Friday, May 01, 2020


OMG this year is flying by!  Even the past 5 weeks have flown by while we've all been locked up at home.

 ABOVE:  So... this is what the Peony tubers look like.  They were all starting to sprout when I put them in the ground yesterday.

ABOVE:  lol... me all hot and bothered after my gardening efforts yesterday.  Note the new hair colour?  

It's officially called "Lock down, Level 4".  In a few more weeks it might get changed to "I used to be blonde... now I'm mouse".
I am liking it to be honest.  I am NEVER going to spend huge amounts of money on getting it coloured again. 

I have seen heaps of videos online of women in the same boat!  Massive regrowth going on everywhere.  So I'm not alone.

Today I shall be planting the hydrangea cuttings that I forgot to plant yesterday.  And then I'm going to do another little project I've got in the works.

Stew has taken today off work, so he's taking the trailer load of chopped down tree etc to the dump, which opened again this week.


11.24 am:  Well it's been a busy morning.
I/we moved most of Lacy's stuff out of the garage so I can get my car back in there.
She's gone back into the 'spare' bedroom because Griffin did not come back.

Stew is tidying up that little extra garden area I created yesterday for the peonies.

Then he's off to the dump.

I will be heading off to the supermarket shortly.  I'm going to Countdown today.  I sat and did an online 'shop' yesterday.

I wrote out a list of common things I normally buy, then 'bought' them all from each shop (Pak N Save, Countdown and New World), and per $100 spend, Countdown was $7 more expensive than Pak N Save, and New World was $13 more expensive than Pak N Save.

So I choose... Countdown.  Mainly because it's got a much larger variety of goods, and it's just a nicer store, and way, way closer to home.  In fact it's only about 2 minutes down the road, as opposed to Pak N Save, which is 10-15 minutes down the road depending on traffic.

ABOVE:  The addition on the tree today, we have more tassels.  I noticed a lot less people out and about on foot this morning.  Might be because it's a bit cooler?

2.00 pm:  Just back from the supermarket.  Feeling very frustrated.  I really thought it would be awesome, but it wasn't.  It's a much smaller supermarket, and while it has a good selection of different stuff, it's meat section is very small and they didn't even stock some of the 'common' stuff I usually get.

So, I might have to stick to Pak N Save for our everyday shopping, and get the stuff they don't stock from Countdown.

Hence the frustration, cos I really don't like the Pak N Save at all.  It's grotty.  And so many of the clientele are NOT keeping social distancing once inside the store.  It's a bloody free for all!

Anyway, for now we have groceries to last us another week or two, so I shall rethink this issue again later.

Stew is at the dump.  I'm gunna sit and crochet a new section for the tree, I have nothing for tomorrow at all.

ABOVE:  This morning Stew put an edge around the extended garden bed, and also tidied up and extended the pebble/stone bit too.  Then he mowed the lawn before heading off to the dump.  He did well.
The garden looks a bit 'empty' right now, but it won't be long before those peonies make an appearance (I hope).

I could get some little annual flowers for the front edge of that garden too?  

The trouble is that you can only 'click and collect' at garden centers right now, so ya need to know what ya want, and I don't.

I really don't have a clue when it comes to plants.  *smiles*

GRIFFIN:  is fine.  He's up in Auckland with his girlfriend and her family.  He's looking for a job up there for now.  We have no concerns about him.

Stew and I just went to the Te Rapa Countdown.  Got a few of the things I couldn't find at our local one.  We have spent a small fortune in supermarkets today!  *sigh*

ABOVE:  It's TIPPLE O'CLOCK.  First one this year.  Nice.

Gunna cook dinner soon... Lamb rissoles, mashed potato, veges and gravy. 

And... dinner was bloody yum!  Now... watching the telly till bedtime.


  1. My peonies need support. Blooms are very heavy. I have metal rings that are held up on stakes. I have to set up the support early so the stems grow into them.

  2. I hope your peonies grow well, I tried some last year but they didn't like the heat of summer here.

  3. The tree looks more amazing every day. Great idea to price out the stores like that. I would pick Countdown on the same criteria. Here I drive 100 miles each way to the grocery store that has everything i need with great staff as well. I don't shop at Walmart at all except when desperate. My closest grocery store is 40 miles each way and almost useless and has crazy high prices as well. Milk is a third higher than the other one and so on. Regular eggs are $4 cdn a dozen and I can get free range eggs at the other store for $4.50 which DH likes better.

  4. Anonymous12:48 PM

    I hope Griffin is ok?!

  5. I haven't been inside any shop at all for five weeks now. I do the click and collect at Countdown - there are masses of slots available now, usually on the same day too. I did a Warehouse click and collect too. I know that Pac n Save is cheaper but I just can't bring myself to go there at the moment.

  6. That was a brilliant idea to run your online shop through the three different places! My closest supermarket is New World and I think they hike their prices up even more than normal New Worlds because its Remuera, so when I see people doing their FULL shop and the trolley is over-flowing I just wish I could be like them and throw my money by paying the premium prices. Instead, I drive to pack and Save because we need to save every penny that we can being that I am the only person in the house earning a wage! Oh to be flush with cash!! 😊

  7. Anonymous2:43 PM

    I used to shop at Countdown but they hiked up the prices big time just before lockdown. I now go to Pak n Save and I totally agree Chris it is a free for all with social distancing. I wear a jacket and cover my face when people get too close. George's Mum.

  8. Anonymous3:42 PM

    I always plant pansies and polyanthus when I want to fill up spaces especially at the front of flower beds, they look really pretty and they continue flowering for a long time. Audrey

  9. Kiwionholidays5:13 PM

    Love to catchup on the blog
    Busy day with you all like we are here,

    Good Lacy is back in spare room good on you all,getting that done amongst other things,
    so car can have sleepovers lol in Garage now you ones are getting in to the “cooler” season

    Garden area stew did is fab,

    Loved Audreys idea of polyanthus and pansies as fillers ,, so reminds me of one of our nanas who lived with us when we were growing up, She loved those flowers 💐

    Take care have. A neat weekend and enjoy every day as we will here ,,

    Hope your Mum is getting nice weather up the coast there

    Cheers 🥂

    1. Anonymous5:36 PM

      🥂 😊 #Kiwionholidays
      #Lacy 💙

  10. Lobelia are a pretty blue and good for filling in spaces.
    Tipple o'clock - love it. Bit early here in Melbourne but I'm hanging out!!

  11. Anonymous6:44 PM

    Not that you asked for opinions, but I think you will look lovely if you let your hair grow out in its natural dark colour. The contrast between your brilliant blue eyes and the darker hair is striking. (Yes, I know, the growing-out time will be a pain.)

    A Fan In Canada

  12. Kiwionholidays7:31 PM

    Btw hair colour is fab
    Cheers 🥂

  13. Oh, the Supermarket Dilemma! I used to visit five different supermarkets around the city on a fairly regular basis and still don't have a definite favourite. It seemed I always had to go to at least two of them to get everything I wanted. It has been rather a struggle the last couple of weeks relying on son to do my shopping as he only goes to our nearest Pak'n'Save.
    Your dinner sounded nice :)

  14. I know you have mentioned these before, but finally looked them up:
    rissoles and tipple.

  15. This darn virus and all the complications are enough to drive anyone to drink. OMG grocery shopping has become an even bigger chore, it is exhausting. Have a lovely weekend. Keep safe.


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