Monday, May 25, 2020


I have a few photos from yesterday:

 ABOVE:  I bought some cheap wool/acrylic from Spotlight.

Bex also gave me a huge pile of wool as well!

ABOVE: This is all my wool and acrylic!
That's what I already had, what my neighbour's gave me, what Bex gave me and what I bought yesterday.  Now I just need to find boxes or such like to store it all in!

And find somewhere to keep it all for now.  

 ABOVE:  Our Griffin, it was so lovely to see him yesterday, and see for ourselves that he was OK.

 ABOVE:  Griffin and his girlfriend 'K'.

 ABOVE:  The parents and kid.

Today?  I'm going to get the housework done, and maybe pop out for boxes for me wool.

If it's raining I don't plan on opening the Shop... if it's fine, I might later on this morning.

I will be continuing to work on my FBG friend's banner later on too.  I'm still tracing out the letters on paper, before making the fabric letters.  There's heaps to be done on that project.


11 am: Got up to a slow, steady drizzle today.  And it's keeping up, so hopefully it's like this in Auckland too... they need the rain desperately.

I went to The Warehouse this morning.   No queue to speak of, certainly NOTHING like how it was over the weekend.

I got these:

ABOVE: Two plastic drawer units for me wool.  
I could kick myself now, I'd planned on looking at the wool section at The Warehouse too, but completely forgot.  Oh well... I probably have enough for now anyway.

It's very quiet in the house, Brylee is in her room fluffing around and Lacy is still in bed.

I might just go and have a look in the wool shop in town.  I don't actually WANT to be home today.

ABOVE: Finally, I understand this. Moving on, and just working on the inner most circle. Even the second circle is useless most of the time. Keep smiling, there is no other choice.

Today Lacy moved out.  She will be in and out over the next week or two getting all her stuff.

This means I can do the bedroom move around soon.
We are going to end up with two spare bedrooms and an office, which will also be a place to store all my wool and overflow of craft stuff, how awesome.  lol

I have not opened the shop today, I'm just not in the mood, and there is plenty to do around here right now.

*** might have a nap ***, so tired!  Didn't sleep well last night.

I'm in a bit of a funny mood today.
I had to cull some readers from my private blog.  My personal stuff is not going to be read by people who never communicate or keep in touch in any way.  It is what it is.  Like friendships... they are two way streets.

I have far too much on my mind and too much time to dwell on shit.  I shall move on and get started on putting all Lacy's stuff in the garage, ready for her to take away I think.

3.10 pm:  Brylee and I just did a little grocery shop.  No queues, not busy in the supermarket at all.  Such a relief, things are getting back to 'normal'.
Now I'm going to relax for a little while, then I'm going out to have a visit with my friend Hilary.  She only lives 5 minutes away.

Just heard from Bex ... Archer had a good first day at school.  He was taken to have morning tea with his brother, which is just lovely.  They are looking after the little ones at their school obviously.

It's almost 6 pm.  I have spent almost 2 hours yakking with Hilary... so good to reconnect with her and get back into our yakking groove!  It was good for me soul too I might add.  Nothing like yakking with a really dear friend, getting stuff out and airing it, then being able to breath easier again.

Now?   Shit.  I have to sort out dinner.  I'M. SICK.  TO.  DEATH.  OF.  COOKING.   We have left over chicken drumsticks... might de-bone them and add them to a pasta dish.  

I'm shagged.  So damn tired I might just have to go to bed soon.
With any luck I will get a good sleep tonight, I really need it.


  1. Shame you're so far away - I have a heap of wool/acrylic you could have! I have become a yarn snob and find certain types really hurt my fingers when I crochet. I give them to a lady who knits dog blankets using several strands together and huge pieces of dowel. They are really heavy but look great.
    Enjoy your day. Sounds like a good day for pottering in the shop/studio. xx

  2. Anonymous1:46 PM

    They're good for wool. I've got 2 of them stuffed full of wool and xmas decs. Good to see Griffin. Is he living in Auckland now? Kj

  3. Wow,that huge ice cream of Griffins,nicely wrapped up in warm clothes, and eating cold
    Stuff.Lovely your getting your house back and have some normality back.But knowing you changes will be happening all the time,bet the wool doesn't stay where you've put it.Ive had a hair cut,Ron did it,couldn't stand t long any longer, it's short but not in my eyes or over my ears,so all good in Coffs.THE OLD MOO.

  4. It's taken me years to understand that Control Circle, but I get it now. Slow learner, that's me!

  5. It seems you are in a bit of a funk today. I kind of am too. Stress sucks.

    1. Yakking with a girlfriend for a couple of hours helped! *smiles*

    2. Yep - same here!

  6. Kiwionholidays3:49 PM

    Hey all the wool from Bex ,how great is that.? Lovely to see Griffin and K and like the size of the ice cream .Takes me back !!!
    I like your WH purchase so neat n tidy n easy to sort n see through ,

    Busy day here again so better go do a bit more

    How neat the wee ones having morning tea together makes settling in easier n Bex n Steve will miss them now they are back at school,

    All of us are a tad out of kilter last two months have been so different for all of us so hang in there we are on the home run 🏃‍♀️

    Take care

    Cheers 🥂

  7. I need to show that stress circle to a certain husband who lives in this house! Talk about worrying about the unfixable!!
    I decided to completely dump my entire wardobe contents on my bed to sort through them. Now I want to cry. Or drink gin. But I'd better go and get started or we will be sleeping on the floor tonight.

    1. lol... I did the exact same thing during lock down! It feels SO GOOD to have it all sorted. Nothing wrong with drinking gin!

  8. When Charlie started school he was able to meet up with Cole too for lunch etc. It must be lovely having an older brother at school.

  9. Ah cooking. I am so lucky that the husband (the same one who needs to understand the stress circle!) cooks. And cooks well. And pretty much every day. Me: what do you want for dinner. Him: Don't mind. Me: OK. I'll do *insert perfectly acceptable meal here*. Him: Nah. Don't feel like that. Me: Fine. Cook dinner yourself then. And he does. Win win.
    I managed to get rid of nearly half my clothes. Sad really. An image consultant once said you should "shop your wardrobe" as in, if you wouldn't buy it, get rid of it. Some of the clothes were just old and shabby but a lot when I tried them on (yes, every last item!) just wouldn't make me want them if they were in the shop. As a person who carries a fair amount of bubble wrap I have been known (often) to buy just because it fits and never mind the style, colour, feel etc. So now, in theory, I should feel pretty good when I get dressed tomorrow and will no longer have the "go-to crappy comfortable shouldn't be seen in look" going on.
    And now I think I've earned that gin!!

    1. I had a large, oversize but very warm woolen cardigan on yesterday. I HATE IT, I feel like an utter frump in it ... you have inspired me to take it to the Op Shop! I think I need to go through my wardrobe again. Lucky you with your husband happy and able to cook most nights. Stew can cook and does on the weekends, which is lovely.

  10. Anonymous8:58 PM

    I know that you aren’t having a great day but you did make me chuckle when said you would have a room available for your wool overflow. 😂🤣🤣 Michelle from Oz.

  11. Just saying that I always read this blog :) You are a bright spot in my day :)

  12. Chris, do you have Hello Fresh or some other online food delivery service where you live. I have used it a couple of times here in Melbourne, not sure if they offer the same in NZ but I would assume they do. It's quite economical. It will give you a break from cooking every now and again. Just a thought. Kristin :)

  13. You are going to be very busy with all that wool. It is nice to chat with friends isn't it, I do the same with a special friend and also my sister. I am like you get tired of cooking, same old stuff just a different day. Our restaurants are not open yet, only fast food and then only though drive through. Don't know if it will every be the same as it was. NZ appears to have done thing right, not like a lot of other countries. Satay safe and healthy Patricia

  14. Looks as though you had a very busy weekend with loads of fun. That's quite a stock of wool you got going on. Have fun figuring out all the projects you will do with them. Take care.

  15. Griffin looks well. Glad you had a chat with girlfriend. That always makes me feel better. Get lots of rest.


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