Monday, April 05, 2021


 For the second night in a row, I've slept so much better.

The new topper pad on our bed is proving to be worth it's weight in gold.

It's so good to get up in the morning and you feel rested, and nothing really hurts.

So thankful we got it.

ABOVE:  I can't believe I forgot to show you our Rice Paper Rolls from yesterday.  Some looked a bit rough, but most were pretty good!

And they certainly tasted wonderful, just like bought ones.

My cousin Debra gave me a gift yesterday, this was it:

ABOVE:  She had photos from my Mum's 80th Birthday put on a canvas for me.  I was very touched that she had thought of doing that for me.

Lastly for now:

ABOVE:  ???  Steve's back and shoulders are covered in tiny pimples.  They are a side effect of all the drugs he is on for his Pancolitis.  Bex it popping them.  Nice one, on my couch too!

I don't know what's the haps today.

Steve and Mike are working on fixing Mike's cars exhaust.  Something about spark plugs too.  Dunno.

Mike and Joyce will be heading home to Palmerston North as some stage today.

Lacy is due over here to see them.  

Brylee is off to Tauranga, then coming back with Danielle to stay here overnight, before they go shopping in Auckland on Tuesday. Danielle is Brylee's 3rd cousin = FAMILY.

Stew's sister, Khady, is coming for dinner.

I better get something out of the freezer!

So, a quiet day?  

Somehow, I doubt it!

So I was just sitting here (10.15 am) thinking... gosh I'm a bit hungry.

Scrolling through Facebook, see a video on making pikelets.

RIGHT!  GOTTA MAKE SOME, like right now.

No recipe, just throw flour, baking powder, sugar, eggs and milk in a bowl...

Beat the shit outta it and :

ABOVE:  Done.  Damn yum too.  Lacy arrived bang on time to have some too.

The kids arrived and we played a game of 14.
Such fun.  

Because Cambridge Card Night is here next time, I had all the trophy's in my room, so I got them out so we could play for a trophy.

ABOVE:  Mike won, Joyce was Runner up and I lost.  I don't mind losing cos the loser's trophy is pretty.

Steve is going to make us our own trophys.  He has to make an extra special one, it will be called THE HULK.

Cos this person turns into a raging Hulk (read BAD LOSER) when she loses!!!
She looks SO cute and innocent eh?  She's not. 

Steve and Bex are now cooking everyone's lunch.  I think we are having salad buns with chicken, salad, fried Halomui etc.  Smells amazing.

Gosh!  Not been back on here for a while.
So.  Lunch was wonderful.
Then after hanging out for a while, yakking, everyone left.
Lacy for her home.
Steve and Bex for their home.
Mike and Joyce for their home in Palmerston North.

And Stew and I relaxed for a couple of hours.
Then Brylee and Danielle arrived home, to watch movies and have a sleep over in our lounge.
Then Stew's sister arrived and we had a very nice dinner of Roast Chicken (Thanks to Steve and Bex), salad and mashed potatoes.

Then more yakking ensued for a few hours.

It's now 8.20 pm and all is quiet again!

It's been a really busy weekend, with lots of family coming and going.  WE LOVED IT.

Mike and Joyce are home now, so we can relax knowing they are safe.

Best thing is, they will be back in just two weeks for Anzac Weekend, which is also Steve's birthday.


  1. What a wonderful gift. Some people like your cousin have a knack at picking out the perfect thing. Wish I had that knack.

  2. Anonymous10:38 AM

    Hi its good you are happy with the topper...I have a memory foam topper on only my side of the bed as our mattress has been too firm from the first night we got it for me. This is the second one I have husband likes the bed..I like that it doesn't sag but its just to firm...we have had the bed for about 7 years now. It is so hard to get the 'right' bed we had to send one back as it was so soft compared to the one in the shop that it nearly swollowed us...ha ha

    I am definitely the princess and the pea as far as. beds go...your pictures and news all sound good .


  3. I'm going to buy a mattress topper too! Bed Bath and Beyond have queen size for $179 with 5 star reviews. I need one! It's not Bambillow brand but exactly the same so that will work! It's called "Bambou" - probably made in the same factor, different name :)

  4. Nice looking pikelets haven't had one in yonks. We're painting top coat on the house it's starting to look spiffy lol 😆 the house was built in 1925 great bones just needs a face-lift like me!!

  5. I swear Lacy has a 6th sense when it comes to food!!!

    1. Haha 😂 love it
      #Lacy 💙

  6. That is such a thoughtful gift from your cousin ... it's those kind, special people in our lives that make the world a better place to live in. Pikelets sound yum! I've been indulging in chocolate easter eggs and hot cross buns this morning ... I really must make an effort to get back into healthier foods again this week.

  7. oohhh pikelets are an Aussie classic!!!!... I make them sometimes for the boys after school. Like you: no recipe. Just mix it all up until it's the right consistency. Sometimes I add 1/2 a cup of ricotta and some blueberries if I have them on hand. Soooo yummmmm and the ricotta makes them denser and higher like "hotcakes"

  8. What a crazy day you have in store. I find it very hard to believe that Joyce can turn into the hulk.... But I am not there!
    The Spring Rolls look great. And if you eat them all nobody can see any imperfections!
    I bought a puzzle at the 2nd hand store (Goodwill). It was from 1945. A soldier's Homecoming.
    It was kind of a fun puzzle to do. It is about 75 years old. Very high quality. And the BEST part? It HAS ALL THE PIECES!

  9. Well you influenced me today. We were out and about shopping and hubby asked where I wanted to go for lunch. All I wanted was rice paper rolls so a bit of looking around and we found a place that served them. Delicious!

  10. Omg love it J'babe aka miss Hulk xx

    Loved seeing you guys xx
    #Lacy 💙

  11. You had a great weekend yahoo

  12. You certainly had one busy weekend with all the family and visitors. Fun times!


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