Saturday, May 09, 2020


Lacy is very excited.
She is having Keera from midday today until tomorrow afternoon.  So, they will be having a 'sleep over'.

That will be lovely for both of them.

I have made these in the past two days:

 ABOVE:  I really enjoyed making them... I love matching the fabrics together, then seeing how they look once finished.
Today I will make some more.

ABOVE: Stew came home with these last night.  An early Mother's Day gift.
I was very impressed.  Until I saw the HUGE bottle of Coruba Rum he got himself!
I feel like I should get more now.  *smiles*

With any luck, Stew will be able to source and pick up some wood today,  to make the 'ladder' racks for my Studio 'shop'.

He rather stupidly asked me when I wanted the racks made!  Like he should know the answer would be 'YESTERDAY'.  I have NO patience.  Come on!

9.50 am:  Waiting for an electrician to arrive.  We lost half the power points in the lounge and kitchen/family room 2 days ago.  It's bound to be a fuse or something simple, but Stew just can't find the problem.

So, no dishwasher or insinkerator, and no TV/SKY in the lounge without a long extension cord to connect to power elsewhere.

While he's here we will get a couple more power points put in.  You need to live in a house for a little while to know where you need more eh?

Woo hoo!  I managed to talk to a  human at Mitre 10 and order the timber/dowel we need for my ladder system in my 'shop'.
AND we get to pick it up today.  Awesome.

I might have my little shop up and running very soon!

 ABOVE:  She declared me sadly lacking in blue bowl cosy's,
so she decided to choose some fabric for me.

 ABOVE: There, a blue one.  With green.
I've just finished a blue/blue one as well.

 ABOVE:  I like this one.  The cups
are cute.

 ABOVE:  I was literally JUST sorting out my threads in readiness for the arrival of my new ones... and a courier arrived with them.
Yaaa... now I can make some cot quilts.

ABOVE:  Stew picked up the timber to make the 'ladder' in the shop at lunchtime.  Mitre 10 were FAST getting our order ready for us, I'm most impressed.

Now as for our power point problem?   Sam the Electrician arrived and checked things out and... the problem was our treadmill!
It is faulty and is causing a short through the power board.
Which is GOOD as it stops the house burning down from an electrical fault!

So, the treadmill is declared DEAD... and off to the dump.  That explains why it kept stopping on it's own too.

We are not bothered.  It's actually 24 years old and owes us NOTHING.

ABOVE:  Brylee just baked a feijoa cake.
Totally on her own.
I'm a bit proud.

ABOVE:  I made 5 Bowl Cosy's today. 
I'm no longer calling them 'Soup Bowl Cosy's' as it might make people think SOUP is all you can heat up in them?

So... they are now just 'Bowl Cosy's'.  

My darling husband is doing a lot of swearing and sweating.  He's making my ladder.  It was not as 'simple' as I thought it would be.  We bought the wrong size drill bit, so the dowel was too tight to fit.  So he had to do more drilling.  He kept getting a head rush.  Poor man.

It's looking like it WILL be done sometime today.  But I will show you tomorrow, once I've got it all set up.

We got Pizza for dinner, delivered to the front door.  It was ... just OK.
I think I enjoy home cooked meals more now!

TV was boring this evening.  I crocheted some more for the tree, and then I knitted an addition too.

Lacy and Keera are sharing Lacy's bed tonight. Keera wanted to sleep with Lacy.
I'm fearful of Lacy's mood tomorrow!  Keera grinds her teeth in her sleep, and she wriggles A LOT.
Lacy is not a morning person.  God help us all.

And that's my day.  


  1. I would need the black lining for a soup bowl cozy to cover the inevitable mess, drips, and splatters I would make!

  2. I am endlessly fascinated by the names/words.

    It took me a minute to catch on to power points.

    Here that is a computer presentation. And we plug things into an electrical socket.


  3. Beautiful flowers. X

  4. gorgeous flowers! Happy Mother's Day!..... bloody cheek buying all that rum lolololol

  5. Kiwionholidays11:54 AM

    Love the flowers how kind of Stew,and Coruba is good for winter colds etc 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨
    So neat Keera having a sleep over with Lacy ,
    Those soup bowl holders are choice

    Love the crafts n all you do with your fabulous machine

    Take care

    Cheers 🥂

  6. Anonymous12:06 PM

    What a lovely surprise for you Chris! Have the best time Lacy and Keera 💗 George's Mum.

  7. Anonymous5:50 PM

    Bowl cosies are good for cold ice cream bowls too lol

  8. You're a lucky girl getting flowers. Stewie is a very good man. I know I've not been married as long as you, but in twenty two years of being with my husband, I've recieved flowrs twice! once 22 years ago when we only just started seeing each other and the second time was this year as it was my birthday and the local florist had discounted them as it was the day before level 4 lockdown and they needed to get rid of all their stock. 🤣

  9. Love that Lacy and Keera are having a sleep-over ... love and stability are all that kids really need. I'm so jealous of your multi-colored thread ... guess I'll have to go looking for some. Cosies are super cute. Can't wait to see your "shop" set up. And yay on Brylee and her cake-making skills. Hope Steve is feeling better. Erin


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