Wednesday, April 07, 2021


 As I mentioned last night, I made myself some Rice Paper Spring Rolls for dinner.

I made a few changes to the process, and it was SO MUCH EASIER!

First change:  dip the rice paper in the hot water for only about 10 seconds.  Lay it on a tea towel.

2nd change: Put EVERYTHING you want in it, on the paper roll, at the top.  Put the mint leaves at the other end.

3rd change:  Chop up the vermicelli noodles with scissors!

Roll it up tightly like 'normal'...

ABOVE: And boom, they are done!  So quick, easy, healthy, filling and tasty.

This is going to be my 'go to' for lunch.

Last night I had left over chicken as my protein.  You can add anything I reckon, chicken, shrimp, ham, and pork.

Stew's sister, Khady, called back in last night for her dog's lead and so I could get a photo of her and Stew.  It's been a long time since they last got a photo together.

ABOVE:  They look very happy. 

Now... today?


I am going to wash all the windows on the outside of the house.  And Bex is doing the inside.

Lacy is coming over to continue stripping wallpaper too as far as I know.  Not sure, as she's hurt her shoulder again.  A rotor cuff injury has reared it's ugly head again.

So we shall see who turns up.

Meantime, it's still far too early for me to be thinking of getting out of bed!

Might roll over and check out the insides of me eyelids a bit longer.

9.40 am:  And gosh!  I've done well this morning.
Two loads of washing done and hanging out.
Almost all the outside windows are cleaned.  I missed one set so shall pop out and get them done in a minute.
I even washed down the studio exterior walls (the ones I painted blue) while I was out there with the brush and hose.

Feeling very accomplished. 
Right, back to those two windows I missed...

1.30 pm:  Well, Bex arrived and she washed all the windows on the inside.  It took her about the same amount of time it took me to do the outside.
After she left, I went and posted a parcel off to Australia (bit late, but better late than never Heather!).  

Now?  I'm going to put me feet up and have a rest.  I'm freakin' tired!
I've got an FBG walk tonight, so want to conserve some energy for that.

HELLO???  I feel like I'm here on me own today.  I'm sure you are all super busy right?  

I had a nana nap!  It was bliss.  I locked the girls in the garage so they wouldn't annoy me by barking at every single damn noise, movement outside etc. 😄😂😆

I'm cooking dinner for Stew, he's having macaroni cheese with left over spicy sausages.
It will be in the oven when you get home darling.
I'm off to Cambridge at 6, I should get to the walk's meeting place in time. But, ya never know with traffic.

10.34 pm:  The walk tonight was lovely.  Daylight saving ending meant it was dark by the time we started our walk, and it was nice and cool.
Just how I like it.  The walk itself was just under 5km, so a comfortable distance.

I got home in time to have a bit of dinner, then watch Coronation Street.
I shall watch a You Tube video or two before bed.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. As always your energy amazes me...i did outside windows here last week over 2 days cause vouldnt breath hand in air cuts off something vital in the breathing department oh and then next day farmer ploughed his paďocks again so dust glying everywhere...but im notdooing them again before i move.

  2. Remember when you had to replace toilets cos the original ones had a sort of shelf that caught "stuff"? I have a similar toilet and it irritates me no end and I couldn't for the life of me work out who in the name of all things holy would design such a loo. Then I remembered that we downunder (and Australia is, after all, NZs west island) use very little water in our loos. Other countries have the water almost up to the top so the shelf wouldn't be a shelf in those countries. Or at least not as much. It also explains why the nasty kids in movies dunk their victims' heads in toilets - downunder you'd just get a bruise as your head hit the porcelain. I am probably late realising this but I was so excited I had to share with you!! Yes, I was thinking about you as I was cleaning my toilets!

  3. Our local Vietnamese restaurant has discontinued their Spring Rolls. This is NOT COOL. Also, for the past year they are only open for Carry Out. I have not been inside a restaurant in more than a year! YIKES! But, I DO order take out (frequently) And EVERY TIME I call, I order Spring Rolls even though I know they don'
    t have them. It is my not so subtle way of telling them to bring them back!

  4. Nice team work 💪 we've been painting nearly finished thank goodness!! Job interview from last week was postponed until tomorrow morning. Attended a funeral yesterday OMG it was the biggest I have ever been to. Steak on the Weber BBQ tonight yummo 🙂

  5. All I think about all day is rice paper rolls lol.... I’m going to have them for lunch again tomorrow! I had work today which is no fun at all. Enjoy your walk :)

  6. Phewwww, been at work and just caught up....

  7. Yesterday was a busy day cleaning day for me. I couldn't believe how long it took me to clean a cluttered guest bedroom but it is now ready for guests again:) Your FBG walk sounds like it was fun. One of these days I am going to try a rice paper spring roll.

  8. The spring rolls look great! The fact that you called the chicken "protein" makes me think you watch a lot of cooking contest shows.
    I didn't know you observed daylight savings, thought it was only the Americans...

  9. Certainly another busy day for you. I'm exhausted reading about it. Take care.

  10. Busy day for you! I need to clean windows yuck.

  11. Good job done getting all of your windows cleaned, I need to do mine to get all of the Winter grim off of the outside of mine.
    Those Spring Rolls sound and look delicious will have to try my hand at them.


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