Friday, April 23, 2021


 Well, today's plans have changed.

But that is just fine.  It gives us more time to rally our troops so to speak.

Stew took today off work, so that means he and I have the day together.

I love that.  There is NO ONE I would rather spend a day with than my darling man.

This morning we are going out to have a brisk walk along the river side, we hardly ever do that.  Then we will have a nice lunch somewhere, before coming home and awaiting the arrival of Mike and Joyce.

They are coming up for the long weekend, and to just hang out with us.  

ABOVE:  We've woken to a thick fog.  Autumn is certainly here now.  I'm sitting drinking a half cup of Caramel Late (out of a sachet), and I've got me Oodie on.

ABOVE:  And that's me in the big pink Oodie.  I love it!  It's so soft and squishy and WARM.  And yes, I've got bed hair... and I don't care!  
It's a thing.

8.41 am:  And wow!  The fog has come down even thicker now!  I can hardly see my neighbour's house at all.  Might not go walkies down by the river till much later in the day now.  I'm still in me pj's!  Should really get dressed I suppose.

1.50 pm:  And Stew and I have been out for several hours.
No river side walk... the fog didn't lift till very late in the morning.

Instead, we had a good walk around town.  Stopped and looked down some little alley ways...

ABOVE:  This one was off Barton Street.  Not a lot to interest us down here, some very nice boutique clothing shops, that cater for stick insects.

We did however, find a new gift shop on Alexandra Street (Fox & Frame).  I spied a collection in the window...

ABOVE:  Just the most gorgeous blue china!   OMG we I went in to drool.

ABOVE: so ummm... for a person who is trying to de-clutter and get rid of superfluous 'stuff'... I bought more stuff.

JUST this one piece, cos it was horribly expensive.  But I just love it. 
This piece is a cheese dish of all things!

What you see in the window is all she has of this collection.  She (shop owner), bought it while on a trip to England years ago.
I'd love to get more of it... so might have to go back in a week or two.  😂😅😆

ABOVE:  After wandering through town for a couple of hours, we ventured out to The Base, where we proceeded to buy a couple of new oven trays.  Our current tray is getting damn manky.
Then we had lunch at one of our favourite eateries... Foundation.

Not that impressed with them today.
The brought to the table our wedges ... and immediately we could see that they had downsized the quantity.... by a shit load!

Not on at all.  Give you less, charge you the same?  Might not be going back there.  I'm over being ripped off.

Worst thing is, so many places are doing the exact same thing.  Put less in ... charge you more even!  

Right, I better stop bitching.  I've been told all I do is bitch and moan on here!  

4.45 pm:  enjoying a relaxed afternoon.  Steve, Bex and boys are here.  Griffin is here.  Mike and Joyce are an hour or so away.

6.45 pm:  And OMG it's gone quiet!  Mike and Joyce arrived with just enough time to have a quick chat and hugs... then they took off for the Rugby game with Steve and Stew in tow.
Bex and the boys have gone home.
It's just me and the dogs now.

So.... I might just watch a movie on Netflix before they arrive home again.

ABOVE:  Looks like there's a good crowd at the stadium.  I hope they enjoy the game.

ABOVE:  The kick that won the game apparently!  The Chiefs WON in the last seconds.


  1. Sounds like a lovely day planned.
    My new vacuum arrived. Loving it so far. This one can stand up by itself. I don't think my old Dyson did that. I am also liking the fact that I can put the crevice tool on the motor and use it as a hand held to get spider webs out of the corners of the ceiling!
    Take pictures at the river!
    Oh wait - who am I talking to ..... Of course you will!

  2. Yay time for just the two of you 💙 no snogging down by the river!! It's so cool that Mike and Joyce are traveling to spend time with everyone such a loving thing to do.

  3. Sounds like a lovely day ahead ... and great that you get to see Mike and Joyce again this weekend. Have an awesome day 🙂

  4. You look stunning, such a big smile, I hope it lasts all day for you. Xx

  5. /You look so comfy in that Oodie! Love it


  6. Wish my bed hair looked that good! Sounds like a great day planned after the fog goes away.

  7. YOU'RE SMILING!!!!! Must be Stew behind the camera :)
    I love foggy mornings. I would be out walking in it! Enjoy your bonus day together.

  8. lololol what a cute piccy!!!! I NEED that pink Oodie

  9. Kiwionholidays4:03 PM

    Oh to be 50 again and snuggle up a cold winter ,,,with hair looking fab like that would be a dream come true ✔️

    Looks so warm n snuggly and a neat pic of you Chris ,
    My DH misses the fires n cold winters at times lol me not so much while we are out of the country,

    Love that blue set all up n your piece is pretty stunning

    Enjoy it ,,

    Lovely you two had a day together those are the memories we love to store up n thanks for sharing the. With us

    Love the weenooks n crannies we need to spend more time in that area when we finally get home for hols

    Have a gr8 weekend.

    Cheers 🥂

  10. Your cheese dish is GORGEOUS!!

  11. I love the stick insect description

  12. Kiwionholidays7:18 PM

    Go the Chiefs ✔️Cheers 🥂

  13. Considering you are regulars at the Foundation I think you are perfectly entitled to complain & get an explanation. Especially if it is a big difference. Enjoy the peace & quiet at home because once the others get home from the rugby, it will be mayhem :-)

  14. Oh wow! Your photo of the alleyway brought back memories of when we stayed in Paihai a good few years back now. It was like a little rabbit warren with so many interesting shops and places to eat, great times :)

  15. We are finally all vaccinated, so my college girl can be in direct contact without quarantining first.

    We still stay distanced from everybody else. I see my neighbors in the yard, we chat from a distance. Ditto with my mom.

    Almost no one but us has been in my house for well over a year (masked electrician and repairman had to come a couple times for emergencies, I stayed well away and disinfected like crazy after they left).

    So (especially) enjoy your family and the comings and goings, you are very fortunate.

  16. Sounds as though your weekend is off to a busy start. That is a lovely cheese dish. Have a fun time with the family. Be well.

  17. I would bitch and moan if I got less wedges! Before you boycott them - you should make sure the smaller portion is intentional. Maybe a mistake, new chef, bad day, etc.....

  18. Your bed hair looks like you've spent hours at hairdressers! I want bed hair like yours! 😁

  19. Dawn P.5:57 AM

    You go ahead & stay just as you are - if you want to b**** & moan? Do it. Its your blog. If "some"readers don't like it, then they need to move on. Drives me nuts how some folks will complain about all & sundry; l follow your blog because l want to read about you & yours. If "they" dont like it, lump them. You go, girl.

  20. Is the blue crockery made by Hornsea in the UK?
    Helen in France.

  21. That blue set is pretty! We'd be sure to break it lol. Bunch of clutzes here.


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