Sunday, May 10, 2020


to all the Mums out there.
Have an awesome day.

4 months ago we had Sam, the electrician, come in and install new lighting, and a few more power points in our new home.

ABOVE:  I really wanted some behind my chair in the Family Room.  After he left (in January), I went to plug something into the NEW power point behind my chair.

ABOVE:  I pulled the curtain away from the wall ... and was really disappointed to see he had forgotten to put one there!  Grrr.
So, I had to run an extension cord from another area in the room to have power by my chair.

When he came back yesterday to fix the problem we were having with power point outages, I asked him to put a power point in THAT corner.  You know, the one he forgot to do last time he was here.

And he looked at me all puzzled and insisted he HAD put one there!

Nooooo... really?  So I looked again....

ABOVE:  YEAH, I pulled the curtain ALL. THE. WAY. BACK.  ... and sure enough, there was a power point there!

OMG... did I feel like a right twat! 

He laughed his head off at me, so I whacked him with the grabber stick I had in my hand.
lol.  He shouldn't have laughed at me right?

Lesson learnt though, I should have looked properly.  I could have been using that power point for the past 4 months already.  Derrrr.


Keera had a sleep over with us. 
Or should I say, with Lacy.  They shared a bed ... by choice.
*snort*  Keera grinds her teeth in her sleep.  I wonder what sort of mood Lacy is in this morning?  *smiles*

ABOVE:  So I think my little shop is ready!
Now I just have to work out a sign for out the front of our home.  And a name for it.
On my list so far, in no particular preference:

- Patchwork & Craft
- Little Patchwork Shop
- Chris Harvey Creations

That's all the ideas I have right now.  The sign will include opening hours, phone number and a couple of photos of quilts/wall hangings I think.

Do you have any ideas for my little shop's name?

Today I will be fluffing around in the studio, spending time with family in our bubble, and just enjoying MOTHER'S DAY I suppose.


Lacy survived the night and seems to still be sane.

Keera is bright as a button and happy.

Some good ideas coming in for me shop... keep them coming!

The ladder will be painted in time... not blue though.  White will be my choice, as it will not clash with anything on there.

So far... I've had 4/8 wish me a Happy Mother's Day... 12.55 pm: now 6/8...

ABOVE:  Finally got a tree addition on.

5 pm:  I had an afternoon nap.  It was wonderful.


I just have to suck it up... and accept life as it is, and move on.  Those that do care are appreciated.

Stew is cooking dinner.  Sausages and veges.
Smells good.  Anything ya don't have to cook is always good.

Signing off early today.   Just another quiet evening here.

OH!!  7/8 now!  Just had a lovely long conversation on the phone with Griffin.  So nice to actually talk to him.  He's OK, still job hunting.  


  1. Omg you dork. That's so funny!! 🤣 Have a happy mother's day 💜

  2. Maybe zoning is different there? Or maybe you live in an area that allows stores? Will you have zoning issues if you put the hours on the sign? It will look too much like a shop? (And then you are also committed to the hours). You may be better to call it Chris Harvey Creations and just put your number on it. Then when people call you can just invite them to stop by or if they see you in there with the door open, they might just wander up.

  3. Chris' Creations sounds really good to me.

  4. Wellll. Since I laughed while I read this - I can totally understand how the electrician laughed! But still, a whack is good too! hahahaahhaahahaha

    The shop is darling! When people come in, leave the table as it is. Looking a bit busy is just fine. It looks like an "open studio" that way!

  5. Anonymous9:05 AM

    I love the ladders but thought theyd be blue lol. Chris Creates... ot the happy tree shop... I wouldnt put my last name on sign. And I wouldnt put hours on sign in case you got called away. Some days may be quiet and you want to go to town? But that's me! Love your stuff. Kj

  6. This is hilarious I remember sam installing that PowerPoint. 😂😂

  7. Anonymous9:17 AM

    Looking fab Team Harvey! Keera is adorable 💗 Happy Mother's Day to all. I kinda agree with KJ about using your surname just for privacy reasons. Have a super day George's Mum.

  8. Anonymous9:42 AM

    How about Crafty Chris?

  9. Anonymous10:08 AM

    Happy Mother’s Day Chris! I like Chris’s Creations as well for the name and I agree with not putting your surname out for everyone to see. I was wondering about permits/zoning etc as well. I live in Australia and we would definitely have to apply to run a shop from home. It looks amazing, you are super talented and I hope it goes really well for you. If I lived locally I would be there in a flash! Michelle from Oz.

    1. I will be ringing the local council this coming week to find out if I need a permit.

  10. Happy Mothers Day!! Have a good one. Your shop looks amazing, I like the name Chris's Creations too.

  11. I laughed at the power plug!! That really is funny. Keera is gorgeous and what a lovely time she is having with you.

    As for a name... don't put your full name on. Can you you incorporate the house name at all? It's called Rusty Bits so how about Crafty Bits or Crafts @ Rusty Bits. Crafty Bits by Chris. Rusty Bits Creations. As you can see, i'm just throwing ideas out :).

  12. Happy Mother's Day. I had a good laugh at the power point. Love the shop.


  14. Thank you Keera,what a lovely surprise to wake up to.I love you to,and you look so good in your dress, but aren't you cold, it's winter time now.Have a nice day with your Mum and the family.Its a nice day, and Im doing the washing.Lots of love to everyone at Grandma Harvey's house.Greatgrandma.THE OLD MOO.

  15. Oh dear, your Electrical Experience did make me laugh! We are all guilty of doing goofy things and I am so glad you shared it with us - made my day, you have :)
    Happy mother's day Chris xx

  16. Looks like u had a lovly mothers day sleep over with Keera be sweet like others i cracked up about your power socket.

  17. Anonymous5:15 PM

    You ARE NOT A FAILURE it's their fault entirely! Don't forget people do care especially your fur babies keep positive chick George's Mum.

  18. Anonymous5:52 PM

    Your shop looks fantastic! Since you're going to check regarding the need for a permit, may I suggest that you check with your insurance company in case you need a separate policy for the shop? The unintended consequence of dealing with officialdom is that you might have to declare your income from your craft business. Another thing I thought of is sales tax. Perhaps you should check to see if you have to collect/remit sales tax.

    A Fan in Canada

  19. Kiwionholidays7:44 PM

    Nice colourful pics n all today and was neat to see Keera in the tree ,
    Had to look twice in the first pic after the quick glance then there she was in next closer up
    Sounds like you have all had a great weekend as we have here

    Take care n love that wee shop,n awesome Kiwiana etc products

    Cheers 🥂

  20. Anonymous8:12 AM

    1 out of 3 remembered Mothers Day (on FB) so you got better odds. Was really surprised my son forgot but that's life. They have trouble remembering my birthday too but I always send $30 to all of them and grandchildren because they will never be able to accuse me of forgetting them.
    Have a great day in the office Stew. Hope all goes well. Kj


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