad, now that I don't do a fortnightly shop, it's so much easier.

While in the parking lot at the supermarket, I spotted a Monarch Butterfly on a trolley.  So I went over and she flew off.   I used that trolley.

Cos I almost feel like my Mum visits me as a butterfly.

ANYWAY... as I arrived home with the groceries,  guess what I see straight away?

ABOVE: ANOTHER freakin' Monarch Butterfly!  

I've been thinking about Mum a lot lately.
The month of May starts tomorrow.
It will be Mother's Day on the 9th.
And my Mum's birthday is on the 14th.

I bought a Mother's Day card.  For Mum.  Cos it's far too soon to not get one.  Ya know?

I found out something this afternoon that has made my blood BOIL.  What do ya do with anger that has nowhere to go?
I'm absolutely furious, but can do nothing... NOTHING right now anyway.
KARMA... OMG I just have to WAIT.

I am going to need a drink or three tonight, just to calm the fuck down.  I was going to cook a lovely dinner too... but now?  I'm NOT IN THE MOOD! 
edit:  I am going to cook my darling his dinner. Not his fault I'm in a foul mood.

I'm cooking a Pork Eye Fillet, it's in a long solid roll.  I have to sear it then bake it.  NEVER done this before.  I hope I don't kill it.  

ABOVE:  I didn't kill the pork!  It was sooooooooo soft and moist!   The smashed roast potatoes were amazing, and the sauce with large onion chunks was yum too.   I feel like a proper wife.

The Bacardi and diet coke is not too bad.  I will probably only have one, cos seriously, I'm just not a drinker at all.

And alcohol never solves anything.

We had a heavy shower of rain tonight.  Fark!  It better not rain tomorrow.

I'm going now.  You have heard enough from me today.


  1. Good Luck at your Market tomorrow. I love that Deli sign.

  2. nice! I did some just plastic grocery bags to my last one and that worked ok just my house has too much animal hair so we had to tape roll every everything.

  3. Anonymous10:07 AM

    Don't store your runners etc in those bags when you get home. I stored a doona in one and the red ink from the bag stained it

  4. Bags will be much easy to lug your stuff around in! Sounds like a busy weekend ahead :)

  5. Aww, yes I bet that butterfly was your mum sending her love xx

  6. The firsts are always hard. Love the fact that mum is watching over you!!

  7. It's my first Mothers' Day without Mum too. I don't think it really gets easier you just learn to live with it. Our new puppy died suddenly in the night and it brought back all the memories of our baby girl dying from SIDS in 1994. No more new pets (or children!) for us now.

  8. The firsts are always the most difficult so this month will be a toughie for you. Take it easy on yourself.

  9. Just have a wee tipple or 5 and relax with the cooking I'm wanting to try a pork fillet on the Weber BBQ soon hopefully. It's going to be okay Chris 💙

  10. Kiwionholidays7:59 PM

    🎸❤️💯👍💗💐🥂true it doesn’t solve problems and well done you to have one and relax

    Tomorrow will be so much better ,, Sleep tite n love the one you have there , ✅

    They are the rocks when there’s a hard place

    Cheers 🥂

  11. Could you buy plastic clear bags and those sucky out ones and condense the stock? To pack.
    Your dinner sounds looks amazing.

  12. I hope your market day is sunny and you get many people to your stall. Have a good weekend.

  13. Dinner sounds so yummy! Good luck for the market. I hope tomorrow is a better day.

  14. I am sooo sorry you have to put up with this hostility (or whatever it is).
    This just seems so weird, and unfortunate a thing to be happening to you guys.
    I certainly hope it is sorted soon. And once it is, I continue to hope for peace with the "outcome".


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