Saturday, April 03, 2021


 Well... today Stew and I will be doing a grocery shop.

Top of the list is more 'HEALTHY' shit for the pantry and fridge/freezers.

I am going to sit down with Stew and we are going to work on making a list of stuff we can eat that is HEALTHY, but tasty too.

Bugger eating stuff that is tasteless/boring or repetitive.

I'm certainly going to be getting the makings for Rice Paper rolls!  We both love them, and you can have seafood or chicken in them.  

Next... because Mike and Joyce are here, we shall be hanging out with them today.  And of course, I expect Steve, Bex and the boys over too.  Brylee is working today, so we won't see her till tonight I suppose.

ABOVE:  This is Coco... every night!  Such a hussy.  Look at our Joyce... awwww, she loves Coco.

ABOVE: This lot, just hangin' out last night.

Steve and Mike went on to play Magic till very late at a mate's house last night.

ABOVE: These are Magic cards, it's some sort of game.  I have absolutely NO IDEA how you play it, but our boys LOVE it.

You get all these different packs, and collect them... and???

I dunno.  😊😅😂

Right, I'm off to start the day.  Which means I might just roll over and catch a few more Zzzzz's... or read the news on me phone.  Either way, it won't be done in a hurry.

10.30 am: We all slept in.  Stew and I got up around 9.15, and Mike and Joyce got up at 9.45.

It's a cruisy morning.  

ABOVE: Let's call this 'morning hair'. 😄😆😅
She's so damn cute!  Tea, phone, floppy hair.

We are just sitting here yakking.  Catching up.
At some point we are going to Saigon Noon to buy some of their Rice Paper Rolls, so we can bring them home and dissect them!  I want to know what they put in theirs's, so I can copy them.

ABOVE:  Well!  Very surprised to see there's very few ingredients in these Rice Paper Rolls.  But they are still delicious.
Mine will have carrot, cucumber and maybe capsicum in them too.

I don't know if I've talked about this lately, but our bed is KILLING US.
I mean, since we got the replacement mattress in November, we have not slept well at all.
It's TOO HARD!  It say's on the side FIRM, but OMG it feels way firmer than the last 'firm' one we had.
Anyway, now days we toss and turn all night long, and wake up with sore hips/shoulders etc.

So today I checked out mattress toppers.
And as luck would have it, Harvey Norman's was having a 40% off bedding sale.
So off we trotted, and bought this:

ABOVE: It's a memory foam topper.  I hope it's ready for use tonight.  It's all scrunched up right now and has to 'self flatten' before we can use it.
I suppose if we have to wait 24 hours, we have to wait.

I hate WAITING for anything! 

I'm cooking a whole bunch of sausages, mashed potaotes and veges for dinner.

We have a few for dinner tonight.  Stew and I, Mike and Joyce, Steve, Bex, the boys, Emily and Liam and probably Brylee too.

ABOVE:  Poppits are the latest rage it would appear.  We've had our yellow one for a couple of years, Emily and Liam have just got theirs.

ABOVE:  Mike is making new traces for fishing.  He's going fishing at dawn with Russell and Steve.  Out on the west coast.  
Maybe we will have fish for dinner tomorrow?

8 pm:  Dinner was yum, everyone enjoyed a nice, simple meal.
After dinner we played a round of 14, which was neat.
We are now saying nite nite to Steve, Bex, The boys, Mike and Joyce.  They are heading home.
Mike and Steve will be getting up VERY early tomorrow morning and meeting up with Russell to fish.


  1. Looks like a fun night for all. It is great that you can have family over without worrying about Covid.
    My son used to play magic.

  2. When I was cooking for a few I used to make massive vegetable curries. Every cheap seasonal vegetable available went into it, and used to last a few days. Even if someone didn't like a certain vegetable the curry taste disguised the vegetable taste.

  3. Anonymous11:59 AM

    Rice paper rolls are easy as pie to make. But you must have your ducks in a row. Watch a video or two to get the hang of it. You have to be quick. Once you get the hang of it you will love making them. Have fun!! XO, Ky Girl

  4. I think you mean Magic The Gathering or MTG for those in the know!!!!! lolololol. Guy likes it too, but some of his friends are crazy about it. Do not try to understand it. It is LITERALLY incomprehensible. As in..... impossible. But I'm glad your boys enjoy it: they could be up to worse things at night

  5. What about the sauce? The sauce is what makes the spring roll!

  6. Rice paper rolls sound very tasty. So, the ones you bought were they: 3 x prawns, rice, lettuce & mint leaf?

    1. Vermicelli not rice. Yeah just that plus Hoison sauce.

  7. I love rice paper rolls and my favourite are the chicken ones with avocado (and the vermicelli mint etc) so good! I could eat them every day. Soooo good.

  8. Lots of lovly family smiles in these pjotos

  9. Yes please fish please 😊
    See you guys tomorrow or Monday morning
    #Lacy 💙

  10. Lovely to have your family home. tickled to see Mike wearing Gallagher clothing. We are big fans of their electric fencing products with 35 reels, 6 chargers and too much twine and too many insulators to count.

  11. I've never had a rice paper roll. Maybe some day:) I had to look Poppit up on the internet. Sounds like a fun game. I may pick one up to see if my nieces or nephews like playing it.


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