Tuesday, April 27, 2021


Yesterday was a public holiday, and Stew was home, so it feels like a Monday morning.

I don't have much on today, I just need to get all the washing done.

I got some of it done yesterday, but bloody hell, I don't know where it all came from cos I've still got two loads to go.

It's all going on racks in the garage cos it's supposed to rain today.

ABOVE: I liked this one.

Hmmm.... I forgot to get a 'float' for my market on Saturday, so I better get that today ... it will give me an excuse to go out.

I'm going to do a 'mock up' of my 'stall lay out' in the garage today.  I want to do this because of the new Table Runner rack I bought a little while ago.

I need to see how it will fit with my trestle tables.  I don't want to be taking along more tables than I need on the day.  Done that before.

12 noon:  And I'm finally home from the shops.
I got me float... Cash for the market in other words.
Then I decided to go into a Lingerie shop and actually get FITTED for a bra.  I'm sick to death of ill fitting bras that keep falling off me shoulders and cutting into me sides!
Didn't even check out the size till I got home.

Bloody hell ... I'm an F.  I've only ever been a D or DD before.
I really must work on reducing that down a notch or 10!

It is nice to be comfortable thought I must say.

The other thing I was on the hunt for was a Volleyball.
Can't find one in Hamilton ANYWHERE.  
So I'm at home doing a ring around now.
I might have found one in Tauranga... not sure yet.


Letting your fingers do the walking is so worth it!  I have found a volleyball... in Tauranga.  So Stew and I will be doing a day trip over there on Sunday to get it.
I'm very happy with my day so far.

1 pm, and my next job is lined up...

ABOVE: This is my 'baking' cupboard.  Only trouble with it?  Everything just gets thrown in there and you have to pull half the shit out to find what you are looking for.
So... I've pulled heaps out and am going to put all of the gadgets and appliances in another cupboard in the kitchen 'proper'.

It's about time I did it.

ABOVE:  These are some of the gadgets and appliances already out, and ready to move to their new cupboard.

The kitchen is sorted out, it only took 10 minutes.  So lucky we have so many cupboards, I literally had one spare, so all those appliances/gadgets went in there.  

3.41 pm:  And I'm exhausted!  Been on the go all day.
I think I've got my stall lay out set out right, to fit the bigger table runner rack in.
It took me ages longer than it should have, and now I'm bloody crabby as fuck.

I should be going to Cards tonight, but I'm not going.  I'm tired and need to just relax tonight.  At home.  With my feet UP.

The new bra fits wonderfully, but I'm feeling CONSTRICTED... I'm not used to wearing a 'proper' bra that holds everything IN.  
Including me back fat!   So I feel like it will have to come off soon, just to make me feel less like I'm wearing a straight jacket!  😆😅😂

Well... it's been a really nice evening.  Relaxing.
Watching the telly, doing Sudoku on the computer and so on.
Time now to head off to bed.  Loving the cooler temperatures!


  1. I don't know what a "float" for your booth is. I will look forward to seeing the set-up!

    1. A float is the cash you have on hand so you can give customers change.

    2. Hmm, I just call that the Cash Box!

    3. The cash box is what the cash goes into, the cash itself is the float!

  2. Bugger, I have appointments on Saturday so I won't get to come to the market :-(

  3. You've probably always been an F but just wearing the wrong size. I've had a breast reduction and I'm still and E (was a GG). Ignore the cup size, what's important is if it fits :)

    1. I am a GG or FF (I forget which). I keep thinking of getting a reduction but then the $$ & pain put me off :-)

  4. Im trying to make sence here of a drastic short supply of cupboard space moved on weekend and NO storage moving from a house with HEAP of stroage and 3 bay garage to no garage eek not even enough wardrobes..it will be mitre 10 cabinets for sure at least one maybe 3.

  5. You have been busy today! If I put on any weight it goes straight to my boobs, which some people might think is a good thing but I hate them bouncing about LOL.... getting in and out of my sports bras is a workout in itself!

  6. Kiwionholidays8:24 PM

    Love the elephant pic can I please copy n share it ??
    Don’t feel bad about having R&R ,,,,it does us all good ,,,but as Mums n Nanas often we leave ourselves till last

    All the best for market this weekend
    Fab to catchup,,

    Cheers 🥂

    1. Of course you can copy and share, I got it off Facebook.

  7. An F cup I say this
    D cup is delicious
    E cup is exquisite
    F cup is downright FABULOUS!
    I have been all 3 and am currently an 18K
    That’s gold baby 🤣

  8. Kiwionholidays10:28 PM

    Thanks Chris,,

    Cheers 🥂

  9. You are one busy little bee. Sounds like a productive day. Have a restful night.

  10. I've been wearing sports bras for a year, I don't know if I can go back to a regular one. So much more comfortable.


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