Saturday, May 30, 2020


ABOVE:  Can you believe it?  We desperately need a new mattress for our bed, AND one for the spare bed.
And Harvey Norman's are having a sale this weekend on... mattresses!  60 % OFF!

We will be going there this afternoon to have a look.

Who can resist 60% off???  OMG I have resisted buying new mattresses because of the huge cost involved, but I gotta go now!

This morning I will be opening my little shop from 9.30 till 1.30-2 pm, depending on how many people come in and out.

While I'm in the shop, Stew and Lacy will be taking the rest of her furniture over to her new home.

Brylee is working, so she's out for the day.

Now, something a bit different for you.

OLD MOO.... you wondered what the hairdresser did to George's Mum's hair for FIVE HOURS eh?  Well.... let's go:

 ABOVE:  THIS is George!  
According to her MUM (Robyn), she's 
a little bitch!  As in, very naughty, having been
spoilt rotten.  lol

Before her visit to the hair salon.

Later on today I will post the AFTER photo of her hair, after she spent five hours at the hair salon.  *smiles*

Yes, I'm dragging it out... George's Mum told me to!  lol


ABOVE:  Our problem child moving out again.  *smiles*  She's always welcome to visit and eat our left overs OF COURSE.  

I went online to check out the Mattresses on sale at Harvey Norman's.  Extremely disappointed to find the sale only applies to one brand, not the whole range of beds and mattresses.

The sale mattresses are cheap and nasty by the look of it.  We will still go and look, but it's not looking promising.

So far this morning I've made TWO new Bowl Cosy's.  They look gorgeous.  I'll show you how many I get done at the end of the day.  For now... back to it.

ABOVE: This mornings' efforts.  5 Bowl Cosy's.

I've had three ladies in the shop today.  One sale AND one commission!   So in all, an excellent day so far.

NO... MORE... WAITING...  here is Robyn NOW:

ABOVE:  George's Mum... aka:  Robyn, after 5 long hours at the hairdressers... now a blonde BOMBSHELL!  *smiles*
Ya look gorgeous Robyn.

It's almost time to shut shop and go... shopping!  lol
Mattress.  Printer.  Aquatic Plants... plus goodness knows what else.

SO GLAD we went and looked in Harvey Norman's!  Their website was wrong.  There were heaps of sales on.

We ended up getting an ENTIRE NEW BED!

 SALE:  40% off is better than nothing!  We went with a brand that we had BEFORE our current bed, and know that it will work for us.

 ABOVE:  Monty, the salesman, managed to talk us into getting a mattress protector... *sigh*.  He was a very good salesman.

We only went in for a bloody mattress!  He convinced us to buy the entire bed, so that we had the TEN YEARS warranty.  He did well.

 ABOVE:  THEN... I'd seen this headboard a while ago, and took a photo of it.  Showed it to Stew today and ummm.... WE BOUGHT IT TOO!
Saved Steve a job having to make us one.

Lacy is getting our old bed, it should do her for a while.

 ABOVE:  We then went to Briscoes and Spotlight and got a few other bits 'n' bobs.  A girl can't have too many melamine trays eh?  I really must count them up again!

We found aquatic plants at Animates for the fish to munch on.

OH forgot!....

ABOVE: We also got a printer.  Our old one went to the dump years ago.  This one is supposed to be a really good one, and it won't run out of ink in a hurry.


Steve is coming down tomorrow to set it up for me.  Bex and the boys will tag along for the hell of it!  *smiles*

*** YES, shopping was so fun today ***

We had not done that sort of shopping in a very, very long time.

I've spent the evening knitting and making a little something.  Will show you tomorrow.

For now... I'm ready for bed.  It's been a long day.


  1. It's nice to have a picture to a name.

  2. Hi Chris didn’t you get a new mattress not that long ago. You said it was fantastic when you got it.

    1. Maggie, we got our last bed on July 9th, 2012. It is a 'Pillow Top' mattress with memory foam incorporated. NOT a good idea if anyone is thinking of getting a new mattress. Over time the memory foam loses it's bloody memory and stays FLAT. So you end up with two big long dips in the bed where you sleep. And of course, with those sorts of mattresses, you can't flip them over to even out the wear. We will NOT be getting a new mattress with memory foam in it ever again. It is so uncomfortable!

  3. Hehe it’s a meet the reader post!! Love it and can’t wait to see the 5 hours worth of pampering.
    Simon and I need another new bed. He just doesn’t like the one we have. Never has gotten comfortable since the day we bought it. Such costly things.

  4. Kiwionholidays11:06 AM

    Love all the colourful posts n the blue in the garden is stunning..
    Catchup later love the before n looking out later for the afters. Enjoy your day beautiful sunny weather here as well
    Cheers 🥂

  5. Anonymous1:23 PM

    Yea ya 😊 go George's Mum *whistle*
    #Lacy 💙

  6. good work on all the sales!!! And Robyn --- you look fantastic!!!!!!! xxxxx

  7. Anonymous4:35 PM

    Those bowl cozies are gorgeous.kj

  8. Anonymous4:56 PM

    Sheesh thanks all am blushing yeah big change but I decided to exit lockdown with a bang! George's Mum.

  9. Anonymous5:14 PM

    Wow! Robyn's new hair do makes her look 10 years younger! Looks fabulous!!!-Anna

  10. Anonymous9:11 PM

    Hi I think Robyn's hair looks great too! Chris you had a fruitful day!!


  11. Gotta love that scalp bleach, Robyn! I sit for hours in the chair as well. Husband can never understand why it takes so long. Nice to put face to name.
    Hopefully the new bed will help some of your sleep issues, Chris.

  12. Looks like you had quite the day! Robyn's hair looks great. I make a little ceramic dish that says "She colors way outside the lines" and a customer asked me to make the girl with super short buzz cut hair - so I did. It turned out really cute!
    I think you will be happy to have the mattress cover. Especially if a dog piddle happens on the new bed!
    I love the new headboard too. Might need to drill a little hole in it so you can put the phone charger through it and charge the phone on one of those shelves!


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