Tuesday, April 20, 2021


 Lacy is coming over to visit me this morning.

She's in luck.

We have left overs.

I  don't have much on today.  Thank goodness.

I'm feeling a bit wrung out.  Just over tired really.

Our new mattress topper is wonderful, but when you can't get your brain to switch off, it doesn't matter how comfortable your bed is. 😔

I will be sleeping in today.  Well... until Lacy arrives that is.

And that's pretty much all I have for now!

Catch ya later.

I have my 2nd Market of the year coming up soon!
I'm feeling fairly optimistic it will become a good one.  It's a TOTALLY NEW market to Hamilton.
It might be a flop for a while?  Dunno.  But you have to start somewhere right.

As it's going to be held about three times a year, hopefully it gets known about quickly.

As you all know, I've pulled back on markets lately.
After I came home from Australia, I just wasn't in the mood to do them.  And I didn't feel I needed the added stress.

Now I think I need the added DISTRACTION.
So today I am going to go through all my stock and make sure I have enough for this up-coming market.

It will be 4 months since my last market!  
Oh - this market is on May 1st.  In Hamilton, at St Andrews Presbyterian Church in Claudelands.  Just in case anyone wants to know.

In case you didn't notice, I tried something out this morning.
I'm sorry if I alarmed anyone!  
I was just trying to make Stew an 'Author', so in the event something happened to me he could still do a post for me.
Seems I buggered it up a bit.

BUT... I'm back!

I am cold today.  It's making me a bit crabby.
Actually, just about everything is making me crabby today.
I went for a little walk.  Listened to music.  Didn't help.
Tidied the garage.
Sussed out what I need to take to market.
Only thing I must do is get a 'float' again.  I spent all me float money!
Cooking me some hash browns for lunch.  Call it comfort food, whatever.  At least it's not chocolate.

Hmmm... might actually make myself a hot drink.

ABOVE:  There is so much choice in my pantry!  Who the hell drinks all this shit?

VISITORS.  Visitors drink all this shit.

ABOVE:  In the end this shit won, cos I just GAG at the thought of drinking tea!  ANY sort of tea.

ABOVE: And without a word of a lie, this was the first cup I grabbed from the cupboard, without even LOOKING! 

Appropriate.  VERY appropriate.

I had a really nice afternoon!  I did some work in my sewing room, got a few more puzzle pieces fitted too.
Stew is due home from Rotorua soon, I've got macaroni cheese in the oven.

It's certainly getting cooler now, and dark so early!  I've got winter clothes on now.  How sad, all my summer dresses are put in the 'winter over' wardrobe for the next few months.

I reckon nothing else will happen today, except for dinner and some yakking with Stew/TV, then bed.


  1. Good luck on the market! I did really well at the little one I did on Saturday.

  2. Phew - thank goodness. I thought that you had stopped blogging. Have a great day.

    1. YOU know how tempting that is eh?

  3. Phew glad you're back Chris i was what the dont you do that to me computer how my day gonna start without reading DCR happening

  4. Anonymous12:01 PM

    I was blaming it on to Google because there have been so many changes lately on facebook and other things - don't you hate it when the computer asks for your password and you can't remember it and it is none of the ones you think it will be. Audrey

  5. you scared me- glad everything is okay-
    stay safe-
    Barb in Texas

  6. I hope your new venture in the new market will be a big success. Your cup slogan reminds me of the tee shirt I bought that says Shift Happens, a fund raiser after our earthquake in 1989 that damaged our downtown area. It did shift!

  7. Good luck with the market. I went to school at St Andrews. Long long time ago

  8. Hope the market is a great success! I love a nice cup of tea but hate coffee but my first choice is always a nice cold Diet Coke :)

  9. Good luck with your market. Keep warm.

  10. Good luck on your market.
    I cannot drink tea in the morning, coffee for me. Tea is for lunch and dinner.
    Thank you for your warmer weather, I feel for you just starting Winter.


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