Sunday, April 04, 2021


 At lunch time today we are going to all make Rice Paper Rolls.

I've got all the stuff necessary, so it's just prep to do, then put them all together.

I wonder how many we will bugger up before we get it right?

Steve and Mike will be off fishing right now, I hope they catch some.  NOT that Stew and I are that fussed on fresh fish.

I much prefer it smoked and in a white sauce!  With Cheese on top!

No sleep in for us today... we have Liam and Emily here.  Liam is gunna wake up damn hungry.

He refused to eat his dinner last night, and went to bed instead.  So I expect him to wake up extra early cos he's hungry. 😖😒😕

Right.... let's get a move on. 

11.35 am:  It's been a quiet morning.  Well as quiet as it can be with a Liam in the house!
Emily is much quieter.

I've done the prep work for the Rice Paper Rolls.  Now just have to wait till everyone arrives so we can have some fun making them.

The fishing went so-so, sounds like they only caught a couple of fish.  I hope they took photos!

I'm really looking forward to making lunch. Should be good.

ABOVE: It was quite cold this morning, both kids wanted blankets to 'wear'.
And Emily kept asking to go swimming!  Derr.

ABOVE: I got to wear my Ugg boots.  With shorts.  😊😂

ABOVE:  Gorgeous fishing spot, Ruapuke, which is south of Raglan.

ABOVE: My first attempt at the rolls.  It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.  And everyone loved them.
My dipping sauce was freaking amazing too.
I used a mix of Hoisin Sauce, Peanut Butter and water.  

5 pm:  Feeling a bit jaded!  It's been people all day!  Busy busy.
One of my cousins on my Mum's side called in this afternoon.

ABOVE:  I forgot to take a photo, so have to make do with one flinched off Facebook!
Debbie is 14 years younger than me, so a spring chicken lol.
She brought me a gift, which I will show you tomorrow.  It's so lovely.
And unexpected.  I've been quite spoiled lately with gifts!

No one feels like cooking this evening, so it's Fish 'n' Chips for dinner.
Nice one.  

Fish 'n' chips ... DONE.
Everyone has left, all is quiet.
And Stew and I are exhausted.

Daylight saving went 'back' last night.
So while the clock says 8.40 pm, our heads are saying 9.40 pm.  And I'm damn tired.
It will be an early night for me.


  1. Happy Easter 🐥 hope you have a super day. Good luck with the rice paper rolls, youll love them. Oh and I hope the Easter bunnies visited and left you some treats 😍

  2. Rice Paper Rolls (also known as Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls) are so good. I make them often. The trick is to not prepare them too far in advance as they tend to split apart and get very messy. Unless eating immediately as they are made, I tend to get a brand new clean Chux cloth (from those Chux rolls), dampen one and then wrap gently around the pile of rolls, to keep the wrappers moist and to stop them splitting. A couple of friends who work in coffee shops gave me this tip. Seems to work. 😊

  3. Maybe the guys can make fresh fish n' chips.

  4. I guess seeing as it's Easter those two fishes might become more ... with some loaves!!!

  5. Jealous of your lunch! You’re a pro at making them and Steve’s face was a crack up! Happy Easter to you guys.

  6. You have tie uggs? Mine are slip ons.

  7. Couple of questions: do you just soak the vermicelli or does it need cooking? And prawns, I have NEVER really bought them but I see them in the freezer section, do you just defrost them or do they need to be cooked? I am such a novice in the kitchen I just cook the same meals over and over but I really like the look of your rice rolls and think I might give them a try.

    1. You soak the vermicill and rice paper in warm water. I buy pre cooked prawns and defrost them.

  8. I hate the time changes! So hard to get used to them. I'm exhausted every time we have the kids over. So used to our much quieter house now lol


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