Tuesday, April 06, 2021


 I'm so glad Stew took today off work, making his Easter break 5 days long.

Today it should be just the two of us.

Brylee and Danielle are going up to Auckland, I think they are going to Dress Mart in Onehunga.  That's like a mall of Factory shops, meaning new, but cheaper prices.

Who knows what Stew and I will get up to ... a whole day to ourselves after such a busy, social weekend!

ABOVE:  Khady's dog, Max, is a toe/foot/leg licker!  Khady HATES IT and won't let him lick her feet!

Me?  I LOVE IT, so Max was in 7th heaven.  I got licked from me toes to me knees!  

Weird the things different people like/dislike.  Do you like ya toes licked?  AND DON'T BE DIRTY, I'm talking DOGS licking ya toes... not blokes!  

And yeah, let's leave it there ... and I'll catch ya later. 😄😂😅

11 am:  I can honestly say I lay in bed till 9.30 this morning!
I listened to the girls get up and head off to Auckland, and Stew getting up and having his breakfast.  And I was like, Yeah Nah, I'm staying here.  😆😅

When I did get up, Stew and I went out to Wairere Nursery and bought three smallish trees for the gap in the garden on the 'shady' side of the house.
And this:

ABOVE:  My Mum's name was Christina Maud, but she was always called Maud.  Stew spotted this cute wee plant.  Of course, we had to get it.

We have dropped the plants off at home, and are now heading out for lunch, then a few things from Mitre 10 for the garden.  Mulch, edging etc.
It's never ending what you need for the garden.

1.15 pm: And we are home again.  Lunch was just at the food court in The Base.
Then we went over to Mitre 10 and Stew got the bits 'n' bobs he needed.
He's now outside putting the new plants in the garden and adding an edge and bark? to finish it off.

ABOVE:  So, that's the last 'gap' to be filled in our gardens.    I'll show you it again, once Stew's finished there.

ABOVE:  I wandered around the back to check out our big mandarin tree.  Anyone want mandarins?  OMG we have so many.
I can see me putting them out at the roadside for people to help themselves.
It's feast of famine with so much fruit and veg eh?

So, I'm standing there, admiring the mandarins, and glance to my right.
And bugger me!

ABOVE: Would you believe it?  We already have a Princess Maude shrub!  It's looking a bit battered from all the recent stormy weather, but wow.  It's the same shrub that we bought this morning.
Princess Maude, I think my Mum would be rather chuffed knowing our new home already had a shrub named after her.

ABOVE: And it's done.  It didn't take him long at all either.
Now they just need to grow a bit and that entire strip down the east side of the house will be filled in.  There were lots of gaps down that side when we moved here.

Brylee and Danielle are just leaving Auckland, so should be home in an hour or so.  
It's been a really nice, quiet day.

I tried making rissoles with left over mashed potatoes, veges, egg etc for dinner tonight.
FLOPPED.  Stew ate a few but really, not good.
I've never been too good at making rissoles from left overs.
Might give it a miss next time.
I ended up having some spring rolls ... and after watching a couple of videos, found them much easier this time around.

Time to wind down for  the day.  
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Hahaha no comment to the lick subject
    #Lacy 💙

  2. My hubby lets the dog lick his feet, I do not.

  3. Nope; I couldn't stand it when dogs did that. Yuck.

  4. Anonymous9:15 AM

    Hate it!

  5. I love it when the dogs lick my feet. I've always wanted to try the pedicure where fish nibble off the dead skin. Gross, I know!!

    1. Me too! I don't think there is anywhere here in New Zealand that has those fish. I must google it!

    2. And no, looks like we don't have 'fish spas' here. And sounds like they are a bit risky, and are banned in at least 10 states in America due to people getting infections.

  6. yuk...no licking dogs for me.
    My kitten tries to lick me and I hate that too

  7. naawwww so sweet about the Maud flower --- definitely a sign you are in the right place and your mum is near

  8. You could drop your extra fruit into your local decile 1 school. Extra fruit is always appreciated for kids who don’t get a lot.
    The new plant looks fabulous- love the colour!!

  9. School lunch boxes will be bursting with manadrines how yummy.

  10. Garden looks great and wow so much fruit on that tree!

  11. The Princess Maud flower is very pretty. Isn't that something that you had one all along and didn't know it? What I wouldn't give for your fruit tree.

  12. I had to look up rissoles. Very interesting, trying it next week.

    This is the one I found, is it the right idea? -

  13. What a beautiful garden! The mandarins look good. Enjoy.


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