Saturday, May 23, 2020


Lying in bed... hoping the boys don't wake up too early.  It's bloody cold and I don't wanna get out of bed and get their breakfast!

Might have to nudge Stewie.  lol

I will be opening my little shop from 10 am till 2 pm today.  
While I'm there, Stew will take the boys shopping.
Archer had his 5th Birthday during lock down, so we need to get him a birthday present.

After 2 pm I will get to spend some time with the kids and Stew.

ABOVE:  My neighbour's little tree is coming along nicely.  It will probably get another flower or two tomorrow.

And that's all I have for now... so I'll catch ya later.


12.30 pm:  And what  a neat morning I've had!
While Stew and the boys went shopping I opened my little shop and did some sewing.

Then I had to close for an hour while I had visitors... an Aunt and Uncle from Tauranga called in.  That was really nice.  Stew got to say hi before they left, which was good.

Then I re-opened the shop and pretty soon after that had two ladies popped in and ... I made another GOOD sale!  AND they ordered some knitted bunting: "Like what's on the tree!", is how they put it!

So I guess I'm knitting bunting tonight while watching TV!  lol

I am on the 'home straight' with the little cot quilt... should be finished in an hour.  Yaaa!  I have so much to do in the next few weeks, it's going to be go ... go ... go!  Nothing like being happily busy.

ABOVE: And that one is done.  On to the next project...

But not today.   I just went to The Base to post the quilt and another little parcel off.  WORST MISTAKE ever.

There were so many people there.  It took me 28 minutes to get a carpark... I stupidly went left and up towards the carpark by Farmers.  GRIDLOCK.  Utter chaos.  It took me as I said, 28 minutes to move 15 meters and into a carpark.

On my way out again, they had got points people on, to help direct the traffic and get it flowing easier.  If only I'd parked over by Mitre 10!!!

So now I'm home and that's me done for the day really.  I'm going to knit some banner triangles now I suppose.

And we are having fish n chips for dinner.  I'd gotten out chicken drumsticks and have had them on the bench all day, but they are still frozen!  So.  Takeaways.  Drumsticks tomorrow night.

10 pm:  well... dinner was nice.  I spent the evening knitting triangles for some more bunting... I should have that order done by tomorrow or Monday at the latest.

Heading off to bed early again... once we get a new mattress I hope we get a better night's sleep.  That will probably happen in the next few weeks.


  1. Sleeping kids. Joy. Sleeping in. Joy.

  2. Kiwionholidays1:02 PM

    Happy Busy is so good for us, Pleasure to do the work n people stoked to enjoy your work,
    Fab the families came n the wee guys got to have a sleepover

    Does everyone good n so good Steve n Bex are going good now, they have been through a lot lately so on the home run now..

    Neat you have had sales word will soon get out,
    Hope Brylee Lacy n all the others going good

    Cheers 🥂

  3. beautiful quilt.... looks adorable, xxxxxxx

  4. I'm with you running with scissors,the quilt is gorgeous.At the moment I'm sitting by the fire doing tapestry.THE OLD MOO.

  5. I love that while you are busy with all your sewing projects, that you now get random neighbours popping in to browse your shop, such a great way to get to meet and get to know people in your community. I had a brain fart (idea) if you had a clear file folder with photos of all your projects you'd made in the past then people could flick through that and see your repertoire of projects... it might spark up more chit chat and if they wanted to commission you to make them one you could decide if it took your fancy to make or not, you wouldn't need to make it if you didn't want to. But it would showcase your vast array of talent like your tiles with the paints you were doing ages ago.

  6. Anonymous10:08 PM

    How fantastic that you had time with family and the boys have a sleepover. We are so looking forward to spending time with our grandson.


  7. How fun! I love the quilt, so adorable!


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